Visceral/pelvic healing – an acupuncturist’s delight.

A more respectful, empowering system – Heather’s Gentling Ways . . .

All through Heather’s extensive workings with Xi Clefts, 8 Extras and her own Moving Blockages signature system – scars, adhesions, gentle emotional release – and soul embued gentling within. These are a fusion of Heather’s take on the Arvigo and Mercier moves – as seen from her decades of body work, releasing what is stuck in the energy grids. All lymphatic and adhesion work backed up by gentle ways to keep it in balance – as designed to be.

Flows flowing through the pelvis: allowing the healing all of us seek

Covers – all the soul/emotional release and massage/visceral techniques Heather has collected in the past nearly 4 decades to guarantee the Bao and Dai Mai reconnection.

‘Living Ligaments’ is the physical hands on portion of this work . .

We look to the two conditions we can diagnose every single person coming in for sessions – Shen disturbed (even if only a little bit)

  • Spleen QI/Yang Xu – maybe also with Damp
  • Stuck LIver Qi/Blood.

Often this has setup physical problems – or we have them as a result.  Often so easily repaired – especially the pelvic torsion. If a weak digestion, inability to hold a pregnancy, terrible periods, un-useful sperm, or they have a constant back ‘going out’ – why not correct why?

I was shocked. You will be too.

This is so simple – and can be all taught to excellence in 3 days.

Pre requisites – Heather’s Foundational Moves:
Either as Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai, or  Pelvic Opening


Gentling Way Self Care


Living Ligaments I

Return to Blueprint – working with/on each other

  • Lymph – the importance of the 5 flows
  • Ligaments released – what holds them stuck explained (and easily undone)
  • Further diastasis work (all core strength from here)
  • Permanently untwisting pelvis
  • Visceral organ repositioning
  • Gyne/Pelvic/digestion/lymph corrections
At the end of class – you too can lift a uterus off a bladder
Normal gyne flows to be restored allowing all period and urinary and digestive hassles to abate. Give (gentle, profound) structural shifts that no other physical therapist has been able to muster.


Diastasis  – poor connective tissue resilience (and after birth care)

This is so often the view women have after birth.

Not always though.

Right shows a young boy’s diastasis



Living Ligaments II

Deeper & more profound – working on extras brought in (under supervision)

  • Review of LL I – ensuring you have uterine repositioning perfectly
  • What lies beneath – invariably sexual incidents and frights.
  • Sacral/ back moves  incorporating aspects of the Arvigo and Mercier and Heather’s decades of development
  • Prostate – all men’s health factors including their fertility and urinary/prostate woes
  • Prolapses – of all organs and how to retrieve holding in place

Living Ligaments III

Opening the Baby Gate – We will try to give a clinical venue

  • Review up till here
  • Completion of all sacral and pelvic corrections
  • Creation to the expulsion of the new life she carries
  • Following a well and then a ‘high risk’ pregnancy – what to do to restore normal flows.

As acupuncturists, and as energy healers we know that Qi and Shen and Blood energy govern the physical vehicle.

If you have made it to here – welcome again . . . a vocation this is.

The seven L’s are pivotal i all of this work . .

Liver Qi stagnation – holds the physical body hostage – often through all life.

We feel stress/tension

The structure is held hostage – bent out of shape – we can FORCE it to comply.

The Gentling Way acknowledges the Reichian armour bands – we release when what is stored there lets go.

The body attempts to warn us through increasingly distressing signs.

Pain and discomfort.

Distortion of function

All of which impacts on the ability of the Three Heater and of the soul to attend to their functions.


Get those pelvic flows flowing:

Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (heart and womb space)

Why call this ‘Living Ligaments’?

Central question

‘What about the stores of emotional life residue’? 

We have tension and distress that moment by moment alters how the body holds itself.
We may need to discover what is keeping the body stuck – as a hostage

What else?


Who hasn’t had a nasty fall at some stage in their lives?

Often not just the tailbone broken/damaged – but almost anytime a girl/woman falls – she can be fracturing her hinged scarum – and who knows?

Often it is then a menstrual/urinary and sexual misery – as the uterus is misplaced and the conspiracy of ‘adjusting’ her structure begins – BUT the real issue- uterine malposition – stays . . learn how to fix this . . that is what this is all about – getting the uterus realigned!!

Upon completion of this course, graduates will:

  • View all life sufferings as temporary – though necessary as a lesson option.
  • Become conversant with through a holistic time honoured process of gentling blockages away.
  • Recognise and know how to return all deviations from the Jing blueprint back to easy optimal reproductive/metabolic and life outcomes.
  • Understand that living through stories as humans brings through the Light intended for this life this time around in our changing times.

Holistic healing allowing deep peace and integration for all to be initiated

Regardless of what acupuncture style you use.
Ahead of any ‘fertility’ work – comes – get that blood flow back . .

Heartful hands – Living Ligaments

Undoing a life’s worth of upset and repositioning a uterus . .

(And in this demo – using Aura Soma as this helps move on what we release so very well)

Are you really engaged in your heart?
Do you want to be?

Is not scary – is VERY gentle

As we all know when the Liver energy is happy – so are we.
Where to start?

Heather’s Holistic Guide

Back to Mammalian Blueprint – from Modern Maternity

(Advanced practicals, plus her entire reproductive signature systems

(Follow Nature back to Easy Babies explained: 

Living Ligaments is a three part course

1 – Online resources – download immediately:

These lead into excellence in hands-on heartful healing – starting with ourselves – undoing what we also see in others:

Within this you have the entire TCM – to meridian based energetics model – taking out the shock/trauma/cold and scar /adhesions blocks in the body.



These are practice and your life changing.

Maximum 10 students

We work on you whilst you are in class – you work under guidance on each other.

We undo what you bring in in your body,

I model how to undo what also comes up for release and demonstrate the entire system

    • 1 – Make substantial differences in one session in most cases of pelvic congestion/ lower back and scar torsion and leg circulation challenges
    • 2 – Get bodies back to perfect –   as the layers of life residue/adhesions/scarring are pulled back
    • 3 – Uncover the spiritual and emotional factors leading to Stuck Qi that distort the ligaments which align the physical organs and structure.
  • 4 – Untangle what may have been a life times’ worth of trauma that has solidified into whatever structural and organic horror that no one has yet been able to unravel.

What participants have said about the course

“I feel as though being in your Gentling Ways is like being in my Martial Arts Dojo. There is repetition, watch and feel the master at work, take it in/feel it, practice, practice with other supportive and positive clinician’s, give more feed back, feel and check in again…all to repeat again once we step back into the training dojo either in life or in the relative safety of one another’s company. Hopefully with each repetition and with each new challenge, stepping up our own skill and self mastery. We do this until we too become the master ourselves. This is a life’s work to completely and totally embody the work and meld it within our being, meld it in our DNA.- Elizabeth, Wellington

As a participant of Heather’s course

I feel that she is enabled to pass on the legacies of past Masters with whom she was a student. her own life experience, research, work and expertise. All of this done with a passion and resonance to those able to connect. To return acupuncture to the Heart – Shen way, away from modern” quick fix” times that we appear to be in.

Watching Heather

Heather fluidly models how to “Be” in all spheres of life Move into the various roles of teacher and mentor, it seems as though she’s in the moment (passing on the knowledge which is often more than generous)with joy and ease.
The mentor/teacher
Heather is really good at making sure all participants are at their best,on all levels.
Physical, emotional through to spiritual,if not on arrival certainly before leaving.
This achieves us becoming role models to others and clients. 
Body Work
Having been the recipient of several sessions of Body work, I can attest to having my own body realigned,  emotional (long term) issues released. Chronic pain relieved. Clarity of mind restored. Transformational! 
Course itself
‘The courses are experiential, those fully engaged in doing course work before, during and on return to reality can gain growth in all directions in their lives. I have observed this with other’s “Aha” moments triggered by Heather or the group.
To see the changes in group members is highly motivational I feel.

‘Mind provoking –  can be challenging to oneself and beliefs – certainly life changing for all. If you need to get out of the box of being in the comfort zone, in practice and your life, here is the answer – as  I feel these courses extend all involved in the journey of our lives.

The practical sessions taught, different techniques step by step as is Heather’s way has allowed easy transfer to clinical settings. Heather is inclusive of other modalities of help in the clinic, and appears to take pleasure introducing and acknowledging those, who are actively engaged in these methods.” Teri, NZ


My intention of this experiential course is to allow you to integrate what has been worked on in the weeks leading into the actual retreat session. Plus bond with those whose own soul journeys may resonate as we have all chosen to be in this orbit at this time.


Clearing ourselves further through intentional and delightful vibrational means

Working on each other through logical steps to come out with a clear path to clinical excellence

3 – Pre and post course mentoring

Online and FB closed pages to allow the further expansion of the practicals as challenges and questions emerge from clinic.

Do yourself a favour . . recharge . .

Sign up now. .

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Reserve your spot – immediate download of the courses to get started today – to work with the simple, effective techniques tomorrow.

Learn how to turn this into optimal functioning on all levels.

Small intimate setting – (10 maximum)

Living Ligaments Content

Chosen (soulfull) and Stepping up!
This is not just a bunch of physical moves. .

  • Navigating a whole life unencumbered.
  • Expressing fully all we can bring through.
  • Using traditional and sustainable common sense humanity

This is Heather’s The Gentling Method practitioner course –

You may have been working with Heather on Self Care up till now.
How to be as clear beings ourselves – to work with those whose ‘stuff’ is blocking normal structural alignments. .


1 – Massive online packages (all your CPD for year including the ethics component).

(Heather’s Healing Academy Online courses)

Instantly applicable in clinic – or in life – the Reset Your Metabolism alone is game changing – navel cupping, how to use real moxa, topical use of iodine and the perineal steaming package. (This is part of the Connecting Bao Mai course below).
Then of course the massage moves/lymph work that I have been teaching and using for 35+ years to improve all clinical results across all conditions.

2 – Experiential work
Using your hands to undo all that comes in the door – gently – through moving lymph first . .
3 – Ongoing mentoring via ‘hard cases’ and FB closed group for tribal/peer discussions

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1 – Total amount – in one

2 – Deposit and pay off over 3 MONTHS
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