LL III revision April 2019 GV


Covering why we deal with the moves in the order we do . .

Tongues – showing in board what the difference between the Yin and Blood deficiency.

Ingredients and circulation . .


Down’s syndrome and a relatively unformed brain – add in more of what it needs – the line again.

eg Zinc . .all nutrients may not be getting into the body – until liquid activated zeolites. Kathryn’s story – 

Dental work


Can’t circulate – Harmony – saying people not moving . .
Rubbed off the board . .

Gardening – prepare the soil . .and veggies pop up

Same as babies – they do it themselves if we have the ingredients – especially magnesium.


More on C sections and how mums may feel – see here

Josi’s birth and how we turned another C section into a 2VBAC

Jubilant mum at the end –

The birth she wanted to feel . .


Intention – open the baby gate .. thus we also steamed her  .


Not being a vegan – and how we can eat CRICKET POWDER . .
Hayley’s story.