Conversations we have to have

The Natural Fertility Detective speaks . .

Conversations we have to have

Assumptions . . .
Health is found through orthodox medicine

Doctor knows best??

Becoming a conscious parent – or a parent at all

You may need ingredients . .Rest? Food?

You also may need to start at the beginning . .

Hormones – made by what?

Sex makes babies

Or not  . . why not???

Sperm health . .

Let’s actually uncover what is not working . .

Why are you even watching this?
You need to be reminded . ..

Free therapies – simplify life
Pure ingredients

When we are healthy – sex makes babies.  .

at any stage of the cycle and any age – IF the men are fertile.

Or not . . . .


Who is the expert?

(Introduction to my Three Circles model)
The physical could work if the rules/current thinking changed . .

Maybe relate more to/with each other?

That ‘bottom circle’ – what affirms life?

Survival of the fittest?

Not wanting to hear what is not shoring up what you ‘believe’

Why would I mention this?
I needed to know ..
One of my own maternal stories

We all need to wake up . .


What would you have to give up – to really see what is happening?

The sperm was never OK to use?
Easier to listen to excuses about her “infertility . .”

Not look at both of you and the reasons babies are not here in your arms YET

You want to believe what is comfy . .
Not what is readily out here and what WILL make all the difference in your life.


What to do next?

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The blueprint is there somewhere!

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Instead of yet another round of what has not worked  .. .

The beginning – your health


Declutter – undo all that you have been told

Reset – get your body back to healthy
Restore – your natural fertility