Pregnancy – week by week



This is the beginning of the Natural Pregnancy Coach/Fertility Detective programme.

Warning – this is NOT medical advice

Healthy starts.

What is this baby being built on/with?
(Please detour to the Natural Fertility Detective)

Week 1 (first week of your last period)

Welcome to the end of having periods for a while – your last one . .
(They all ask ‘date of last period’ to mark this as your first day of a pregnancy – listen in . .)

Week 3 (after ovulation) – hopefully joyful sex was/may still is happening every second day . .

Maybe baby??

Week 4 (2 weeks after ovulation)

Week 5 (3 weeks after ovulation) Missed the period!!!!

Week 6 (4 weeks after ovulation)

What is going on in there?
Here I explain the energy changes needed to be well and pregnant.

Why it may be a great idea to invest in seeing a good natural health care provider – pre-pregnancy – as this is not a sign of a healthy mum having a pregnancy that will stay necessarily. More so – you will need to take on board all that is in the ‘What Dads Can Do’ eBook (or hard copy) and also on Heather’s natural health care problem solving app – found here .

Maybe LOSING baby . . .

Please investigate sperm quality and all possible ways to maximise the health of this, as he only gets (literally) one shot at this venture. You will not see this information elsewhere as no one seems to be focusing on why miscarriages and pregnancy losses are happening.

Here is also a big set of clues. 

The miscarriage support project in here


What about getting in ahead and starting touching in a therapeutic and a fun way that actually works!
Not hat hard when you find someone who uses multiple modalities and can wield the changes you need in the right order!

If you are yet to conceive an easy pregnancy . .easily – naturally


Remember that we are here as this making babies business was never a trial

or made hard till we started messing with Nature

Let us follow her again . .

Sex does make babies when the ingredients and flows are with you!
See all I did to help Shane and Sue become parents – after 7 years of trying – in their first month of seeing me .

Want to start as though you mean to make the most perfect start to your family?
Get Baby Ready first

Natural Pregnancy Guide

Make a start – the best is always with preparation and intention . .

 Are we a good fit?
Are you conscious enough to stand up for your biology?


I am a gardener . .
Need seed and soil/garden/soil micro organisms – mum’ gut . .

Roots go where?

Context – the family

Ingredients . . . sun, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins ..  .
Support – our tribe
Roots – family and culture – the programmes that we believe is real.

Physical – biology – circulation – is it perfect?


Were you totally well to start this project?
Perfect baby factory?

No symptoms . . .
Just no period and growing breasts  .maybe a little more tired?

Do you need  a surgeon – or  a gardener?

Conception . . .  week ‘3’


Congratulations . . . Egg has caught a sperm . .


Week 4 – you will now be maybe missing a period . . .


Nat Fert Coach miscarriage work
Also – what to do if misc happens. .


Week 6-8

Potential tubal pregnancy


Week 7 – (really 5 weeks from conception)

Pregnancy is about the inhabitant who is being made . .

Not you wanting ‘reassurance’?

Baby Insurance needed to happen BEFORE conception ..

Baby Insurance?
Start with great foundations – Making Better Babies Naturally.


Maybe look to this book – as babies need to be perfect . .

Maybe read this book – as someone has this happening for them

Someone has stillbirths and medical terminations  . .

Sometimes. . . .


Birth and death . . . LIFE

What we may forget . .
I am Kathryn’s mum








Then we start up being distressed as the culture is to make it so . .  You may ask . . .

‘Where will I birth?’

I may instead suggest you ask yourself – ‘what sort of mum do I want to be?’


Worry? Early pregnancy – ignore all but resting and being a well happy mum to be.  .
YOU must start taking charge – biology – not handing over.


Week 7


Not weakening immune or total body system.

Support life . . enhance health
Though this is NOT what the medicos are saying presently – BUT I am older and know that this is a fad – a very very dangerous one – and who pays? You and your baby.

Baby centered . . .
Be bub’s protector.
Natural is the way to live well.


Week 8



If your breasts are happy – your body is working well


I0dine – please look – further here

Need ingredients and circulation (structure also needs to be perfect as well as having the right nutrients to work a body perfectly).  .

Week 10


Eating salt and NO SWEET TASTE . .or cold . .





 Week 11 – opening the ‘baby gate’


(Medicine versus life).


Week 12 (10 weeks)

More rest .  . no investigations..
Water Iodine and magnesium topically

Fat . .dietary . .and plenty of VitD3.

Good gut . . .
No thank you to additives from myriad species, not tested as being even needed, let alone safe (for rest of life)


Is everything going ‘OK?’
Yes – you are doing everything right – though no one else may know about this – just me. .

 Maybe still do not tell anyone?? Scanning?





 Week 13 (11 weeks since conception)


 Week 14


Beginning of the second trimester