‘High risk issues’

Gestational diabetes – and on fact all issues currently being ‘medically monitored.

You are not returned to normal/optimal.
At the very least PLEASE investigate the role of a good eating plan – and as the Brewer diet was put together in a different time when people were NOT afraid of the sun and did not ingest such an array of non nutritive foods.
HOWEVER – you need coloured salt and heaps of FAT and of course – painted on iodine and magnesium plastered all over you and the Vit D 3  . .he wrote this as an obstetrician when people still ate far better than today. .

Add in the topical iodine and magnesium (at least 20x applications a day of this) to counteract – PLUS 50,000iu of Vit D3 at least for the first few weeks – to get your ‘parched earth’ like inner bank account back in the zone of potentially keeping you well.
See more here on ingredients needed for health – especially when lactating here.

How to understand how a well pregnant body works?
Start here first –  Heather’s natural solution problem solving app

Pre eclampsia/high blood pressure, even clotting/early labour onset – all are nature giving up – not enough rest water, nutritious food and (big one) rest
It is all about the same problems.
Just showing up differently.

Lack of bio available Vitamin D3, magnesium, iodine and various others – fat and protein and plenty of water (non tap water).


What might might be causing this?

Auto Immune issues. ..part of the ‘high risk’ and anti-life problems

What to do next?

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