After C sections . . . birth complications

Presenting problem – bladder prolapse

Birthing can be a bit rigorous. .

First question I ask women

‘Do you remember peeing before you started to push?’
IF ONLY nurses were women not data recording focused . .

We can end up with so many unsolved issues that a few needles and herbs are MAY ‘work’ with – I have been on the cutting edge of WHAT NEXT – and here is some of the outcomes – that are instantly transferable – anyone can ..

See what Heather’s Gentling Way work can do . .
Combining any and all tricks that wise women can come up with.

Here is a standard query to a holistic multi modality transformative energy body worker as myself. .

‘HELP! I am 7 months postpartum from my 3rd birth, I have a grade 2-3 bladder prolapse and scar tissue from a complicated tear from my second birth. The prolapse is annoying and I desperately want to try to at least improve it’.

3 babies in 5 years – wants more.
Youngest 8 months old still breastfeeding.

Baby 1 waters broke at 34 weeks.
7 cm dilated on arrival to hospital.
Unexpected footling breech, so C section performed with nurse holding bub in her with his feet outside – and pulled back in and out through mum’s belly.

RAW vegan for years – herself not vaccinated as her sister had a reaction – her children not also. Is hooked on cold, raw and sweet – has a large (cold) green smoothie for breakfast, large salad for lunch and roasted veggies and large salad for tea. (at least there are roasted veggies at night now) – lives in old central South Island of NZ.

2 miscarriages, She floods with cycle and is weakened by bleeding.

Ist birth – 2 hour labour – C section, easy recovery
2nd – prodomal labour 2 weeks, VBAC posterior, brow presentation, extensive tearing, stitching. 6 hours finally
(Experienced C section scar pain – so ended up in hospital – not a home birth this time).
3rd – 3 hours – perfect. 1-2 cm cervical tear and retained membranes.
Last pregnancy such low BP (60/40) that she fainted at least 10 times daily.

This session was an amazing example of how easy it is when we do the right thing – in right order.

This was a 2 hour session – transformed her body.

Started by getting her to do a perineal pull-up’ and me taking tongue pictures.

These are for her to see/feel what we are doing – so she can be more engaged in this interactive process.

Cool bum, belly OK.

Cup one navel for 30 minutes.

Stuck Belly Blood protocol and left awhile – all the time tongue improving and ‘pull up’ getting substantially  better.

I began as usual by initially running my finger nail over the scar, the skin above and below. So she could evaluate changes. Stuck Belly Blood points made the usual stunning difference to the skin and Qi flow. (Also tongue)

She was very happy could feel anything –

1 – After leaving needles for Stuck Belly Blood 

(This in itself is a compiliation of what I played/developed further with after watching Kiiko in 1994 and beyond and took it further –  in a very different direction).

2 – Clear what is stuck elsewhere – mirrored – started needling all the sore points under neck – after having her turn head side to side so she could feel the difference.

Immediately did – neck was so much looser – not that she thought that she had a problem. ..

3 – Needles in scar and the pull-up so much better.

4 – Back needling and my usual Gentling Way protocols used.

(Many of the Mercier inspired moves).

5 – She felt an inner lifting up happen when the sacrum press was done.

Sent off to pee: she felt as though it was a complete pee:not storing any afterwards.

Came back and was rapt – not able to feel her vagina full any more.

On steamer.

She was in awe of her shifts.

Showed her the changes in sensation and then needled the actual scar. This time she felt it was normal  – from not being able to discern if it was feeling at all. Felt warmer. Whilst needles in her back/gluts – said she hadn’t felt like this since before the boys arrived.

Finished with Mercier belly moves.


1 – Stop ‘breaking’ herself – To be off all cold, raw and sweet,

No wandering about with bare feet, no cold exposure – no sitting on cool loo seat even.

2 – Hopefully start eating animal fat – explained how we get the hormones made.

3 – Faja to be worn ‘you want to walk straighter with this on’ – also noticed she was even stronger in her belly now.

4 – Perineal steaming – being aware that conception more likely.

Self care taught, she left looking/feeling spectacular .

Faja placed and left wearing it.

She said . . .

‘You have given me my life back’.

If you wish to work such easy magic. . .

Easy . . reach out ..  .

The world of women really needs so many more people helping out – she traveled nearly 4 hours to see me whilst I am in my NZ hideaway. So many do not know that the physio and all that one modality offer is NOT enough – this fusion of all I have worked with over decades is magic – everyone I saw in recent Greymouth this trip left transformed.

Want and expect so much more. . .

She was told by her obstetrician that she could have a hysterectomy when she had had enough children – she said – “but it is my BLADDER’ – and he said – ‘we can tidy it all up when we are in there!’

Not good enough – she was walking around with her bladder feeling as though it was always in her vagina – and now (at least on leaving – not. She could actually feel her vaginal tone returning in the combo – especially with the various moves I do.

I saved the most obscure for last.

On her chest?

Yes – lymph moves move Qi . .

When I did this – the look on her face!
So much more strength in her ‘pull-up!’


Several days later – she was as she left me –

still perfect!

I reminded her

Home work . .

Very important to not get cold – ever . .

Loo seat – needs a cover . . .
And also not even walking on cool surfaces (Kidney1 – sole of foot )
Or still eat her usual diet of sweet/cool/raw.

She wants more children – she will need more in her tank!

Three weeks later

Her bladder is still fine – a wee but dropped – but still way better – and so much more energy!
All back tucked away where it is supposed to be!

Two Months later

‘I can not recommend Heather enough. She has changed my life! I was diagnosed with a stage 3 bladder prolapse after the birth of my 3rd baby. It affected every aspect of my life, and I was so embarrassed and upset about it. After seeing Heather, I can’t notice it much at all anymore, (this was instant). I have none of the symptoms I had. I feel like a new woman! I can not thank her enough for fixing me!’

She will still be a vegan likely – thought hopefully eating less cold and raw. She lives in a very cold place.

She is still breastfeeding her under one year old and is intending to have more children.


Help others as I did?

Be part of this Gentling Way??

Maybe reach out if you wanto know more??


What is covered?

Undoing/decluttering the body of what is being held in the 8 Extras – and within the tissues as Reichian armour bands/ rings . .preventing the permanent healing until we undo in the right sequence – come and discover a world of difference.

Day 1 non standard Heather work – clearing what is obvious when you know what to look for – Hidden In Plain Sight.

Needling – not as you may have seen it assembled before. Interactive sessions – we check and work according to what we find – in each new moment.

Clearing Stuck Belly Blood – as an acupuncturist – let us Move the  Blockages to Healing. 

Hands on, experiential (we will be working on everyone) and a chance to feel/see/explore perverse Qi depart.

Using Accident Recall
Poly Vagal Theory

Adhesion breaking

Coccyx and Sacral reintegration



Day 2 –  immerse ourselves in visceral repositioning, Pelvic Opening and Pelvic Surrender.


Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai

These are experiential, intimate – maximum 10 students.

What will I learn?

Day 1

1 – Ways to relieve scars and adhesions that stymie normal life.

(Starting with releasing what is holding the body hostage).

2 – All Heather’s Stuck Belly Blood protocols for every and all patients – just do this and feel/see the difference.

This goes hand in hand with the gentle lymph work (moving Phlegm/Dampness)

3 – Extensive scar needling tricks  – experience these whether as an elderly C section or a new tiny lap scar . .


Day 2 –

1 – Gyno-visceal releases and lymph drainage as seen from a master needler’s perspective.

2 – How to undo what is holding the ligaments hostage – so the blueprint hen has some chance of being returned to.

3 – Wise womanly ways usually taught orally and through many cultures are peppered in as we go.

(Expect to have a perineal steam at some point).


What will it cost?

If you don’t? What are you presently up to – even for yourself?
Sending out to structural specialists?
Why not undo why that is not holding?
All those women that could have been so easily helped. . and once done – FIXED!
Put back to where they were before – and often better than. . .

This is not about return business –  this is fix it time.

For you to attend?

$495 Australia –  for a weekend plus all notes to begin with immediately.

1 – Content as pre requisites that you can instantly use in clinic – including ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and DVDs.

2 – Face to face experiential workshop (2 days of fun – change guaranteed)

3 – Post course support

13 CPD ANZ & AACMA points

Also – instantly you register.

Self Care course – which starts you on the path of the belly work – your own first.
Includes the ‘Foundational Moves’ – all that goes with undoing life clutter – the navel cupping and iodine topical usage, strange moxa usages and of course – the Pelvic Opening sequence that allows Easy Birthing.

NOTE – this is part of the pre requisites to go on to Opening the Baby Gate – Part III of my Living Ligaments series.

What is ‘Living Ligaments’?

A master acupuncturist’s take on belly/body work undoing the Bao and Dai Mai blockages left behind with the sexual and medical frights that most women soldier on through/with. Especially birthing injuries.

These are part of the Gentling Way process and incorporates the best of the Maya and Mercier works plus what I was taught by my chiropractic/uterine repositioning/ original fertility guru acupuncture teacher in the late ’70’s.

Included – the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual and videos plus the extensive Birthing eBook package.

Payment details . .