INDUCTION – just because we ‘can’


NOT following nature – but doing a ‘boy’ thing

(Let us control her/nature . .)

This is preventable – and when is mum going to be a fierce protector of her own space and a mammalian mum – not a precious princess being agreeable – but not listening to her body . .

Did we lose these?

Why this business of not ‘allowed’?

Ask where all the research is that backs any of this up?
Look at all I write about ‘we don’t know’ brigade.
Witches WERE burned – they were not part of the old Boys Club – and the masses seem to like being in a herd I get it.

Yes this is not fuzzy/lovey dovey imagery – but who is being bub’s advoate here – all about the doc??
And tales spun.

WHAT happened to Childbirth without Violence?

Who rears the child?
Who has to take home a fractious infant – and who is there to soothe her hurts – ??
Are we puppets to be manipulated?

Maybe look at the general public’s page I have here?


We will start with – what I would do .

After I have explained what they may want to reconsider – where has informed choice GONE??

Interim Cheat sheet – ‘induction’

We will start with – what I would do . .
Magnesium all over her.
Have her with salted nuts etc.
Lots of warm water to drink.
1 – Calm her – Stuck Liver Qi Release
2 – Take out Cold . . if at all doubtful – do it.
Makes all the difference – and need to get thermometer so you can ‘prove’ it. Might take an hour – she goes deeply off somewhere else – communing with bub would be handy.

Can do this with her on side slightly.
If bum is cool . esp if belly or lower belly is – will mess with labour progression.
Maybe then moxa sacral fan?
Don’t do moxa on salt etc belly – too had with kid there.
After this . .and peeing . .

3 – Sitting forwards – has to be straddling a chair or similar – at least propped up with pillows so is forwards facing all second run back yin shu hardly in at all – the idea is to calm her.

4 – Pop in angled down wards Liv 3 almost connected to Ki 1
5 – All back BL sacrals 1 ½ inches in and manually stimulate often plus B 35
6 – GB 30’s -5 in each butt cheek

7 – Get her watching something positive on birthing – I do animals. . or Ina May in Tedx

8 – Take all out – except Liv 3
9 – GB 21 and now starting with STQR again – sweep off
(What is this? See here)
Also here for the complete Healing Hands picture.

10 – do all butt massage.
11 – get her onto the left side lying and insert GV 1 and . . . . maybe ear points – maybe nothing – maybe Bl 60 . .

generally get her to rest . . . (IT DEPENDS)

That will start the ripening . .
I never found Co 4 Liver 3 useful ..
Hence I ended up with all you see.

Can I say – this is not what we ever should really do – unless bub is dead/there is a REAL biological reason happening .. .

All of the rest of it is manageable – out of the ‘high risk’ – hence my work stands alone – Shen – Nutrition – Structure – hence the Living Ligaments after the Heather’s Signature System (in WDCD) Foundational Work . .

Yang Sheng

If you have had her in adjusting her back to optimal health/perfect none of this is needed.
Maybe sign up for the Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens course?