Anxiety sessions – thread moxa

Here is a snippet that anyone can use. .

I am working through the Transformative Healing package.
I know.  . .
and is a little module topic in a lesson – in my online course Reset Your Metabolism that will also knock your socks off as it is SOOO simple – and yet so profound  as all this work is – take a step back in time and do what the masters (and mums did) at home . ..


1 – Anxiety session . .

Anyone can learn how to do this!

A profound experience – try not to do this if on a new moon as it may drain the Qi.
Also if the moon’s energy is ascending – if at all possible do when on its downward circuit .

Easy way of making thread moxa

Thread moxa experience on the insomnia point – for anxiety

Thread moxa not needed –  and how to finish

Case –
Earthquake in Christchurch
Most kids were sleeping clothed with parents.
My assistant had a daughter who is a classic hysterical Goth type

(Pyroluria for sure).
She is so damaged after the Sept EQ that I offered to do this work.
After 2 hours – she FINALLY  felt it get hot.

She also emerged with a totally different tongue and demeanor.
When the real EQ struck a few months later  – she was fine – and would have not been had this not been used.
Far easier than needles – as when highly anxious it actually puts them to sleep.
She was a different person from that moment on. It is spectacular – I taught my assistant’s then 8 year old to do it as I have ne after another patient show up and she was still going – but it worked!!!

I use often as it is magic.
May need to repeat as after an hour – all may need a break.
Usually no or than 30 minutes the first time – and it is such a surprise when they can’t stand it – after one or two goes. As in tiny bits of moxa.

In an eLotus webinar . .

Acup 101 – ’causes’ of dis ease – emotional , ,
And in today’s world – maybe we also need to look at susto . .
Yep . .

Anyone can . . free themselves



This is enough to make such a difference –  looking after your life – very differently – some of the energy/spiritual cleanses I share in clinic – and with people seeking relief from suffering – and/or to gain clarity.


If you are a practitioner – and if you wish to amalgamate what are essentially very easy shifts as this is – try the transitioning into an energy worker – using advanced channel applications – on for size.

All these ‘tricks’ work. The energy shifts will be instant.  .
Maybe consider learning more master techniques- and online?


Clinic will be fun again.