Gentling away most ills

Gentle touch and common sense
(A la Qi/energy medicine)

Chloe – 13 no periods yet.

Extremely painful belly – gone to hospital several times over past 5 days – and given Endone given last time.

Blood and urine tests done – no one has any idea what is happening.

Mum then remembers I am back in town .(6pm Sunday evening).
Or they will go back to hospital .. . with no result and none the wiser as to what to do to help..
Unremarkable tongue.

A case history of sorts

I started seeing this family about 10 years ago . . on and off.
The paternal grandmother, her two adult children their partners, and 2 daughters of one  . .

(Grandmother) C  – the daughter of a long line of Welsh coal miners, arrived northern Qld to start gold mining.
Lived all her life – as her mum before her – on the site of the coal/goldmines. Much like the West  Coast of the SI of NZ – she said – of every 10 deaths there 9 will be from cancer.

Easy – the residue – mining tailiings/general mess made when we take out of the ground what is supposed to be there.
No protection for all in any department. Her grandfather died of miners’ lung – being ripped to bits inside from gold dust particles inhaled. She is the most anxious/troubled/everything goes wrong sort of person I have known – except my own mother. ‘Nervy’/Edgy/prickly . .and jumps at the slightest sound and is all in a tangle.

She cannot use any topical magnesium:

It all burns her.

She still has massive amounts of  mercury in her mouth.  (This never goes away even when they take it out – as it is leaching constantly into our brains/bodies . .)

She came in with a lesion that is not healing on her lip – she lives now mostly in northern Qld where there is a salt industry – from the sea – so all is salt impacted as well as she got radically sunburned – and is worried about cancer.
More to the point – that the Glutathione will not be being made – she ha really been a bitter twisted sort of trying to be happy/ good but so upset – all her life. Her mother was a sarcastic person a lot of the time – and life not happy as a kid. Magnesium depletion. . .

Her grand daughter (Chloe)’s teeth were so bad – no doubt +++ sugar and no ability to undo the magnesium loss. . .that they were all filled with amalgams when she was 3 yo. The a terrible time – her grand daughter (Chloe) went mad with OCD. Had her own psychiatrist and psychologist at 4 and on so much medication.
No one connected the two – perfectly well and happy and adjusted to being a raving trouble . . .

Eventually they took her to see me – and after trial and error – to the zeoiite drops – and sent them to my very nice dentist – she is so much better. As puberty arrived I suspected that they would not have kept up what was needed – the price of taking the drops being weighed up against ‘easy’. The huge amounts of bequeathed mercury (Chloe is the elder child – as her own mum is) – this back log from grandma, then her own amalgams .  .  .

Her past history of anxiety/OCD – and on medications for this with her own psych and Psychologist since I met her at 5 years old – happened after being given massive loads of amalgam linings in all her teeth. A very tricky birth that her mother always talks about her nearly dying in.

Very volatile angry grandmother much exposure to her and her sister. .
Massive sugar and mercury history.

What did I do? (no needles)

1 – Talked about cold, mercury and its role in stopping magnesium being absorbed (can’t use topically as it hurts her – sure way to pick mercury problems ) and the role of cold and stress and how to mitigate all. Plus the role of the vaccinations (not HPV) that have further compromised her

2 – All the while reassuring her – that she is easy to fix .just stop breaking herself.

3 – Checked the suspensory ligament – was a little out and mild Left AIS. No breaks on sacrum and tailbone not sore.

4 – Found very painful and resistant St 27.

5 – Cool belly a tiny bit – 35.4 bum 34.2 feet 30.3

6 – Cup on navel for a while after SLQR and round and round – also chest gouging.


7 – Did ileo-cecal correction

8 – Showed mum the belly work again – she was doing it too deep she thinks.

9 – Most happy after DE twist . . eventually I did the SL and she left vastly better.

Suggested that steaming with lavendar and chamomille could only help.

Instructions to use the topical iodine again daily.

Topical magnesium x 10 daily, and mag baths nightly.

Take liquid activated zeolites 5 x 6 daily and drink loads more water – her father is giving her coffee and she has a massive sweet tooth – some pimples. Stop both.

Given ‘Return to Blueprint’ Kalina’s vibrational remedies to assist releasing/undoing what the vaccines have filled her being with – giving her foreign species DNA within.’ The ncd drops are to pull out the heavy metals – the mercury especially. Not sure past taking silica in all its forms – how to leach away the aluminium that is now in a vaccines and is so highly life damaging.

Chloe is always bothered by animals talking to her and dead people all through her house

Suggested she saw someone I send people to, when so distressed.

She was very impressed with feeling normal on departure

Why did I do what I did?
What set her up?

Whilst we as lost to the old ways – seem to have no idea (especially medically) on how a well body runs and the ways it gets upset and thus how to undo trouble – we get to where this happens – after several hospital A and E visits she was given ENDONE and sent them to have it all happen again – Endone being highly addictive and she being so sensitive to all. No cancer/blockages in the physical/ appendicitis – must be of no concern .. come back when it is.
Hence they reached out – as this family and so many others do – when there is NO hope elsewhere.
1 – Too much mercury in her body – bequeathed this legacy to live through
2 – First born so she got the full brunt. (Fetal mining).
3 – Tricky birth and has been hearing about this (and reliving constantly) from distressed mum all her short life.
4 – Brought up by highly stressed (mercury toxic/reactive to all) grandmother – herself in a wrecked enough state.
5 – Got a huge amount of dental amalgams when 3 years old.
6 – Lived in sugar haze – given the glucose tolerance test in utero – this is the result – sugar fiends . .
7 – Usual vaccinations and she has had a torrid time with these – so mum is now being less ‘good’ – did not get the HPV but a few months ago got many more. (Important point as in puberty getting poisoned with more aluminium that is neurotoxic is not sensible
8 – Now in puberty – (she is behind her younger sister – she has differing needs internally – not being met.)
9 – Who knows what teed her up? – in her life right now? (Anyone remember being a sensitive teenager?)

Perfect storm erupts . .

She lives on sugar and won’t eat much – also is walking about on freezing cold tiles and tends to only drink cold water. Her belly is not that cold – but her feet were freezing (relative to belly).
What fixed this?
Pulled out cold after calming belly moves and Stuck Liver Qi Release, ileo cecal valve correction and the belly moves.
All say – “it is too simple Heather”
I say – “yes it is..”
Find out more . . .

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