Not the same since . . .C section?

A necessary escape plan sometimes.
Others – you may have lingering doubts
Either way – there is a consequence – a reminder that baby arrived through the ‘sunroof’ option.

Your body now needs healing and will do so until you take charge of the scar and the adhesions that may have quietly been gluing your insides together.

                Either way . .

  • Feel as though the body is no longer supple/yours?
  • Upset at the scar and can’t even touch i?
  • Avoid looking at your lower body as a result?
  • Feel shame and distress even thinking of the operation and what lead you to it?
  • Annoyed that no one listens to you tale of woe as they keep saying ‘at least you have a healthy baby?’

Me too – and ‘getting on with it’ is harder the longer the time spent without addressing what that scar is doing to your world.
If this is ringing bells – and you can’t wait to read on – do – help is at hand.


If you wonder what the fuss is – you are so lucky.

These tie you up.

So easily undone – gently – following my programme of ‘always works’ focusing on what is blocking your healing.

There is hope
Especially for you!

All pelvic flows.\congestion/lower and upper back distortions corrected as well.
This means you get  a body back that you may never have had.
From someone whose two C sections were not all the problems she had walked in with – and left without

One session!!!. .

‘As a professional ballet dancer, I spent my entire early life being given deportment correction work. NEVER before tonight when you realigned my pelvis have I walked like this. I have watched in awe of my baby daughter sitting automatically naturally in a way I have never been able to. Yet now I am sitting in the chair as I have not been able to – regardless of all those other interventions and conscious efforts. Speechless!’ Maria, Brisbane.

A set of 6 sessions here ideally you come in 2x weekly.
Close together is best as the back /pelvic issues you have been challenged with will also depart.
this means less time and resources the body workers and other therapists – as there is now no need.

EWWW! Gross!

No – a mummy tummy – and what many of us look like under our clothes.

   This scar (3 C sections in 5 years) was normalised – so that the huge chasm seen on the right became flat even skin again after my work and her using a castor oil pack nightly to allow the adhesions to soften and let go – along with a few other tricks that you can use at home.

Seriously useful.
If you wish to have the best chance at the next birth being a natural one.

Now is the time to repair and to allow your body knit itself back together differently .
It can – with different instructions within.

Within weeks – often days – you will be in a different body.

A neck problem 30 years later – may be the result.
In any time in between you may feel as though ‘something is wrong’.

What also may need to be addressed?

There is always more.


Set your self free!

We tend to only pay attention when the body has been warning us for a long time – and time has not healed . .

Shock and other residues

Nutrients to support life – even if you are not breastfeeding.
I wrote all on the easybreasts site so anyone who needs good Blood energy to function – that would be all women who are cycling and all of us who need our tendons/ligaments supple – and to sleep well and be sane . .

What Lay Beneath why this happened?
Thee is yet another story – and often sits within /in top of what you also can clear.
Healing is so possible – and of c-things hat you were unaware could be.
Start your healing back to perfect today!

At least – get some organic castor oil and some wadding (to be thrown out after each use) and start the external use for undoing the adhesions around the scar – also maybe popping some on your finger and up inside as this way the magic properties of castor oil can be working in and out (never use before sex as it is THE WRONG consistency).

At home . . .

Enjoy making a better body – look here – as this Self Care package has a huge selection of options for you to heal yourself and those you love simply and gentlly pacing yourself.



See your local Gentling Way practitioner for more – or contact Heather to see about your intensive programme of restoring your body to easy flows/easy periods/easy sexuality/easy fertility/easy pregnancy and easy life as a woman.


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