Cold is NOT a mother’s friend

frozen spider webAvoid cold whenever possible. Few realise that once damaged – cold stays forever and no time is more vulnerable than all stages of transition – and women go through these monthly and when pregnant – are so much more vulnerable – and then – birth injuries? Two major reasons.
Cold invasion
Loss of Blood – related to the first.
Unconsciously damaging all that is dear to life force – please read this vitally important resource, plus understand that so much of what is now happening to you – you can change easily at home.
Get the cupping cold out kit and start healing immediately – today – no cool/cold to go into your body ever again – or onto it. It is too simple – so ignored and will save you so much grief.
Seriously – it is THE most important thing you can do for your body.

So invasive and so easy to undo. Too simple!!
Start living as your great grandmother would have advised and feel the healing happen!