Healing the Wounded Healer 2020

Need a break from it all?

Feeling STUCK?

How much is that costing you?

Want to get your CPD all out of the way – in a retreat where YOU are the focus?
(And learn amazing practical clinic skills – all in nature – clean/green/rural/spirit  quest?)



What with smoke and the bush fires..

Maybe . . . even . .  you feel like you are on the wrong planet.

.You could drop everything and – fly over ad have a retreat.

Reset, Declutter and restore yourself in sacred space

Learn different ways to clear energy – yours’ and theirs’ to revitalise clinic and life.

How much will it cost you to NOT sign up to change everything about you and your practice?


An introduction to YOUR own life and body aligning


Healing the Wounded Healer’

New Zealand total retreat


Includes the travel from Chch airport and all food/ accommodation and time/space to regroup in your life

Gift yourself a rest 

Play with others who are also resetting themselves for

the New World we are to have . .


Contents and set up



Some travel far as many have – to share

This is all about your own inner journey . .

The Healing the Wounded Healer course/individualised healing sessions combined

I experienced a feeling of ‘Now is the time, here is a window of opportunity’ The feeling would not go away. I am thankful I heeded it. I did the homework that had been set so was prepared. I thought, usual barriers in place a default from my past experiences in life and found myself at the retreat, a beautiful environment and atmosphere of calm and security. I opened up and disclosed my story, held onto for more years than I care to think about. I am thankful that Heather and her assistants were able to hold me up,and give me the courage to fully enter the path of moving on. Teri, Kaitaia

From Cheryl – starting her training in the early 90’s in Brisbane, she is at home in the country. (and is such a gentle soul look out all in South Canterbury – she has come back to clinic renewed totally transformed even! . .)

“The healing sessions with Heather;  I have never experienced anything like this. To have every aspect of my being treated was amazing. (Who does treatments like this any more?) I have come away from the retreat  feeling  so much lighter, stronger and different in every way.                                             

The retreat setting; Heather’s place at Atarau is so beautiful, so peaceful , the vibrant colours and energy of the flowers and plants.  Magic happens here                                                                                                                                                               

The experience of being together with such strong beautiful women. The feeling of connectedness and sharing our stories and life journeys together made me WHOLE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The getting there and out again was very symbolic for me on reflection. From the hot dry busyness of the sparse east coast – to the grounding Castle Rock -to the nurturing Bealey Hotel and then the journey deeper, crossing giant rivers, winding roads with huge chasms and scars , It was a journey into myself. Then arriving at the beautiful misty magical West Coast – a quenching balm for a dry soul. A healing place to revive and gather strength, become balanced. Return back to the East Coast replenished, energized, renewed.

The experimental component – MAGIC happened. Heather’s ability to pull together people from different walks of life , to tune into each individuals way of learning is an art in itself. There is no sitting through a boring lecture here. Oh to have been taught by Heather when I started college.

The resources pre-course – are a valuable gift .  doing this before the retreat -brushing up on the things I had half forgotten, learning new (old) ways of healing  meant I got so much more on the retreat. Heather is so giving of her vast knowledge and experience.

To anyone who like me happened upon Heather Bruce’s “Healing the Wounded Healer” Course, DO IT . YOU ARE MEANT TO.  If you haven’t the money – beg or borrow – because you won’t regret it. This experience is worth every cent.  If you haven’t the time – make time – you may not get the opportunity again”. Cheryl Murney B Ac, Brisbane, MNZRA  Acupuncture NZ

I have had the opportunity of using the essences especially the Bao Mai.
I used them for the first time in a meditative state and felt /saw heart fibers come out and reconnect from left to right. A ‘wow’ moment indeed. Heather has been patient and has guided me to my present well being.

As I am at crone age now and having seen that there is a dire and urgent need to help redress the lack of connection and knowledge with the generations of human beings coming through. I am now ready to ‘Step up’,in service to them should they choose. Thank you Heather for the Red Book. The last part resonated so well with where I am now.” Teri, acupuncturist

“Attending the wounded healer with Heather Bruce in Adelaide was so nurturing and needed, as a woman, and as a practitioner. Feeling, and seeing Heather work is beautiful. She’s so in the moment and present with the patient and approaches the body with curiosity and inquiry, letting the body tell the story and using a myriad of techniques to really create change, on all levels. We learned tools of self care for ourselves, and to teach to patients which are so simple yet so effective. I loved the caring, the togetherness, the sharing, the realness, the tears, the ah ha moments, the molding of life, experience, education and tools to treat people, to help people, to help people help themselves, and to help each other. This community I feel is so needed. Helping ourselves, helping each other, and helping our patients. If we can’t help ourselves, we don’t have much for our patients. Heather is heartfelt, and so is her teaching.

During the lectures I was brought to tears many times as she’s so real and honest, and not afraid to show her woman-ness. It’s beautiful, and empowering, and she has so much wise women’s wisdom to share.

Thank you Heather, I look forward to learning more and more.” – Anna, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Tasmania


The work in clinic afterwards 

‘I had a client this morning. I see her a few times a year for Bowen/Acupuncture. Today I decided to do my new stuff on her. We began with clearing and then moved on to the Sheldon Accident Recall techniques and cleared all that – and there was a lot. Then I put a cup on her belly. After about 45mins she said she had a headache so I began rubbing a point on her hand that I know is great for dissolving headings in the temple – it always works for me.

Instant calm. She said she felt really good. She also mentioned that her feet felt warm for the first time in her life. Elke, Adelaide

Catering and manuals provided

You will have had the actual work done on you to know where you now want to focus.

Reconnecting Bao to Dai Mai and free up your own life flows . .

Includes your own transformative session with me (at least 3 hours and life aligning)

Can be before this workshop

(Day in between the courses is open if you can not see me prior to this).

We will be doing more all through the weekend – to demonstrate – BUT you will want your own personal aligning.

Hours – 9 – 5

Extensive eating/resting breaks .
Experiential – we could get up to all sorts of ancillary mischiefs.
(And additional not presented before work as I feel to)

Loosely – we are covering

Day 1   – What created the ‘you’ you are

Get your Inner Library kit and start uncovering your own gifts – book now!
The unraveling is a lot of playful untangling of self . .

(Totally experiential)
We will also be covering what blocks us – plus a new a paradigm

Day 2  – Tools that I have found work best in clinic

Where it takes us – is all so fluid – a mystery tour – into wherever – and we have the spirit to go . .

Experience how you can become a practical life aligner yourself.

Day 3 – Moving into the next phase of life on Earth – are you ready?

To serve in the way that you are drawn to?
plus more steaming/massage and undoing life wounds/scars – as we delve into what we have all been storing away that can be shifted as we travel through this intensive.

Always –



AACMA gives 20 CPD for the 3 day event
NZRA (ANZ) is offering 25 points

Includes a 4 hour segment that allows the ‘ethics’ needs to be ‘ticked off’

(There are also at least 10 hours of intense pondering questions in your reflective watching various amazingly talented speakers)

(What one who watched this said of this – “I have listened to your series on ethics, and applaud those hard hitting questions you asked us to look at in clinic.

For me I shall listen to it all again as though I was paying attention I’m sure my brain was otherwise engaged on the answers and may have missed more. Controversial, thank you for putting it out there. It needs to be played at all acupuncture training colleges establishments.Teri, Kaitaia

In addition:

There are another 13 credit points for the pre course – multi-media package
(Can be taken at any time as is online – and will be only granted as points when the extensive testing Q and A’s are completed after online).

However – why not see how easy it is to transform your own life and that of others – the perineal steaming alone is wonderful – as is the moxa thread on insomnia heel point for anxiety . . The considerable content found on these multi media presentations is assumed knowledge for all of my work is contained in this – the 8 Extras work from Dr van Buren alone is gold. …

It forms the basis of all my obstetric and general work.

This course includes:

  • Extensive pondering opportunities as self reflective pre and post course activities are included
  • A very different model of care – you first,
  • Catch-up information from my past research, and
  • Workshops to bring you up to speed with terminology and theory.

This package of information will be sent to you when you sign up.

Covers all of this . .

Transformative Healing – not essential  – but advised

This is the acupuncture foundational course – all I do is based on the fact that the 8 Extras regulate, supervise and maintain the balance of Qi and Blood in the 12 main – a meridian centred approach is needed (not which point does what as in TCM) to follow all the magic that has happened in my work).

This course contains

  • Eight Extras Extensive notes and worksheet
  • 8 Extras audio – a condensed version of what was a weekend workshop
  • 8 Extras as they apply in all women’s and life endeavours
  • (2007 Womens’ Lives and Pregnancy Workshop)
  • Guided Meditation.


Heartful Healing (Self Discovery)

Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – necessary to complete

You do not need to be an acupuncturist to do this – anyone who is in the ‘healing’ arts   . . .

Or who is empowered to know they are in charge of their own changes/transitions

and thus healing :

1 – Getting to Know Yourself (a gentle walk around your pelvis and what is where)
2 – Heather’s Foundational Moves
3 – Reset Your Metabolism
4  – Undoing Your Inner Library
5 – Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai
6 – Ethics versus Biological Sustainability – what are we doing?

Gift yourself an inner sacred dance with others. .

The entire ‘live’ programme is experiential
There are extensive notes and homework to do on yourself . .
The notes will be sent as soon as deposit/payment is accepted.

If you are interested, please contact me – email  or phone  – +617 3899 2274

Expect massive personal shifts

Your clinical practice will transform – all work is instantly accessible.
Even pre retreat as all the massage/techniques we will use are online


Healing the Wounded Healer

I can pick you up if coming to all . . .
(Plus spirit quest on the way . . an adventure all in itself)

(I am driving over to bring those who are in the Self Care class – plus the Nourishing Mothers adventure to start it off – and we go straight into the Healer the Wounded Healer – an immersion – or get yourself to my West Coast healing hideaway so I can do your personalised session on the Tuesday (2nfd January).

All in all – a huge gift to restart all of you into all you can be.


What you are signing up for:


In yourself and in your belief systems and your entire being going forwards .

(And of course how you are in clinic  .. from the very beginning of opening the Reset Your Metabolism courses and the (home) and massage moves for acupuncturists – and midwives.  .
Part 1 – all the pre arrival courses  – will totally shift anyone in/and their life

Part 2 – Retreat including

  1. Spirit quest opportunities
  2. Private session
  3. Session parts in the course with Heather
  4. Actual course

Part 3 – post course – Support as you go through the undoing process. .

Part 4 – ( For classical acupuncturists/adept body workers)

Opportunity to undergo the Living Ligaments III (Opening the Baby Gate) and the Sustainable Humanity programmes (fully mentored) leading into being a Gentling Way practitioner ..

This is a very intimate class.

It starts you into the process of Undoing Your Life Library and why you may be stuck presently. .

Download all the courses at your leisure – plus attend the tutoring online.

This gives you immediate access to the clinical tools that will propel your results forwards.

You can then undo blockages that you had no idea you – or others had


Contact Heather

Sign up ripe for change – this is healing

Part 1 – Pre arrival course to take online: especially the getting to know yourself through online easy self paced courses.
Part 2 – Spirit Quest/Retreat
Part 3 – After care

Your body, your life (and your clinical results) deserve this huge shake-up

(Includes all the Australian CE points needed – online – before you even start to do the weekend retreat . .


Please contact Heather to express your interest