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This collection allows you to explore and enhance wellness – not only in pregnancy – but all any life stage.

Easily understood –  these resources form the basis of an easy pregnancy. Written in TCM (ish) language, anyone can follow how and why they are responsible in all aspects of life (following so often the wisdoms of the elders from many cultures). All give clear instructions on how to simply shift past troubles into living an easy being. Return to living in a well nourished, structurally intact and happy body that just does what it is designed to – live and replicate easily

Turn any troubled pregnancy into easy – and have a happy mum and new family as a result.


All that was ailing her was simply her body warning that some help is needed.
Medical glossing over (will be fine when baby is born).

Hyperemesis as a prime example.
(See more on how and why and what to do here)

Mum’s body should be easily sustaining her whilst lovingly laying down bub’s lifelong foundation

Hyperemesis Solution Basics

So often NOT fine – and mum in trauma is not where birthing was ever intended to be – but in love with life.

Making the best outcome and bub possible – not compromised as mum suffers.

Below you find the easy answers – restore normal.


Cold Damages Your Health

(An expose on how we are wrecking our metabolism/circulation and digestion through not following the wisdom of the ones who came before us – look to ALL culture’s oral traditions)


Cold is not a Mother’s Friend

An extension of the above – how when ice/any cold is used/drunk/eaten when pregnant and afterwards, we can’t help but expect the drams that follow – mastitis, poor digestive outcomes and potential very painful periods incontinence even.


How a well body supports itself by making the ingredients that allow a good life well lived possible.

Hyperemesis Solutions

Why this is happening and what to do to undo this dramas – ensuring baby is made as well as possible – and that mum has a time of easy pregnancy as her body remakes her whilst she is laying down the foundations for someone else’ entire structure and thus easy life

Woman Tides

An entire course in itself – how a body operates from an energy model – including really ‘the owner’s manual’ look at being a woman and how to optimize life

Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain

Naturally relieving back and pelvic pain in pregnancy

Simple natural ways to explore pain and specifically back pain in pregnancy – how and why iit happens and thus what to do to always rectify. Seriously easy – just follow the warning, listen and use moxa and touch therapies to undo – ensuring this large warning from the body i taken care of – baby will be in such better shape when we do.

Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains

An extension of above – pain throughout the body – why and how to undo these messages that eh body is giving out – from a common sense approach that always works.

Fetal Positioning Solutions

The key to an easy pregnancy – vastly less sciatica and back pain – and a much easier birth. This is the answer to the ‘need’ for induction – get bub where s/he is best placed to exit.

Breech solutions

So simple! Short version covers essentials and what to do.
Long version – when this happens and when the obvious ploys do not ‘work’ – what may lies beneath.

Moxa Use in Pregnancy

Supporting easy pregnancy and improving life flows s as simple as finding a moxa stick and using it – always the real smoky variety. Instant relief from most problems assured.

Easy Childbirth Preparation

Ste by step use of what has always worked in my decades of maternal care.

What Dads Can Do

A must for all partners of pregnant women – plus for anyone anytime who wishes to understand how the energy works from a TCM perspective – what acupuncturists know and base their work in clinic on. For the reader – a glove box manual of how to problem solve in all pregnancy woes and a how to – undo all these and return to perfect health – plus taking a proactive stance to ensure mum is in perfect health and happiness all through a pregnancy and birth ease ans beyond. Can be used in any situation as each solution works also on a non pregnant body.


The best childbirth explanation I have seen. Seriously simple diagrams and concepts to allow the pelvic cavity’s secrets to be explored and understood. Resulting in an easy exit for baby as parents know which positions, what to do to enhance Optimal Fetal Positioning.

Sit Up and Take Notice (Pauline Scott)


These support the manual ‘What Dads Can Do’. Hand moves/massage techniques/ calming ploys are explained in a simple fashion. How to love a woman’s body – including all moxa instructions – stepped through for the beginner to easily master.

Massage – What Dads Can Do

How to love a woman’s body better – the basic moves – Stuck Liver Qi Release, lymphatic drainage, opening the pelvis with all the sacral and glut work (plus the ways to practically solve any back and pubic pain), leading into how also to undo lactation woes afterwards.

Birthing – What Dads Can Do

The last month of pregnancy – what to expect and how to make it easier – leading into an easy labour and birth and maternity. Includes instructions and demonstrates how to move baby int optimal fetal position and all stages of moxa use in post pregnancy life to ensure easy return to an easy life and happy sexual encounters.

Wondering how I know?

Heather (a senior maternal acupuncture specialist) and the author of all but one of these resources –  gifts you her lifetime of personal and professional maternal discoveries.

Active seeking for myself and others – when standard does not work.
My 40+ years of active natural healing women’s support (In 1979 I was the first woman acupuncturist in Brisbane city), my attending home and hospital births – prior to there being doulas – my acupuncture course design writing, my teaching n and around Australia and New Zealand in all matters difficult teaching internationally and pragmatically researching – especially with a community of high risk (and ‘elderly) ‘multi gravidas’ (at least 10 children each) – all whose lives have been immeasurably improved (almost all had diabolical pubic and back pain as well as suffering from hyperemesis). Not now – they use What Dads Can Do and my Living Ligaments work as their saviours –  plus my wholesome dietary/nutritional and naturally based life advice.

Resources alone – Special price $147. .
You WILL find all you need to birth easily – how-to’s and why.

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Happy babies parents and families

YOU can orchestrate easy in your own life:


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