Notes accompanying SD Effective Healing After C Section

Three perfect patients post C section SD

1 – New C scar – 13 months old – Stuck Belly Blood used on her

2 – Mother of 4 – pregnant 23 weeks – need to pullout cold first.

First baby died vaginally – 2 and 3rd – went to the hospital that C sections happen. Pregnant with her 4th.

3 – Accident Recall etc first – and pulling out the cold – so when we got to the actual scar – the work we did could be useful. Stuck Belly Blood – but we needed to sort out the neck and life first.

She had had a car accident and had broken neck inside the car –17 years ago.

We have to start with what is biggest issue – not what we came in for.

Accident recall and the undoing of fear that is locked inside.

We also always need to pull cold out – and this in either case was done – as today we were teaching scars.

More on how to is all with the Foundational Moves online course – hugely well kept secrets  so easily replicated in anyone’s lives/clinics.

The undoing of the Reichian arnour rings is actually why the best way is to do intensives.
The body needs to be put back to the template . .

Neck tension and so on may happen after . Steaming room needed in all clinics . . To show all how to look after themselves. How she felt after the 2-3 hours session . . We do have to treat people where they are.


Moving on . . .

Why are we expecting a C section?

Why not undo what happened in the scar area. Is high risk as no one is looking at fixing this caved-in scars – organic castor oil can only help. See more on this written up on a different page.
Also please see what is available when you start in on the online Maternity course 

Castor oil – internally on finger to help under adhesions.
All anal and vaginal local problems also. See more on this page – castor oil packs.

EG – miscarriage not coming away – steaming and inner use of the castor oil.
Methytrixate not safe – but used as is a retail experience.

Which herbs?

Find those which clear Stuck Blood in the lower belly.
Jillian’s story – BP not noticed as being not normal – till the 3rd experience to see the obstetrician – told had to have the babies immediately.

C-section story. . and the continued mess

My using herbs to be courageous with caution

We need to ask – why is this happening?’
Need a programme running – and sort of follow a protocol.
It Depends. .
And still have an eye of where we want them to be – normal.
However they are deviating – we correct.

Business thoughts

We need to be paid for the transformation that they feel in clinic. What Mercier programme gives. Infertility focus.

Why do we have the lives we do?
We need to be paying close attention to this.

Only sees the women.
MUST charge the minimum – and it is $3,000US.

Then it s $125 a hour for repeat sessions .. Here is a C section undoing story

I suggest that the Gentling Way practitioners need to be seeing people a day at work and a day off – to recover – and to stay well/sane and clear. The Mercier programme is compromised of

  • 6 one hour hands-on sessions
  • 1st month of anti inflammatories – and bio identical hormones.
  • A year of phone consults as follow up.

Totally different moves than Arvigo.
The Mercier work is very deep – no mention of untwisting the pelvis – and undoing the uterine positioning – and it all works anyway. No consideration for past sexual frights/ PTSD around this.

How to use the information I am providing?
Gradually work through the programmes I have designed.

Maybe if you are pregnancy related – see the course below Fertility and C section work is part of her programmes.

The Shared Journey. A video as the way to see how to work past IVF –or instead. Can get it here

Get the blood and lymph flow – structural – need to get back to normal.
BUT she is not touching the men – as Arvigo do not either .
All are trained in the medical work – we need to be working with the studs.
Stories were given to illustrate


Where to now?

Transformative Healing – Course Outline