Taking the Easy Road to Birth

Easy pregnancy, easy birth, easy maternity, easy babies, easy life

Brisbane Sunday 11th November

10:00am – 5:00pm The Life Alignment Centre

(10 Kitchener St Coorparoo)

How to have easy babies and easy births and easy pregnancies?

Too easy . .
Ingredients and flows. .
Come and find out.
Simple steps.
“This is too simple Heather’ I hear so often.
Yes – and it works every time . .

In the words of Maja – a Cairns Shiatsu and allied body worker who has been following this work since 2008 – ‘The most powerful tools I have – and I use on everyone under my hands’. Find out more – come along . .

Painless Pregnancy and Pelvic Opening into Ecstatic Birthing Bonding

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Because nature is being sidestepped.
My 40 years of actively seeking out answers – all here.

Secrets laid bare

One day quick pelvic opening workshop.

Here I am showing you – as doulas/midwives/birth advocates/acupuncturists and all other heath care folk – and interested/ invested conscious humans – how we are made to open and enjoy.

My past work is sent on as the instantly available downloadable info – as is so many resources

Including how to STOP Hyperpemesis (easily)

How to correct all maternal aches and pains – especially pelvic instability and severe unrelenting back ache.

All in one day?

Yes – and more ..

  • Breech resolution – without Bl 67 (let’s undo WHY bub is there)
  • Fetal positioning solutions and
  • Why mum may not be opening  ..
  • AND most importantly – how to have a safe easy birth 
  • – because it is all set up to win ..
  • Did you know how to encourage to reposition a twisted pelvis?
  • Correct and heal a fractured sacum and tailbone – often from decades ago?

Come and find out

All leave relaxed, soothed and in a very different space – you will be able to have all very ripe women who ‘need’ to let go doing
Start with your own body and FEEL the difference – and how simple this is . .

Small class as we will be in practical mode all day . .

Discover how else you may learn – and what joys await with perineal steaming and more . .

               1 – Can I use this immediately?

Yes – even before we have the practical class as the are so many multi media resources included in your pre paid package.

                2 – Why this much to pay?

More than the day’s experience.

All that you can use immediately.

These answers work every time.

Unavailable elsewhere:

Heather’s 40 years of working as a natural healing practical problem solver – with woman and pregnancy in all contexts .

                  3 – Where ?

The Life Alignment Centre

10 Kitchener St, Coorparoo, Brisbane

Please contact me if you have any queries – Heather (07) 37899 2274/ 0409 893 978


                   4 – What is in the pre course pack?
1 – A treasure trove . .Heather’s 2005 manual and 2 x MP4’s for you to share What Dads Can Do
2 – Cold Damages Your Health and
3 – Pelvic Opening eBooks
and so more . . .

So we can be hands-on in class – not explaining so much . .

This may be a new experience for your body – how to unload tension/stress almost instantly

Of course it works in late pregnancy and for easy birthing!



Bring birth back to MUM!!!

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