Pregnancy losses

Wondering what is happening?

Especially if you are not making/holding babies . . .

Are we sure that this is ‘safe’ – and for whom?
Would you like to be that fetus as it is bombarded with all that noise and heat and potential DNA destruction – for why?
Your reassurance? What will you do if you are told other than perfect news?

You are in charge of the construction of this baby.
Why not just make sure you start as though this was the most important project that you ever undertake?

Maybe losing babies/another pregnancy

What might be behind the scenes?

All a rabbit hole that you really need to address . .

Not medical – but an aspect of life pollutants.

This is happening due to all contaminants – often injected willfully into us -shutting down the entire nutrient pathways.
Asking someone else to fix this may not help you. Especially not if their job is to NOT fix but to manage this.

If you want to know how to avoid this – it is not a matter of luck . . .
Maybe see someone who works with your womb and her health. – a Maya/Arvigo or a Mercier or a Mizan practitioner would be ideal well before attempting the next pregnancy.

I recommended you fix everything instead of feeling helpless and hopeless.

What can go ‘wrong’ as we are hoping for the best
We could get more sensible and make sure that it does not.
This can be avoided – but again – this is NOT medical but life.

All traditional cultures respected the flows and the structure – you need to also.

No one expects or wants a miscarriage or a pregnancy loss. How to avoid this.  .

Sperm . . . .

Responsibly making another person.  

Survival of the fittest .  .
Molar pregnancy?

Back ache?
Frank bleeding?

Lose one baby?

All sorts of intrauterine growth problems . .

Do not ‘try again’ – fix broken so it does not become a repeat cycle.

Maybe start off better . .