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Stories and elder’s medicine – learn through life experience

Rebozo . . a way to ‘sift’ the baby to where s/he may need to be to be more comfy for mum.

What I learned . . . eat whatever I feel like – was a vegan when bringing through my first baby – and no sugar
Damp – avoid anything that obscures life force.
We have to go back to what happened to people prior to this time
Sun, fat, salt – and be happy . .
Us as ‘therapists’ ..

Birth is not supposed to hurt

Pain – lack of ingredients to run the body and circulation  can’t get what needs to be ‘there’ there.

We need to start with what may be blocking normal – as likely the womb is not aligned well – and why is this?
Ligaments – and their tension and what is stopping the blueprint we all started with working well.

Can the body work well?

Acupuncturists can do so much – using moxa sacral fan
Relieving back pain in pregnancy – simple.

Anyone can make huge changes in pregnancy – see more here.

Acupuncture AND Arvigo

Regardless of the ‘high risk’ a pregnancy  (or if a life is said to be)

Need two things right – Circulation (flows) and Ingredients (nutrients) the structure is not aligned, if we do not have enough water and ingredients to run the body – the pregnancy will be tricky.

Never ever use ice – as it blocks the flow – how can healing then happen

What women used to have to do after birthing – STAY in the bed. The elders all knew.

Access all of these wisdoms . .

Easily printed out – and stored away so at any time – in clinic showing others – or in labour – it is all there – a step through easy guide. It all works! This work is taken from my 2005 manual ‘What Dads Can Do’

We birth best where we feel safe.

Prevention – Clear the blockages.  .
Structure and electrics (Qi).

What you can do to help others?
Regardless of where you have started this work will be added to and you can ripple out in to the world – come join us .

Arvigo and Mercier themes –  Heather’s Gentling Way . .

We MUST centre the womb FIRST

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‘What Dads Can Do’

Easy Pregnancy resources

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Too far away to be part of the hands-on?
See all I have put together to gradually go through to investigate what normal maternity is about.

Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens

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