Living Ligaments – what is this?

Practicals – on the Foundational Course – in Albi, France, 2018.
Learning how to correct a wonky pelvis. Hence all the organs, functions and resultant flows

 Always restore the blueprint  . .   

Pull out what is not supposed to be there first.

This is instant transformation of what you do in clinic – as the 8 Extras and their role of supervising the flow of Qi and Blood in the main meridians is instantly applicable to anyone – not only acupuncture workers.








PLUS BONUS – Full pre payment – you instantly also receive the

‘Pregnancy Through Energy Lens online programme

(usually $US 300)

(Includes all the charts to print out and to use as childbirth education/pelvic opening for all)

Start with the acupuncture gems from my 40+ years of maternal service

(and when IVF does not work/C section and other abdo has totally upset the body – and all other issues that spring from womb misalignment – esp all S.I. joint distresses  . we have all the hands on that allow the flows to flow . . . is fertility work your passion? Always was mine . .as the next part – looking after mum as it is dependent upon each step being attended to.