Life Support – How to get the best from your belly

How important is the health of your gut?

If you have had any health concern – it is all that stands between you and life not worth living.

So many see me after seeing so many other people and having cupboards full of supplements bought and not taken this may well be you! I spent my early days as a student thinking I was doing the ‘right’ things – yet the two subjects – naturopathy and acupuncture were poles apart – could not both be right!

3 heaters-middleGo with your gut. What it needs – fire to be able to transform food into you!
So many do not pay attention to what we were all told when little.
Here is the reasons that we were not give – the how it works – and the why – and what to do is then so obvious
In a nutshell –  do not freeze the oven, as then it can’t cook!