Stroke recovery

What if this were you?

Stroke . .
Starts often with AT – atrial fibrillation not being undone – instead a drug to ‘help’ the heart,
Why not see all cardiac issues as as lack of what allows it to work?
Nutrients – start with the obvious .. simple magnesium is devastatingly missing.
In this case – also profound B12 deficiency – a great example of ‘fissured’ tongue.
I find it odd that the orthodox medical profession allows its ignorance to be so on display.
(Q: What causes fissured tongue?
A: The cause of fissured tongue is not known. Some authorities believe that fissured tongue is just a variation of normal. Fissured tongue and geographic tongue (Please see PATIENT INFORMATION SHEET: Geographic Tongue) can occur together and some believe that these two conditions are related. )
(Used to be called a geographic tongue) – but there is now another problem that has pinched this label.
‘C’ had had B 12 injections a few year back.
She had a massive symptom that no one picked . .
She also has one of the worst tongues that I have ever seen.
Whilst above is not hers – (a fissured tongue pic from the internet).
‘C’s’ tongue is actually a lot worse.
Now a 63 yo woman, she started seeing me about 15 years ago after a lifetime of domestic violence and raising three children independently. She spent a year in hospital not expected to ever leave there. In that time, she had forgotten my last name and wanted me to save her as she felt I had initially last time by my ministrations. There was no medical ongoing care once she was not on the ‘dying’ list – she was parked in a nursing home. Filled up with so many drugs and left. As a wilted pot plant.
When she first found me she had fallen into a huge hole. Could not function at her best. Regular sessions with me retrieved who she was allowing her to escape into – literally – the wider world of managing hotels overseas.
Then disaster struck – a ‘clear medical bill of health’ – when on a visit back home seeing the GP the day before to be told that her cholesterol was all perfect – she had a massive stroke the following morning in her sleep and was not expected to live.
5 years later – I am back on the scene.
Such a dramatic difference in the past year as she finally got a standing frame – as she is stuck on the bed, in incontinence pads she is supposed to use as there is not enough staff/she is large and there is not a full time carer for her person.
Being in bed for 5 years and no sunlight – although on statins for no good reason – so a complete lack of what is needed to run a body – Vit D3 . .
I am working on getting her more functional – and it IS happening – but what if this were me I keep on feeling – who would know what to do? It is not only the needling – as the mother of a massively brain injured and vaccine damaged profoundly autistic adult daughter I am riled up.
Why is this acceptable?
Firstly – the purism that has invaded each ‘specialty’ needs to get real.
Why holistic?
Why multi modality?
Acupuncturists I teach can get upset about
1 – my using my hands also (and expecting them to).
2 – the use of ‘supplements’.
The body needs to be given what it needs to run itself – or it can’t – then we get warnings and when we ignore these often enough – we get what is ‘aging’ and ‘expected’ and this mediocrity has no place in my life.

After at least a years’ break, I stated seeing her a few months ago. I am aiming to see  her x2 weekly as I am not always here – I figure getting her as good as can be prior to the exercise that she SHOULD be having every day will assist the recovery.

The Vitamin D3 ‘supplements’ her sister had bought for her were still unused in the drawers. remember – no sunlight for 5 + years – before this – she was inside all day and night. She is diabetic and has severe chronic pain – plus a neurological problem – and what feeds the nervous system/brain? Abundant good quality nutrients.

She started on 50,000 iu a day – as now she could get to them herself as she has a mobile chair she can move about in. (Not that the rest of the world seems to think that this is needed or possible).

She said that since I have been coming this last sequence of sessions that she feels like she is waking up. The Vit D3 has allowed this turn around to happen – how? Pain is the indicator – and brain function – and the fact that it looks like there is now someone at home – and she weekly is more of herself.

The magnesium roll on she uses has stopped all pain and helps calm her – as it does.

Life prescription:

The medication for AT (atrial fibrillation) is being negligent as more magnesium is all that that is showing . .

As with a wilted pot plant – adding what it needs to run itself – the body – and it gets better. Much as I am working with her, ‘medicine’ in its current form is only managing the wilting process.

When she woke up enough years ago – she asked a simple question . .

Where is my medical team?

That would be me now . .
As we knock off problems and improve her nutrition – her brain CAN work better.

Starting with yesterday – the problem she had not told me about was fixed – the awful feeling of her eyes rolling back in the head and everything spinning – down to her stomach! Nurses said – ‘that is vertigo’.

How does that labeling help?

A few simple needles – as per my 8 Extras Moving Blockages work. Not coupling the meridians – BUT – Bl 62, Si 3, Si 3, Bl 62, and then massage along both side of the upper neck – problem she has had for over 6 months – all and every day – gone. At the same time the dry eyes that had returned left also. (Co 2 bilateral)

She is thinking and is far more like the old one – weekly. She will need more than sitting in front of a TV to keep her sane.

What if this were you?
From no cholesterol problems the day before the massive stroke, to being felled the one that was to kill her.
She is on cholesterol lowering medication – and why?
She is also now off the 1,000 iu VitD3 and Calcium combo (magnesium blocker) tablet. Has been on 50,000 iu for a few months and now dropped to 25,000 iu daily as I am sure that is why the massive pain she had is passed. Although on her drug sheet it still says all those morphine addictive substances. What is happening? Her body is gradually getting better ..


Stay tuned. .

and in the meantime  why not do what you can to reverse what may well be happening also to you?

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