Supplements?? Basics of health care

The progression through the decades

How to help people in an ever toxic world.


We need ingredients – nutrients – that are also biologically available.

As a Western herbalist, naturopath AND acupuncturist I knew that as I was changing the instructions within there needed to be more access to that which would regrow the body well. In my early years of clinical practice – with problems that were in part caused through being made (born and reared) in great times of deprivation – the ‘Great Depression’,  WW 1 and 2 and times of global hardship generally.

Whilst I changed the body instructions working on the electrics . .to assist the healing that people were expecting – here is what I sent people home with. In addition to my very peculiar branch of techniques – working in as many levels as I could at once in clinic. – Acupuncture with cupping, scraping (Gua Sha), moxa in abundance, and all bodywork  was taught concurrently with my classically based meridian therapy).


Progression of ‘assistants’


Change your ways  . .

What you are/have so far been doing has created what you are not happy with.

Always as an alternative thinker I saw the world differently – those who were in my classes at college dd not hear what I heard – did not do what I dd . “And yet – as a mother- I knew that what was being exposed to and being ‘taught’ was not enough  there was so much more.
I have (and still) set out to find it. You may be also on this path.

Anyone coming in to see me can expect . . .

Not one thing

All of this as we are now so loaded up with what is stopping our bodies from working.

1970’s – Bach flowers (to assist the working through of old personality habits through undoing the emotional charges) in Western herbal tinctures (within the healing power of herbs), lymphatic drainage, red clover tea and castor oil packs – naturopaths were not dispensing products but life changes.

1980’s – B and C – easily missed in a faster world – and needing ever more of these. .

I added in also the vibrational essences, crystals and anything that had ‘worked’ .

Now as the mother of a severely brain injured baby – and then as she got older – ever more massively vaccination damaged and now a profoundly autistic adult – I still did in what works – when nothing else (or no one else) seems to). Ever expanding the tools in the tool box.

1990’s –  Minerals – magnesium, zinc and selenium – then I found Dr Igor Trabizian – minerals added (not being absorbed)  +++ supplements Chinese herbs. In addition to the above. SUPPLEMENTS GALORE!!

FLUORIDE – stops the thyroid from working.

2000’s -2005 – discovered Liquid activated Zeolites – ncd – Waiora. Magic results again – as the contaminants stopping absorption was released. Are the nutrients even in the ground? Hence the push to save the soil. .


Glutathione accelerator.

After this – then take supplements . .after we clear out what is stopping these nutrients being seen from the digestive process.

Adjuvants – what is put in a vaccine – to upset it. (What about all the auto immune system – has been permanently been upset.

Never again to be the resilient body it was to be – and what all forebears had had.

This product is the major detoxing agent in your body – and maybe you are not making it as the ingredients (Magnesium, Selenium and Sulphur – are missing –

or not being seen within your cells – due to toxic residue.).

Supplement to what?
Should have uncontaminated food and fluids.


In a body that can process incoming fuel well.

Here we stop and look at returning a body to the blueprint . .

Life Recipe

Life Rescue

Live Well manual

Self care – will have to help yourself as even ‘integrative medicine’ is not working

Gut needs to work . . .


Again – life manual needed.

Foundational Moves – Reset the Metabolism – picture?
See the course above to find out how you can REMOVE what is not ever supposed to be in your body – cold

Supplement your life with real life – not death enhancement but support real life.
NEED – access to the midday sun – when shadow is smaller then the body.
Need fat – from animals.

Sacred foods – find a totally sustainable culture with no animal products –
Take out what should not be in there. .

Halides – Cl, F, Br  – as these stop the Iodine from being seen – as every cell in the body =needs Iodine to live well

Activate ferment, protein combining – primary and secondary proteins – amino acids – need to ingest the 8 we cannot manufacture – in the same meal.

GUT HAS TO BE ABLE TO WORK – stop chilling it and allow the oven to heat up to actually digest – cook.


Gut health

Metabolism . .  . needs to have what runs it . .
An acupuncturists will say Yang Qi – and its counterpart in the physical is . . . bio available .

IODINE – cysts – cancer – anything.

A body that was SOO depleted in iodine that within 3 minutes the dark brown – (the lower swath – just put on again) –  the 2 other patches started off darker than this.


Supplements – what are we going to supplement?


Supplement your dodgy life? 

or FIX your dodgy life


Please – get that gut working better – clam yourself and warm up everything that goes in – the current fruit craze (sugar hits all day) and smoothies and raw, iced goods is not helpful to life.

May I suggest that you go a step further?
Comfort and likely better digestion will follow.. .

Your belly – your life



What one previously adverse to change husband has discovered . . .

‘He has been taking 6 OGF, 2 Vit  D3 10,000 iu (because we can’t get 25,000 iu), and 3 to 4 large organic Brazil nuts – taken all at the same time first thing in the morning he is noticing that the combined effect is absolutely amazing (from flat to firing on all cylinders !!). He says the full effect comes in over about 2 hours & best all taken within 5 mins. He tried all different nuts and none has this impact.

Why not go with science – we are SUPPOSED to be firing on all cyclinders!

The answers are in your hands – change what you see as ‘life’ and all changes with you!