P.A.C.E. and undoing fear

Ways to easily free yourself from being a captive

(of what has happened before this now. . )



As part of Heather’s Gentling Ways . . there is so much to clear before we needle – or even ‘diagnose’.

Here are some of the the beginning sets of the Foundational Moves into Living Ligaments

These can be done at any time – and especially before you do the Accident Recall work.

First . . .

Ideally you may need also to press into Ki 27 point on the upper ribs.

Take your index finger for a walk – under your collarbone and go inwards till you meet your ribs – the depression – hole you pop into will possibly be sore. This is where on both sides same time – to press in and massage – for maybe 20 seconds.

To clear yourself before starting.

And maybe also the point under your ribs on your side Sp 21.

Tapping or pressing and massaging firmly will bring a clarity and sense of purpose in your body/life.

Shall we begin?


Simply put:

P.A.C.E.  is a Brain Gym /kinesiology trick – and is a wonderful boost for clarity

Also for organising your brain to work more effectively.

Helpful handout found here

The Poly Vagal Theory

The Poly Vagal Theory from Dr Simon Porges is the second part of this post – and how to loosen some of what holds you bound into tension and thus pain – on any level.  Easier to listen to . .

The automatic nervous system is a SYSTEM  and interprets the danger and links all of body and get out of that . .

FREEZE – dissociation . .


Can control BREATHING – and when we slow the breathing we slow the heart . . only one we can actually control . .

Another version of this . . .


How to reorganise what residual trauma has done to us is the loose description of what my Gentling Way work does.
A few people have written in Dr Porges’ work – see here and here. (Buy his book on clinical applications – esp in all abuse/ trauma issues.

His work is also to be found here (‘The polyvagal theory: New insights into adaptive reactions of the autonomic nervous system’, 2009).

Gentling Way – oxytocin . .

How to circumvent the fear that is trapped within?

Quick lesson . .
(It really works) and do this before even the accident recall – or straight after.

After you have done PACE above . .
Maybe lie down the first few times you do this exercise

1 – Turn your head from side to side to feel the restrictions.

2 – Keeping your head straight, turn eyes to the extreme right and hold there.
Until you swallow, take a deep breath or sigh.

3 – Keeping your head straight, turn eyes to the extreme left and hold there.
Until you swallow, take a deep breath or sigh.

4 – Check what your head moving feels like now.
Likely a lot easier

Repeat all through the day if you like – you are letting go at different levels as it can only help.

See more on the Reichian armour bands (why we are being held hostage) HERE.

Life Recipe 

  • 1 – Breathing
  • 2 – Hydration
  • 3 – Safety
  • 4 – Outside
  • 5 – Touch
  • 6 – Reason for getting up in the morning – light’s your fire
  • 7- Nourishment – three levels – one is body – food.


Who forgot to give us this?

If this resonates with you – perhaps take this free online course (Life Rescue) to clear yourself further.

Maybe also investigate how to help yourself –

Take Charge!!
The Self Care course online awaits. .


Self Care Package