Heather’s maternal university

Heather’s maternity – life university ‘degree’.

How come I have this perspective. . .
(Learning through a woman’s story – as oral tradition always has had the best outcomes – we remember stories).

The way we all learn . . .

Feb 1977 Sean Number 1

An independent young woman, an accidental pregnancy –

An intentional le Boyer birth and

interventions ‘just because there were rules –

Not common sense.

Could have easily been a simple process of my getting up off the bed and around (not stuck on it) allowing active birth and epidural avoidance, given baby was almost out (and 90minuts of pushing had transpired – no fetal distress).
Instead . . .


And 3 years of perineal pain/discomfort avoiding sexual contact.

Lost – at least 1 litre and butterfly clip inserted but they got busy and did not replace blood lost.

Jan 1984 Josh Number 2 – manual extraction of placenta/no anesthetic/after constant PP blood loss

Manual placenta removal is the evacuation of the placenta from the uterus by hand. It is usually carried out under anesthesia or more rarely, under sedation and analgesia. A hand is inserted through the vagina into the uterine cavity and the placenta is detached from the uterine wall and then removed manually.

One of 1st babies to be scanned (malaria at 14 weeks of pregnancy) . Lay in bed of gel – 1 hour 20 minutes . .

(Dangers of fetal scanning not mentioned).

Lost 1 ½ litres of blood and given 2 transfusions and allergic to all blood products – down the tunnel and so on.

Nov 1986 Kathryn Number 3

Tooth mercury – at 5 month’s of pregnancy . .

Perineal massage – gave myself an OP baby . .
Hit again .. that is 2 of 3. .
Cystocele Anterior prolapse, also known as a cystocele (SIS-toe-seel), occurs when the supportive tissue between a woman’s bladder and vaginal wall weakens and stretches, allowing the bladder to bulge into the vagina.

Kathryn’s mother’s storyhttp://my-mothers-heart.com/

Nov 1994 Ryan Number 4

To be a home water birth – but life intervened.

Clot where uterus and placenta meet . .

Epidural causes me to lose my BP – 2 lot of adrenaline – x 2 – eventually I get St 36 put in – and it all normalizes


Unfortunately my uterus is assaulted all over again – yet another PPH.

At least 1.5 litres lost – not transfused

Medical mismanagement

Sparked my interest:
Look after everyone so they come out INTACT – and bonded.

Kathryn (#3) – at birth was purple from waist dow.

Dai Mai restriction.

Toxoplasmosis – and all sorts of vaccine damage from my MMR pre her pregnancy and then the mercury acute toxicity.



Vaccination and adjuvants

Chimp birth


Elephant recusing her baby


What Dads Can Do

Story of what COULD be happening in C section –

bonded births anyway. .
We could give birth back to mum . .

Vicki Chan – midwife with heart . . .


Keillands rotation forceps
(Then story of me at someone else’s OP birth).


Forceps with a fixed lock mechanism are used for deliveries where little or no rotation is required, as when the fetal head is in line with the mother’s pelvis. … Forceps used for rotation of the fetal head should have almost no pelvic curve. The handles are connected to the blades by shanks of variable lengths.




Future of suicide http://www.wombecology.com/?pg=suicide


All of Dr MIchel Odent’s books: especially ‘Scientification of Love’

Why do all cultures ritually disrupt the first contact between mother and new-born baby? Why has there hitherto been an evolutionary advantage in developing human potential for aggression rather than the capacity to love? Until recently love has been the realm of poets, artists and philosophers. Latterly it has been studied from multiple scientific perspectives. Michel Odent argues that the specialist approach has overlooked the importance of love as a potential new strategy for human survival, and that the old survival strategy, the domination of nature and other human groups, is no longer appropriate. By weaving together data from a multitude of disciplines, Michel Odent, is able to offer a number of insightful, and exciting explanations, and makes the case for the adoption of radical new strategies for human survival‘.

Mad Mammas – see topic
Still face experiment
Please be warned – this is shocking (in this bonded mums’ opinion)
Think of being that baby – total betrayal for ever after).
(As in what is happening for depressed mums).

Henci Goer – articles
Dr Sarah J Buckley

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering

Cancer – after thought
Around 1 hour 13 minutes

Head/brain injury




  1. Believe the diagnosis not prognosis
  2. Be emotionally real
  3. Something to live for
  4. Be the solution – not handing it over



Maybe take this free one first.

R.I.C.E. – my version

We hold the space – go back to nature

What does it mean to them to be living in their body?

How do we turn them around?

They have to be part of the encoded past culture.

Mammals – safe life.


Voices from the past

What did the grand mothers do?
Follow that