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Herbs (plants that we find everywhere – used for good) and heat and either smoke or water . .

To what we all should know – self help.

Introduction of heat and herbs in the lower body.

Report of me in the International Herbal Expo in Korea

Korean national dress . .

Me on the original infra red steaming equipment.

In South Korea, many women steam regularly after their monthly periods, as it’s believed to boost circulation, supplying nutrition to the lower part of the body.

Chai-yok in Korea, ratus in Indonesia, ganggang in Malaysia, bajos among Mayan healers and Venus smoke in North America.

A centuries-old practice more common on the Asian subcontinent, steaming of the female genitalia over a pot of herb-infused boiling water is known for its curative effects on health and fertility.

To reduce stress, fight infection, clear haemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles, aid infertility, and other health benefits.

There is ‘folk wisdom’ – support the idea that the carefully targeted steam may provide some physiological benefits for women.

A typical session begins with chai-yok, or a pot of boiling water infused with 14 to 20 herbs. The primary herbal ingredients are mugwort and wormwood, which have ‘alleged’ antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

The moist heat opens the pores of the tissues it comes into contact with.

The use of specific herbs adds layers of different healing benefits. The combination of herbs works to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and make supple the vaginal and uterine tissues.


Perineal Steaming – What and Why and When not . .  Part 1  80 minutes Burringbar 2nd September


Moxa Usage – eBook and more on Artemesia there. Also here

My original Steaming  eBook

My herbals in the city clinic. .

Herbs – can be used not only oral route.
MEN – steam their perineal area (anus mostly) and their ‘uterus’ – swollen needs to be released  . .
Castor oil up inside – 1ml inserted nightly.
Men are a derivation of women . .
Elder women – juicy and less wrinkled – face and ‘down there’ – plump ourselves up.

Pregnancy – some times . . – It Depends

(Abortion in times past – heat to cause the blood to go reckless . .)

Traditional steaming

Steaming in general

Stool? – Including how to dress the stool/box you sit on.




WHEN NOT TO steam . .

1 – Mesh

(Surgical Mesh. Surgical mesh is a medical device that is used to provide additional support to weakened or damaged tissue. … Non-absorbable mesh will remain in the body indefinitely and is considered a permanent implant. It is used to provide permanent reinforcement to the repaired hernia). More info  and here 

2 – IUD

3 – When pregnant (mostly do not)
4 – When actively bleeding

5 – Active local problems/infection

6 – Rings and piercings (take out)
7 – Freaked out about the area/can’t imagine doing this


Age – to start . .?
Elder wisdom . .salt and hot water – to start poohing

Why you would?

Health maintenance and  . .

To improve the chances of all flows flowing well . .
And womb back where she lives optimally .


Womb and bladder are close by . ..

not to be adhered to each other – or falling into.


Bladder issues? No one seems to speak of . . .
Prolapses? Maybe read up here
Men’s matters . . .


(Dukhan Sudan) – Dukhan is ritual bodily practice known in which the body is smoked with a special species wood. The ritual is mainly practiced by married women and women preparing for marriage in northern Sudanese provinces., although men also conduct it occasionally to treat rheumatic pain. More here . .

(Nubian smoke bath) This Sudanese smoke bath goes back as an ancient practice from one of the Kingdoms of Ta-Seti (today’s Nubia) known as the Kingdom of Meroe. It is called Dukhan and it is a ritual bodily practice where the woman uses Halawa (sugar wax) to wax her skin prior to the Dukhan (smoke bath her body is anointed with karkar (scented oil) where she is then naked and covered with a shamla (thick local woolen blanket) for a period of 15 minutes to 1 hour. After the Dukhan (body smoking), the Woman uses Dilka ( a blend of scented herbs and oil perfumes, and grain balled into a clay-like ball) to scrub the skin as a massage and take away dead skin.

Who uses the Dukhan ritual and Why? Dukhan is mainly practiced by married women, or women preparing for marriage 30 to 40 days out from the wedding day as a right of passage beauty ritual. It is frowned upon for Men, but can sometimes be used to treat some of their illnesses such as rheumatic pain.

How is the Dukan (body smoking) done? The Woman usually takes a seat either in a chair with a hole in the center, below this seat, a fire is lit in a pit and scented wood is placed on it, producing smoke, or the Pot would be set below ground and she would then take a seat on the chair with the hole in it. The scented wood consists of special (scented) species wood such as perfumed acacia wood and sandalwood, stones of solidified frankincense and shaff and talh wood. She remains seated until the heat becomes unbearable, which usually can be 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Health benefits? Some reported health benefits are smoothing the skin, and narrowing of the vagina with women (the latter being useful after childbirth) It also gives the skin a pleasant scent (due to the wood species used, usually shaff and talh wood. Dukhan is said to also be useful for treating rheumatic pain. In such circumstance, various medicinal plants (such as tundub, natron) are used instead.

A page that claims to be ‘rational Wiki’ This also shows a lot of herbs and when you work – all whilst saying ‘no research’ I remind you of the fact that this is time honoured and all elders hand down what they know will work .

Penis Soak

Maybe need go think about the trauma visited on boys – long ago . .

Circumcision – The Hidden Traumas

Steaming for men – including – care of circumised penis also

‘Dick soak’

Stool . .and setting up for a steam . .


Cold – avoid it at all costs . .

Hot Blood . . .

Stuck Liver Qi – how it manifests . .

Gall Bladder and liver channel are closely intertwined. 

Look to how did whatever the person have – happen . .?

Cause? Often using the energy model is helpful .  .
Maybe look to all that is on this informative site . .

Perineal Steaming – How and what to use Part 2 (25 minutes) Burringbar 2nd September

Process of warming a slow cooker – safely – so it lasts for the use we are applying it to.

  • Warn the crock pot
  • Whilst electric jug is heating to boiling – add the mix together
  • Empty warming water and place herbs at bottom of the bowl.
  • Add in carefully the boiling water on top of herbs – and capture as much steam as possible.
  • Leave to heat (on ‘high’) for maybe15-20 minutes – then sit upon
  • Enjoy!!

Herbs to use . .
Use anything Rosita Arvigo has on the subject


Another great site page here

Where to get herbs?

Anyone can   .. Austral Herbs
Need a ABN – SilverstoneOf course Happy Herbs are onto this . .

Or grow some of your own . .


Anyone can grow a rosemary bush – it can get totally out of control.

I know of some over 8 feet high as shrubs in NZ!

Horopito – NZ native

Horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) is one of the oldest flowering plants on Earth and can only be found in New Zealand forests. This ancient shrub is a member of the primitive Winteraceae family, common to the Southern Pacific.

Horopito leaves contain a natural antifungal extract called polygodial which is effective at killing Candida albicans. It works as a non-ionic surfactant and kills Candida by damaging its outer membrane. Recent research shows that polygodial is the most powerful antifungal in its class, outperforming other natural antifungals like garlic, caprylic acid and oregano oil.

Horopito has an excellent safety record with plants containing polygodial used traditionally in New Zealand, Japan, South America and Africa. There is no documented history of toxicity by Horopito. However, as a precaution, pregnant women and small children should first consult with their health practitioners prior to taking this ingredient.

Roses . . .

I have a few growing – love them madly.


2 roses – this many petals.

Why red? Read up all about it . . .

Great recourse on herbs and their uses – esp with birthing – ‘Fire Heart’   – Miss Beatrice’s life

This is graphic

I have put these at the bottom – is case you do not want to see immediately .

Above I speak of tissue and debris being released after the process of steaming, using castor oil and regular Self Care massage . . here is a little intro

Passed in the shower,

Fibrous and not as a clot appears

She said that the sharp tearing sensation she had on poohing then stopped.

Very impressed with her body – healing itself as her endo battle spanned 4 hospitalisations and years of bleeding and life trauma.

This came out after months of bleeding.

A friend attending one of my workshops and suggesting she steam.

She did then – she then passed this.

All bleeding stopped.

She said it was like birthing.




Men – mixes you may choose to use

Chamomile Flower, Lemon Balm, Marigold Flower, Basil

You’ll need 20g of the blend into hot water, and take a seat over the vapours. You can also use the blend as a penis dip and submerge yourself into the waters.

Simply relax for 20 minutes with this act of self love.

You can meditate and visualise with your steam.

Remember that INTENTION serves you best.

Cancer? Fibroids?

Look to what the steam is to do . .will it restore homeostasis in the body ?Balance? Likely ..

Never underestimate the results likely when assisting the body help itself


What next?

So much more – this was but a taster of the work that is possible when you sign up for Heather’s Healing Acadmey . .
World wide women’s wisdoms.


Maybe Take Charge . .

Start to declutter your own body . .

Reset Your Metabolism fast track