Magic happens

A winning combination

Mercier/Maya/Arvigo/Heather’s Gentling Way

does so much more than make Naturally  Better Babies!

After my return to Australia from the training a year ago in the Mercier work I used the methods I had just learned on everyone I saw. They all reported the same thing – they feel warmth (that would be better blood flow) where it had not been before.
Often their face, hands and feet were for the first time – warm.


  • They felt taller
  • Often felt 10 kg lighter.
  • More consolidated.
  • All sacral pain and tension lost
  • Hips more stable.
  • Stomach flatter
  • One woman’s fibroid shrunk on the table.
  • Uterine bleeding after months of maybe 2 days respite – stopped like a tap – and now a regular cycle – this was profound!! (After all else I had done – this was the key)
  • Urinary issues no longer a problem . . continence and urgency diminished
  • Prolapses holding in place .
  • Neck/shoulder tension lessened
  • Looking and feeling more compact in the belly
  • NO MORE LOWER BACK PAIN /ACHING – just get the uterine ligaments back together where they are supposed to be!
  • One woman was just happy – and as she hasn’t been – that was so huge – she felt reconnected again

How did that happen? (The Bao Mai connection restored).

All organs – especially your uterus (where ever malpositioned) back permanently to where she is to be.
All past sacral and tailbone problems are part of the healing journey.

How does this happen?
Help nature and she will help you.
Come in and start your journey back to yourself


Book a set of 6 session close together – drop everything else you are doing as the past incidents and life residue that you are carting about with you can be released – onto the Light and without drama.

Why as a programme?

The closer together you see me, the faster the results – and the more sustainable – often I find that here is so much to undo that many often a day apart is the easiest – with the multi modality array of healing helpers at my hand – you will be totally supported through all that may come up for release.

This is extremely gentle work.
It combines all that I have been teaching students  acupuncturists and patients for the past 37 years – and is all what has pass d a time tested approach n my healing centres for the past 4 decades – wise womens’ wisdoms now added to

Take a week off out of your life and allow real change to happen

A session with me takes at least 3 hours.

You will travel far within yourself in this time.

Expect a miracle!!!