Making babies from what?

Sperm – what has happened?


No one seems interested in the obvious – HE is IN fertile.


Fix why babies are not being made – in the bedroom.

Take a farmer’s look  . .


  Can it??   Let us find out why not . . .

Maybe also watch me here . .


Is your body actually working well?

Your belly – your life

Breast milk also  .
Blood energy – see more here

BBT – anal – men why?

Next one coming soon . . .

Or – ask me what I can do – as online s one thing  and my 40 years of straightening out the mess is another

View a happy couples story here.

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What you want . .

You may need to do the preparation.

Nature knows best . .

Much like running a successful marathon – it is not only about the gear you wear – or the intention – work maybe needed.