Fertility Challenges?

Missing your babies?

Feeling hopeless?
Heart broken?
Sperm not good enough?

The men are also having own their fertility crisis

Or no man to help you?

( I can’t help that)

‘Too old’?

Totally possible – you just need to help Nature back on track.

Told that you are ‘past it’ and ‘need’ donor eggs?

Lining ‘no good’?

Told that you ‘need’ surrogacy?

Why not just fix it all?

How much has it cost your life so far to try to make children

within/with your broken bits

and using not good enough sperm (so you ‘need’ ICSI?)

Why not sort out the mess so Nature gifts you your own miracles ..


Think – what about us both getting baby ready?
Being well is about bursting out of your skin and being super fertile – which you are not to be reading this..  .
Having all my bits in perfect alignment (no pain, perfect balance within)  so the nutrients CAN register as great AMH?

The Shared Journey  . . .

I see only couples
it is highly unlikely that you are both in perfect health.

Men are in need of loving restoration also.

We can get you BOTH baby ready.

Expect him to get all the work you also receive – and often he is in need of even more assistance . .

Mercier for Men


Ask me today about your course of 6 sessions (as a couple)

Get your flows flowing again

These will reset your body and life

For any health issue – this is likely to support all healing  ..

(Even for leg circulation distress – think diabetic and peripheral neuropathies)


You can still be on IVF/see your other health care professionals

Once you get your AMH and egg /ovarian store back to normal – as they are only an indication of your relative malnutrition as the circulation is not perfect yet – let me correct this and FEEL the difference as everyone else who gets up off my couch does!

This foundational template restoration is for everyone.
Every person seeing me when I came back from Chicago underwent this – so I could do my own R & D – It is completed!!
Far more than fertility enhancement (which it is – see below).

Back aches – all upper body tension, all feelings of congestion – all start in the pelvis ..  .

Let me realign your life!!!!!

Help your body restore its own natural baby making capabilities

Need better sperm quality?
Works just as well on him

I only see couples. . .

It is a SHARED JOURNEY after all . .

Women . . .

Do you want to have better pelvic circulation – resulting in a higher AMH?
Lower FSH?
Normal uterine lining?
Or just – lose your period pain?
Have PCOS resolved?
Undo WHY you keep having endometriosis – have you bought the idea that you need to be on ills/implants?
Why not fix it?

Feel comfy in your body again?

See me in NZ – in my healing sanctuary.
Stay locally in an air bnb – and make this your life interlude – prioritize yourselves.. .
Start again – all find themselves in love with each other and life – again FIRST . .

Baby follows after you have built your nest


Most couples travel and stay for a week or at least 6 days – and we will go on the journey towards your pelvic health together . .

How long will it take?

As long as we need.
Per person
I allow at least 3 hours per session when singles so usually you are here for 4+ hours as a couple daily..

Seeing ideally always two of you – so there is clarity in what I say – and all questions are asked and answered instantly – this is after all a shared journey – both of you . .

$5,500 (one month – life altering against  IVF cost)

You get – an intensive hands on experience.
Tools to work with for yourself and each other after this.

A lifetime of knowing how to help yourselves – and MAYBE

Naturally Better Babies . .

This work is commitment from both of you and of me.

It is best done in blocks to move all that is happening.
No need to keep seeing all structural peel an likely all the ‘health ‘ problems that others are managing will just fall away as I am getting back to your foundational issues for you.

No need for ongoing (as there may have been) constantly micromanaging  all your structural and allied health teams . .)
In addition –  healing self help courses and eBooks that will guide you over the rest of your life – self help at your finger tips after I have aligned your body for its past adventures back to easy to live in.

You will be surprised at what health shifts the men experience . .

Do YOU have hot balls?
All men who come here do – the sperm that hey are making is distressed and being fried.

ASK YOURSELF  – How did the sperm qualifiers get the ‘pass’ tick – when all that is happening is  . .more ART and more IUI and more IVF and more distress?

From here

                 To here



Making babies naturally when else has failed . .


To here


CAN we improve the sperm quality?

I have been for decades.

One of my first couples . .

(Speaking of their meeting with me – when I had RETIRED from fertility work in early 1986).

This is that gave Sue and Shane their family – admittedly they were (only) 24 at the time, but after 7 years of trying due to his sperm being so diabolically bad   . .(He had to go off and get a vasectomy after his 2 girls – first one made in the first month they saw me – the second within 18 months – we moved the blockages.


My availability

Whatever is blocking you – shock/trauma/ physical scarring/invasion of cold blocking your metabolism, inadequate Qi flows – all is worked on at once . .I do NOT just the Mercier work. Or just the Maya/Arvigo. I developed the holistic multi modality transformative energy body work – The Gentling Way – a fusion of what works After my 40 years. A huge tool box.

You can see me as your holistic healer – helping your body return to perfect – where sex makes babies – naturally and so easily – when you and he are aligned. No need to visit anyone else – your probable pelvis mess, and your heart grief/aching/disconnection – all needs working on FIRST.

How much does it cost?

If you do not do this?

If you keep on ‘being good’ and showing up to the other therapists who are doing this and that – and altogether not working as team?? How much have you spent already – or are looking at spending to ‘try’ on IVF? AGAIN?
Why not ask a sensible question – why has this not worked YET?
Why not start at the beginning?
What will it cost if this opportunity to work with me before I leave and travel internationally getting my Gentling Method (starting with  the heart of the matter – how we feel ad what blocks life force)go back to NZ permanently is lost?

Please don’t expect your broken body (as evidenced by the low fertility measures they are telling you you have) to do this well by itself – restore normal!  Your first step is getting baby ready – then your children will all come tumbling out –  as they used to for all of us a few short generations ago . .


Investment in your future

At least a week of solid work with me.
Mercier therapy internationally costs $3,000 USA.

Only with HER/the woman/potential mother – I see both of you as you are the makers together .
A year’s worth of support whilst you are eating organic and checking in after 6 physical sessions with Jennifer/the Mercier practitioner  – and the first month of the bio identical hormones – you then buy them yourself. She had in 2012  a 82% success rate – I have so far 100% in NZ. WIthout the supplements Jennifer uses as I aim to correct why they may be needed  this information is within the Self Care online pack that you download on the beginning of your journey with me.

See more here – sperm is in a mess . . .

I am helping you make naturally better babies.
Being told that you are ‘too old’/have ‘too high FSH’/’too low ovarian reserve’ – all of this is a smokescreen for the sperm is actually terrible (not a pass mark to say it is 4% visually normal looking)  – and you are both not well enough to have great pregnancies naturally AT THE MOMENT).

You may also have in addition – endometriosis or PCOS or are told that ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’ or ‘too old’ whatever . .
Same response from me – is his sperm quality actually FERTILE or just deemed so they can play with it?4% s not to be aimed for – but is the least that was deemed to be able to use in 2010 for ICSI . . Not for bedroom baby making. Now even for IVF.

Farmers’ expect 90% at least looking normal semen to buy it for their herds.

Bodies heal themselves.
Your flows and the physical need aligning – and this is where his work is magic!
I know how this used to work before it became a Stock Market enterprise as I was there before IVF started helping couples make babies – hence I have traveled about the world to assemble what is stopping coupes become parents – on all levels.

My 40 years of research has shown that clearing out why you are not perfectly well instantly makes you both more fertile.  No ‘fertility’ sessions needed.

I work only with COUPLES – as now with the ‘pass mark’ of apparently 4% (dropped from 15% in 2010 and from 30% previously 50 % and in 1982 established at having to be 80% – there is nowhere else to drop it and what is his ? Did they need to use ICSI? If so – please STOP all ART and start with undoing the toxins that are preventing perfect sperm being made now . .

We will spend a week intensive – and in this you will receive:

1 – 6 sessions each of the Mercier PLUS Maya PLUS my Moving Blockages to Healing style – to get your flows flowing.

2 – Once you have completed the Self Care and the Self Discovery packs (online self paced) we go into the entry into the Natural Fertility Detective programme PLUS entry into all the online programmes before this so you at your own pace can lovingly be touching each other, enlightening your sex and love lives, reconnecting with your core beings and undoing any pain and body problems along the way.

3 – Insights into how you take yourself forwards – with or without me as you return to your usual natural health care provider – assured that they now have a more aligned body which may now respond to their efforts.

4 – The Healing package with goodies to support the on iine self care courses you have to work with each other at home. Enhancing life.

Bump up the process!
Get your heart and pelvis cleared ready for parenthood.

Go home and make all the changes to healthy living

Watch your life transform (and babies) appear

Then go back to whomever has taken your fancy . .
Let your body be healed before you even think of ‘fertility’.
It is usually a sperm quality issue at least anyway – hence I only see couples for making bay work . .
Invariably it is him who needs more assistance . .

Ask about my VIP days . .

As the Natural Fertility Detective – I am suggesting that you stop wasting the hopeful money and actually get fixed.
Absolutely ignore anyone who tells you you need donor eggs or sperm

Even with no sperm presently being discharged from the body I have worked to correct this  . .
All women who have found the donor eggs to not work – have become naturally pregnant with their man –

When we work on BOTH of them.

Declutter – all that is blocked is not allowing Qi/Blood/Lymph to flow . .

Reset – back to your foundational blueprint

Restore your life flows

Remember – you can do all that you still are

Why not STOP and fix what is obviously broken first?

Your baby making equipment needs servicing

Let me help you heal – on every level

Do contact me +64 27 777 373/(03) 732 3030