Holistic Helpers and Massage Moves

Brisbane:  TBA

More than needles?

Maybe think sideways . .

When so many people walk in with Stuck this and that, and damp overlaying the lot . .
Why not?
As Elke put it so very well . .

‘Heather brings together teaching and healing from all levels, not just the intellectual mumbo jumbo – here are the points and this is their function, that I have heard from every teacher since I began TCM.  She is real and relevant to now.

‘If I’m really being honest with myself what I see in clinic doesn’t bare much resemblance to what I was originally taught in class.  Sure we can effect changes and a few clients (the fit and healthy ones) do get good results.  But today mostly I see clients who are very stagnant with damp/heat, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, no exercise and toxin build up from food, environment and vaccines.  Add to this daily stress and any unresolved past traumas that are locking them into patterns of disease and depression and that is a powerful network of “STUCK.”   

‘Putting a few needles in (even an 8 extra treatment) and taking a few pills is not going to shift that.

‘Talking to patients about making lifestyle changes, dietetics and adding in exercise and meditation is a waste of our time.  We know lots but it doesn’t help them when they leave our clinic and go back to their everyday stressful lives where making those changes becomes too difficult for them.  There has to be a better way.

‘Working with Heather has taught me how to powerfully move these blockages, clearing away toxins and life debris so that when I actually put a few needles in I get MAXIMUM IMPACT.  I am finally seeing miracles in my clinic – and that’s how it should be. That’s why I studied TCM.

‘Mentoring with a Modern Master is bringing me into my “A Game”, thank you Heather Bruce”.Elke SA

After all – you want the best results??
Come and see what else will spur change on  .
In the energy in the room, in you and mos importantly – in what you may now shift for others.

Consult the schedule to see when best fits your life here.
In the meantime – get the foundation for acupuncture into this here and now . .

Online self paced learning  . .

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Transformative Healing

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Bao/Dai Mai Reconnection.

‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ practitioner course

Holistic Helpers and Massage Moves

Brisbane: TBA

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