Ethics #4

Part 4 of 5 – Wounded Healer Adelaide Ethics

Continued from part 3. . .

Explaining ‘rabbits in my lap’

The three phases of the Maya goddess – Ix Chel

Crone – maiden – mother . . Without ‘rabbits in my lap’ (children dependent upon me finally after 35 years of active mothering) and I can get stuff done – I am now at this moment childless. This is a good thing because I can’t guarantee it will always be like that so presently I have more sovereignty over my time and resources that I had in the past. I choose to be on my path and not on a path that might make money or might make other people more comfortable in my presence because somebody is going to have to ask all the questions and stand on the land mines. It tends to be a not very comfortable place I can tell you

Now we go back to doctor Ignaz Semmelwiess and the hand-washing issue, he got killed – he had people who were not doing that to muck up his results. Where was their ethics you know nurses that are silly old bats they didn’t want to have their hands smelling of that stuff so they didn’t? Before him about 50 years before and I can remember their names sorry there were 2 Scottish doctors 50 years apart (Dr Alexander Gordon) before this. Somebody was paying attention (1750’s+) and it was about Golden Staph and the correlation between the Golden Staph and the puerperal fever that happened on account of. We’ve got the corrupted bodies and the crud on the hands, under the fingernails, all the rest of that

Now look what they’re like with their panics – they’ve gone overboard, there’s a state of balance here and if you’d just done what life had done all the time you would have been fine. What did the midwives do? They weren’t washing their hands but they weren’t sticking their hand up inside either. Just saying we could look at the baby exit and sort that out like all traditional cultures did because if they had the young women dying where would they be? The women were precious, we’re not now but the women were precious because they bought fertile life and they nourished life

It’s not particularly ethical to move away from being mammals because how are we going to be here? The men can’t hold it together, oh yes they can and now we’re going to have two males in a relationship making a baby together. Really, is that biologically sustainable and would you want to be that baby? So I’ve talked about pain, when we’re in pain where are we in pain? Are we in pain because we’ve got a life threatening something and we’re afraid of dying? Are we in pain because it really does physically hurt because it’s beyond a joke? Is it something that we think’s going to kill us which is the reason our Shen is now so disturbed

The doctor said if you don’t do this you will die, hello cancer. Well if you do what they do you will anyway and if you don’t do what they do you will anyway. The quality of life isn’t covered and the fact that they are now doing palliative care, they won’t tell you it’s palliative care they’re just seeing what’s going to happen. Hey nasty thought everybody who’s watching this should go and read it’s really awful, could you please go and get ‘Sarah’s Last Wish’? Guard your heart it’s disgusting and that’s what happened in New South Wales in early 2000’s by Hillary Butler. It could be your child that has cancer, it could be your child that is taken away if you don’t allow it to go through that sausage grinding machine. (See Sarah remembered by one of her sisters).

Usual comment from the medicos – ‘It doesn’t matter what goes in your mouth there’s no research to say that’. Irrespective of the fact of anything you start looking into does the body undo cancer? We have Wei Qi – goodness, we’ve got sovereignty and we don’t listen to these things otherwise known as limitations, remember the young lad and he put his foot up, well how did he feel? He was taken away from the person who was actually fixing stuff and I don’t know what happened next. We could be doing something more than playing ‘silly buggers’ with babies that aren’t necessarily going to last the distance anyway

We could go look at those who are damaged who have a great contribution to make to society except that that they’ve completely stuffed up. Those people who came to me all those decades ago they were so grateful because somebody cared and that would be placebo along with my ‘sham needling’ because I didn’t twiddle anything, who is writing the script here? So they also had really bad joints and bad backs because they didn’t have NSAI (non steroidal anti inflammatories) – it was just starting, they didn’t have arthroscopies, acupuncture – moxa was the thing and we didn’t have herbs back then but I was a herbalist for Western herbs and I did use the flower remedies and I did pendulum. Oh dear ‘how unethical’ – yes but everybody got better.

Life seems all out of perspective. Please go have a rethink about the martial arts and the Shaolin monks. There is the division between what we accept to be ‘real’ and not and so we’re going to wait until it’s so bad that the scan says whatever. Them – “I’ve got to go and have tests”, Me – ‘why don’t we just fix it?’ Them – ‘I’ve got to have tests first’. Me – thinking to myself – “You’re not my patient any longer – disappear yourself this is too hard” – you actually need to look at is it flowing or not? So I’ve covered that under Moving Blockages for eLotus – and they are very good presentations, number 1 is more the physical and number 2 is what I’m briefly going to go into with pain because we need to be looking at why do we have pain

In physical pain, they were in vast emotional and spiritual pain because of all of the things that happened in their lives and women were shut down and they didn’t have jobs and they were told that it didn’t matter what happened to them because this is what happened to women and so on. Back 30 years ago – there weren’t the anti-psychotics, there weren’t the anti-depressants, they thankfully weren’t eating all that sugar, they weren’t doing all the stupid things that everybody does these days. They did know that the veracity of me saying ‘why don’t you go outside and take a walk’. What time are you going to bed? Have you drunk some water? Like grandma again, what are you eating? They knew it the patients I was seeing who were born back here and I was seeing here they knew all that stuff they I just had to mention it and they were onto it, they’d forgotten

There was a book written called ‘Arthritis and the Allergy Connection’ by Doctor John Mansfield and it was amazing as a beginner’s book into what you put into your mouth matters. God forbid we talk about the food factory otherwise known as the Three Heater – we might need to Qi for that. Stop putting in the cold water,

is it ethical to be not playing the Chinese game or the Asian game and always having only warm water offered to our patients.

So what we need to be doing is what causes pain? The Qi is not flowing I’ve jumped the gun that’s called cold in there. So we’re going back to those patients they knew that they had no other choice, they knew that somebody had told them to come and see me it wasn’t the advertising and they knew somebody else being helped. They knew if they just did what they were told because they were good at that back then, we didn’t have Google to have 10,000 other people’s opinions – and they are just opinions like so and so and the date that that’s written in the brackets. That’s somebody’s opinion that isn’t the reality of the situation and that’s somebody’s opinion.

Biological survival is dependent on those that are following the rules. Just on that you might not know but there was a mini Ice Age, I read a lot, back in the 15-1600’s and so the Vikings coming over and capturing the Celtic women on the way to Iceland (might have gotten deviated to Greenland because back then it was green, it’s not now). They bought over their cows and all of their stock and it’s all fine until the weather came back to what it was and they all died of hunger. They were surrounded by fish and seaweed but they didn’t eat that. Wasn’t that silly? They only knew to eat the stuff that grew in Europe, they were landlocked and didn’t know about the seafood so they all died of hunger.

When we get back to pain when we go into that’s my clinic there and gradually it shifted. Now what sort of pain are they in, they’re all killing themselves aren’t they? Would that be lack of hope? I’ll take you back to that young lad who felt his feet and decided he’d move his leg, I was fixing the problem and

1 – is it ethical to not fix the problem?

2 – Is it ethical to play with the problem,

3 – is it ethical to play with the label that somebody else put on in relation to their limitations?


How we see the world . .

Do look up the book that says the condition I will put these needles in, is it ethical to have a protocol? No, just no.

You’re not being present with that person, that person has a story and that person’s story is in the room with you.

Have you cleared it so the next person coming in isn’t going to have that story embedded in them as they start shedding stuff? People do start shedding stuff and I doubt I’m the only practitioner who’s had a Linda Blair moment in the clinic.

What do you think moxa is about?

Not the heat lamp, not that charcoaled moxa – but the real stuff that smells and it’s maybe going to set off the fire alarm. I know it’s also going to set off those who ought not be there but if you’re clear and you’ve got sovereignty of your vehicle you can role model to that patient. When they say as one of my patients did now here’s a reality challenge for you, some people look at me and they decide I’m up for it. She starts telling me the story, (viewer advice watch out There she is and this is back in the time if you come from Brisbane around Wynnum there was a whole bunch of pasture OK, I don’t know what it looks like now.

What happens to ‘other people’ . . .

She’s driving home in her fancy new car because it had all the electrics and next minute she’s in the paddocks, the electrics have gone and she’s in the paddock. One thing leads to another and after rather a long time they start bringing back her offspring that they’d made. She’s got unaccountable nicks cut out of her – and funny things everywhere and she doesn’t know what to do. I’d been on the sovereignty game for a wee while and I said ‘why don’t you take charge and tell them it’s your body?’ That night she did, there was a hell of a commotion outside and the next morning, (now it didn’t happen to me and she’s relating to me what happened), I don’t doubt this is what happened to her, you can. Her very expensive cats that were kept in cages had their hair standing on end, they had bits missing and the locks to the cages were all undone. Her brother who lived with her spent a long time trying to work out which wild animal did it. Didn’t happen to me, didn’t happen to you – it happened to her.

It might be a good idea if we release and relinquish this idea that reality is as we have seen and felt it. I’m grateful that wasn’t me, OK I’ve had stuff happen but I haven’t had that happen. So some of us need to get real, the people will find us and having listened to this and watched this you might all of a sudden discover you’re a beacon for different or else where are they going to go otherwise? They can’t go to that mob that go ‘no it’s not there yet, there’s nothing there don’t worry about it’.

Missing cancer

I’ve got so many patients, ex-patients because they’re dead that had cancer that wasn’t diagnosed because the doctor said ‘it’s fine’. It’s not fine, the Qi is not flowing and you’re filled with so much hatred and bitterness and blah, blah, blah and you’re stuffing it all down with these self-medications and blah, blah, blah, nutrients. So going through the pain that’s as much as I’m going to say. Why have you got the pain? Because it’s not flowing. So what’s the ‘it’? Nutrients, life force, Shen, spirit. What are you going to do? What’s ethical about being on the planet and breathing and not doing what you’re here to do? There’s a good question.


Now we’re going to talk about pain because as I was saying earlier that used to be why people came in. Now they still are but it depends on what level of pain we’re talking about. These days’ people are full up with being busy and all sorts of things and let’s pretend we can put something over the warning light on the dashboard of a car and that makes it all OK, that’s about where we stand.

Medical ethics – let’s pretend it doesn’t matter that you’ve got a reason for pain, that’s the body’s warning and we are going to diagnose them through a medicalised version of something that was never written down and is passing through the ages and say that we just need to put these points in. The youthfulness of acupuncture is quite often that might be the case, sometimes not.

I’m going to take us back to somewhere else. If we’re going to say they’re Yang deficient or Yin deficient we might need to have a bit of a think, so this is sort of acupuncture in a sort of fashion so we say they’ve got Yang Xu or we’ve got Yin Xu. Now what that means is that we’ve got a whole lot of heat where we shouldn’t and we’re drying out basically, too hot, drying out, accelerated aging. Why? Because heat destroys the YIn, acupuncture 101 again. Now if we want to look at Yang deficiency well obviously they’re going to be too cold and then we’ve got too much fluid, it’s all over the shop. They might have accelerated aging also simply because their gut is not working, gut and life processes on slow mode.

Now if we’re clear that pain is due to lack of flow and the Qi has to move where are we going with this? That’s about the basic principles really. So what drives a person out? Nothing faster than not drinking enough water, so these are the answers. Now this is what anybody’s grandmother would have told them to drink more water, not cold. Why not cold? Because you’re going to put out the fire in your belly and we know that, that’s the Yang Qi function again – and all of the “old wives’s tales” say no cold.

Next thing is a little known fact sugar conversion of any description is heating. So you take yourself and some alcohol, some chemicals, some pesticides, some sugars, some fruits, anything that’s too hot you’re going to get hot flushes if you’ve gone through menopause. You’re going to have inflammation for both of those reasons lack of water and too much sugar.

What else gives us being too hot? Being peeved or otherwise irked and irritated likely known as Stuck Liver Qi, Stuck Liver Qi is going to go off and do all sorts of other things and we’ll get to Stuck Liver Blood before we’re too further along on that too much. Then eventually over on this side of the page we’re going to have clots etc, growths and stuck physical where it ought not be. Dr – “I can’t see anything in the scan you must be OK still”: Me – “I don’t think so”. So we get into the ethics of cancer management shortly, we’re just looking at Yin Xu and Yang Xu to start with.

Freezing the gut

Where do we get our Yang from? Well we have to be able to make it and that would be our gut. So now we’ve got to turn our attention over to the gut so the answer is over here. Answers over here are no cold, always warm and land not freezing cold energy or vibration. Ok so here have with everybody going off and putting ice in their smoothies, ice in the Isagenics, ice in the whatever they are having, ice in the water. If you go to the Pizza Hut or something and to eat and you’re going to have everything cold out of the freezer. If you’re going to Chinese, Thai, Japanese they’re going to offer you miso soup, green tea or whatever, something that is going to help the digestive process and it’s not going to be cold it’s going to be warm.

The mothers all knew that you weren’t to have something really cold it would cause a pain in your tummy. If you’ve got a newborn and you’ve chosen to not feed it properly and you might get upset, I’m sorry we’re mammals I’ve dropped down the biological imperative. If we’re not going to act as mammals our young aren’t getting what they need. So we’re going to what give them cold milk out of the fridge? I don’t think so it’s going to have to be body temperature or they’ll get a gut ache and or chuck it back at you. So we need to be conscious of the temperature and we need to be conscious of the hydration, two basic things that all mothers would have had on your case 100 percent and you’re not having anything like dessert – until you’ve had your main course which is a rainbow on your plate.

Here we go back to fluid, I’m going to mention it shortly in passing and then get on with it. If you are iodine biologically – not bio available it’s not not bio available, might be anybody but you can’t access it or it isn’t in your body anyway so if it’s not there you can’t see it and we’ll get into that shortly. Then we’ve got magnesium not bio available because if you go throwing all that calcium into yourself like there’s some pH water out there – the percentage of calcium to magnesium looks like that, it should be like that. What are we thinking calcium will save the world? It’s chalk and we’ll get into that shortly.

Here we have the next thing gut and life processes in slow mode, yeah well why don’t we just chill the fire? I’m a mum so I’ve had to use the oven a lot and if anybody opens the oven door there’s trouble because of course it’s going to let the heat out and we’re not going to be cooking it. That’s similar to putting in cold stuff long gaps in between and stuff that’s too raw needs the hot energy in order to be able to build it up. The end of the recipe says 425 and you pushed in at 350 it’s not going to do the job, so I’m just saying here that we have a gut.  What happened to the microbiome?

We killed it, we don’t need to have both. Yeah right, ninety percent of what’s inside us is not human DNA. So we might look at the DNA component because it’s physical or we might look at the energy of it and we’ve also got this other thing called Qi. So you might look at the human micro-biome, just look up the human micro-bio,e I usually use that as my ‘in’ for people micro-biome in case you’ve never seen that word before and you are here by virtue of your micro-biome.

In all of those bacteria that had to be told what to do and put in there by mum as you were coming out the right way, as you were being fed the right way, as you were being continually enhanced by what she was coming into with and assisting by helping your gut.

The ethics of having a modern ‘safe’ birth

We stuffed up by having a modern safe birth that’s not ethical, which mean that she’s gone off to have antibiotics on the off chance that she’s got Group B Strep, she’s gone off and had antibiotics because there’s going to be cutting involved. She’s gone off and had antibiotics because her temperature has gone up because they’ve refused her to have any fluids which means that she’s now running a small temperature because she’s drying out or she’s leaking lots of water because her waters have broken so let’s give her antibiotics and feed her lots of sugar and cold stuff again that’s really going to help. It will freak her out as well you can see she’s going to need a lot more magnesium but we’re going to come to that shortly.
We’re just being silly and then the kid comes out and you’ve taken the cord blood so there’s a third of its blood that should be in its body to breath with now.

It was breathing with mum and now it’s being what, donated to the cord bank. Where’s the ethics in western medicine all over again? It might help somebody else’s kid’s cancer who gives a damn what about your kid needing its stem cells? Oh we do get stem cells in here and then if five years later you’re still breastfeeding and there’s still stem cells coming out of here. Never mind we’ve forgot about all of this because we can’t monetise it, who’s ethics are we talking about? Is it biologically sustainable? No it’s not. So that’s the new definition of ethics, a bit like me and my health the ability to adapt to change.

When we’re looking at the gut we’ve even got the kid on antibiotics because it’s running a bit of a fever. Yes it is it’s called dehydration you took away all of its fluids and mum’s not ready to make milk yet she’s supposed to be lining the gut with colostrum. Oh well that’s out to lunch she’s been having antibiotics, she’s been having all that sugar, she’s been doing whatever she’s been doing. She’s not got antibiotics again because she just had a small infection here, never mind we’re not talking nutrients or water or temperature. That child, I’m not talking about vaccinations or the scans that dried out the amniotic fluid yet – over there it’s quite safe because you haven’t died while they’re doing it.

Well there’s later and we need to look at later because we’re about to have our own ‘later’. Here we have an overview of pain is – you think that’s not what I was taught at school Heather, I’m aware of that I’m doing the mothers business and the mothers business is have you eaten? Was it too cold going into your belly? Was it too sweet? Were you upset when you ate it? Was your gut able to do anything with it? Possibly not because by now it’s reacting to almost everything because you’re doing fight or flight because you’ve got lack of magnesium. Here we are in our Stuck Liver Qi something has upset us, there’s us and our five percent of our blood going to our ligaments.

There’s our uterus again and we’re smashed over there in the corner and we’re having that thing called a period or we’re not because we’ve stopped it and we’ve got things implanted there, hello here we go over here too hot, chemicals and all the rest of it. We’re supposed to be having a cycle and if we’re not having a cycle we’re in trouble because we’re supposed to be tidal and if we’re not being tidal we’re in trouble. We may or may not get to that but it’s not ethical not to follow nature, Doctor Shen said “always, always follow nature” it’s his manta. Are you following nature? No, in which case you’re going to run into trouble because you can’t micromanage.

Pain is due to lack of flow

Now that’s the Qi version and of course you’ve got you know I’m not going to go through acupuncture for that one you should know that. So we’re going to go to pain and there’s still a massive flow so what’s going to stop the flow? We’ve got Yang deficiency over here cold, oh it’s really good at that. You want to call them Yang Xu – because you’ve got a TCM hat on – good they are going to be dehydrated into a cold, average patient full of cold and dehydrated. Now I don’t mean what you think dehydrated I think you should be having a litre of water, pure water not cold water, maybe some Himalayan sea salt before you put anything in as far as going to chew it. Drink water, you should be doing that again before you eat anything about a half an hour before. Where are your digestive juices coming from? That’s a good question. Please have more to drink.

Here we go having a think about this and it comes down to now I’ve gone over to the right hand side of the page and why am I doing this? Because your blood which has to be nourished nourishing your muscles and tendons and what not otherwise you’re going to get physical pain, your menstrual cycle otherwise you’re going to get menstrual pain. Your Shen and your heart because otherwise you’re going to get emotional and spiritual pain, your Blood with a big ‘B’ has to be made somewhere and that’s called your gut however how’s it going to do that if your gut is not working? I’ve started with maybe or maybe not fine with your mum in the placenta.

Now they’ve cut the cord too soon and now you’re trying to take a breath with what blood you’re going to be doing oxygenation, you’re going to pull it out of your brain, you’re going to pull it out of your extremities so you’re going to get even more cold and now you’re going to go into distress. Hmm can’t maintain body temperature, well did you take the cord blood? Probably. What’s also in the blood is Shen, what’s also in the blood is heat. Whoops, now we’ve got a less than being and that’s before we talk about remember I said about the turning on of the Pericardial function?

Right so at that moment of the first breath this is a whole bunch of trauma going on and then that kids going to grab all that trauma in as its own as well. If the last person who was born there died or if there’s shards for whatever other reason about including dropping off the people who are there and into that being who’s got a wide open aura oh dear.

The kid’s actually just struggling to live because you’ve taken its blood, it’s freezing cold, you’ve antibioticed to hell. Forget about all the other things you’ve done to freak mum out and all that other steroids and all sorts of things running around her she’s not having a normal birth and neither are you as the baby. It’s being very disturbed that life process is this biologically sustainable? I don’t think so.

When we’re looking at what on earth is going on with the average person in pain just bear in mind what they have carried forward with them. You come in and you’re going to stick some needles in and their ankle’s going to get better, maybe. So what we need to do is go look they’re full of cold because we have lived in an environment where people think it’s silly to worry about sitting on the cold floor, wandering around with nothing on your feet etc. so we’re going to be full of cold. I’ve done other presentations on cold and I’m not going to do it now however when they’re full of cold that means the Qi is going to get more and more sluggish and stop.

If you look at a garden hose out there and it’s Christchurch and it’s the middle of winter it’s going to be pretty inflexible, it just is. In the middle of summer in Christchurch I’ve been there when it’s 43 degrees and that garden hose is all over the shop, very, very floppy. Now look we’ve got a hose in here otherwise known as a gut, it’s the same. If you’re going to put cold in it it’s going to not be so good at peristalsis and that’s just the temperature. So we talk about the digestive juices well what are they made of and where’s the water? What are they made of? It starts up here hydrochloric acid. How come we didn’t get this basic information it’s called salt, you need chloride,

We need – ingredients – how did ‘medicine’ miss that?

If you’re going to live and listen to these twits over here who say salt is going to raise your blood pressure you might need to realise that that was a theory that somebody thought of and ran with. If you actually look at those we eat an awful lot of salt as long as they’re doing other things because we’re more than just salt alone and they’re fine because you’ve got to be able to digest your food. So if you’ve got a patient come in and they’re about to have a fecal transplant, Brave New World, why don’t you just get them to eat an awful lot of salt because that’s going to help raise the pH which is going to help the leaky gut which is going to help all of those bits and pieces that shouldn’t be living there.

If they start eating 9 cups of coloured vegetables a day and they are mostly raw in summer otherwise they’re going to have to do other things with broth and what not they’re going to have a lot of fibre. As part of that they are going to have good gut bacteria recolonised and somewhere online you can find a whole lot of work on Doctor Daphne Miller’s work and I think it’s in ER and she went down to central America, there’s good old central America I think from her New York practice or wherever she was. She discovered that the majority of her patients who had really bad western diseases when they went home to visit their family had to off all their medication and they were fine, they were eating the normal diet.

When they came back up again they had to start it all off again and they had all sorts of terrible problems with diabetes and what not because of the herbs and spices that they normally ate are actually medications and their body needed them. They sure as hell didn’t need no salt, low fat, no sunshine and whatever they were eating and drinking was not nourishing the life processes. Is it ethical to sell stuff that’s called food that doesn’t nourish the body? I don’t think so.

When we go back to why have they got pain well what the heck are they nourishing their body with? As I said we’ve got a physical vehicle and that needs to have everything whether it’s the skin or it’s the joints or whether it’s the actual organs themselves or whether it’s the menstrual process or the making of the blood. Whether it’s whether she can she sleep ‘like a baby’ she has a hair on her head like a healthy person – are her eyes bright and sparkly like a – it goes on, and on, and on. It starts in the gut so here we are back in the gut. So ingredients well they’re dehydrated so where’s the water and how are they going to digest their food without the water and without the salt? That’s going to sort out the pH issues largely.

Magnesium depletion – can’t live without it

There’s another something and I’ll get onto ingredients almost and that’s called magnesium. Now magnesium I’m not going to do a big dissertation on because you can find it in my work elsewhere but magnesium is the fourth most available mineral out there. It should be in our food but instead we’ve got ‘we need calcium’ and actually it’s one of these and the more calcium you have the less you’re going to be using it because you need the magnesium and the boron and various other things to say nothing of the zinc, I’ll deal with this in a minute.

Here we have I have discovered a 1:1 correlation between Stuck Liver Qi and Stuck Liver Blood and depleted magnesium. You – Heather I didn’t know that in college I haven’t done naturopathy, Me- no well I didn’t learn it in college or in my naturopathy degree either. It’s called common sense, go and look up Doctor Google – shock horror. If you look up a site called ‘Mag water’ you will see an awful lot of work done by a woman – and again it’s a woman, this is strange. by Mildred Selleg, now she wrote a book called ‘The Pathogenesis of Disease’.

It’s lack of magnesium; we could be thinking – what creates health. Good idea, that’s what all our mums knew otherwise we’d be dead. So anyway and as part of those articles because I have read quite a lot on this they were doing experiments, shock horror guard your heart. I just don’t get western medicine, if you’re looking at anything in relation to babies and fertility and breast milk and Jing and everything that’s required for life then look no further than can you absorb the magnesium and is it available?

They were feeding all sorts of rats, mice and what not with magnesium deficient diets and it just wasn’t working, neither was lactation or life or breathing, it’s called the spice of life. Go and look at Dr Mark Sircus all of this work he’s been rather verbal on the process. You might think he’s a ratbag yes well he’s got a different set of rules than you, he’s a bit annoyed about things the same as Heather and we actually will get onto cancer at some point because that comes under the loose heading of pain, otherwise known as pointing the bone, otherwise known as pointing the boneas opposed to placebo.

Placebo let’s call it something else, if you don’t do what we tell you to do you’re going to die, that’s a really stupid outlook but it happens.  Over here in the iron deficiency when we have an iron deficient as we know we’re going to have to get neurological problems. We’re going to get them from the iron deficiency too because we’re not making enough of anything in order to flood the body with Yin and thus make Jing from leftovers and blood. So here we are we’re talking about when we’ve got pain we’re going to be dehydrated and of course we’ve got all those toxins, we’ve got self-immolation really. We’re doing self-medication with all of the let’s have a smoke so we can’t feel, let’s have a drink so we can’t feel, that gets turned into sugar anyway in the body. Let’s eat all that stuff because it tastes nice, hello there’s the gut bacteria there having a party because the good gut bacteria live on magnesium and it’s fed by magnesium, four days of deficiency of magnesium and you’ve got your bad bacteria taking over.

Let’s have some chocolate, yeah OK there is some in the cocoa but nothing like enough and it’s got all that other stuff in it and you actually don’t need any of that you need the magnesium. You better put it on top of here because your gut’s by now going to have a big problem if you try and take a magnesium supplement. ‘Don’t need magnesium every time I take it I get diarrhea’, it sickens me, what else have they got in there and your bodies not coping with magnesium for various different reasons. So you need the magnesium and if you look up magnesium signs and symptoms of depletion oh boy, that’s just about everybody who walks in the clinic.

Just as a bit of a prelude for the neurological section that is blocked by heavy metals. So you might have it there but guess what the heavy metals are in the super phosphate and the modern farming methods aren’t doing our bodies any good. We’ve also got mercury, oh Heather you’re not going to talk about vaccination again? Yep and now they’ve got aluminum in there instead and let’s pretend the autism was just not diagnosed in times past, you’re wrong. So these two block not just magnesium but also selenium and zinc.

Iodine/Selenium/Glutathione – can’t live without ingredients . .

Right well why am I talking about selenium? Because if we don’t have enough selenium we’re not going to be able to access the iodine, we just can’t. It’s called the iodine symporter – go and look up something that Doctor Sherry Tenpenny did,

A very good example of why you need to be paying attention to the world. When we’re iodine deficient we’re going to be deficient with all of that cold, with all of that fluid, out gut not working, our immune system not working, life not working. We don’t have that apoptosis happen so we get cancer, apoptosis is programmed cell death and quite frankly we’re not in a good state.

If we want our gut to work we have to have iodine in the body and I have with women who have really bad hyperemesis  or just ordinary old morning sickness so they hate the world if you paint iodine on their skin all of a sudden they don’t have morning sickness. Oh gosh, who knew it’s too simple it’s called ‘who’s going to make money’ seeing them every five minutes with their pericardium 6 and 36 could you please stop doing that, just stop it. Stomach 36 is a downward acting point just don’t do it, TCM is not the answer in pregnancy.

By the way we have to start with nutrients and they have to be biologically available. If they don’t have access to selenium they’re not going to use the iodine and they’re not going to have access to the selenium. If they’ve gone off and been safe and best practice and ethical and injected themselves with more flu injections which have got mercury in them even if it says it doesn’t it does because it wasn’t packed in Australia and it can be under a certain limit and it can be mercury free when it’s not. No amount is safe in your body and if you add up a certain amount we’ve all got different trigger points and then we’re under the carpet dead or whatever else is happening to us.

This becomes very quickly a bridge between Western medicine, modern life and what you think is TCM and what I would call as acupuncture which is not TCM and I’m not talking about organ pathology I’m talking about life. If we persist in being so damn stupid I don’t think a future is going to happen, not the way I’d like to see it. So when we’re deficient in this and deficient in that we can’t make a cake with sugar and flour OK, there’s more. This is a micronutrient and that’s a macronutrient and you hardly of that, I’m not going to belabor the point I’ve done elsewhere heaps of stuff on iodine and selenium and how it gets blocked and why we need the magnesium.

We also need if we think we’re going to do any digesting at all in our body we’re going to need zinc. That’s a micro-nutrient not found in the soil in New Zealand or Australia along with selenium. You don’t need much but if you don’t have it you’re not going to be digesting your food because it’s part of the enzyme co-factors. Magnesium is required for 325 apparently enzyme activates in the body. Yet we pretend we need calcium for our bones. We actually do not – that is chalk. We need magnesium to assimilate calcium – and Heavy metals are blocking the micro and macro minerals – Zinc, Selenium – there is no iodine to be seen by the body (various reasons) and thus ill health 100% .

I’ve done other work on Jing for E-Lotus – and you’ll see all about it there – the precursor to fertility is health. We’re not going to be healthy if we haven’t got the ingredients available to us and they’re not flowing. It is not ethical to come over to the left hand side of the page to diagnose any give them something chemical that you’re going to get a markup form whether it’s a pill from health world or it’s a drug in the chemist or whatever. They have to go back and do something in the kitchen, they have to do something in the garden, they have to have their own garden (gut) working and that’s their microbiome.

Are we going to water the garden with the tap water? That will kill the microbiome in the soil because there’s the fluoride and the chloride and whatever else they’ve got there. We are not playing the game of life well – and now it’s breaking down. When we’re looking at iron deficiency (look at anything in relation to adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, low thyroid function). there is yin depletion – and iron deficiencies – every cell in your body need iodine to live.

The doctors may tell you to take an iodine pill called Indoral. Expecting the gut to be able to absorb it again. Iodine in also ‘Elevit’ for pregnancy

Woman here took that diligently. When topical iodine was on her belly – went on – she soaked it up – this is 3 minutes worth – I kept on applying more  . .

You can look at what I have done – there is a free e-book on iodine you can download on and check it out yourself. I’ve got so much on the Apps you can get from ‘Heather Says’ under apps in the app store and under raw ingredients you’ve got all the research you’ll ever need to find. The problem, the why and the solution there might be 20 or 30 things on one category, it’s big. You can go off – I didn’t write it all I just sourced it.

We need some facts here we need to start with raw ingredients and the raw ingredients are being missed. So here we are going they need a herb, yeah they might but that back remember I did the time line? I didn’t even need herbs in the 70s people just needed to drink more water, go to bed earlier and do what their parents told them to do. I’ll put a couple of needles in there we’ll go a magic trick and all fixed. Seriously. In the 80s it got a bit more difficult and I had to talk about B and C vitamins, got a lot more difficult in the 90s so then I hit the other minerals and perhaps you’d better start in on the herbs.

Now I am way past all of that now. I know to take out all the rubbish that shouldn’t be in your body out. Then you need to put a whole lot more water in. Where’s your salt, where’s your iodine, where’s your magnesium, where’s the sun? We better throw a lot of vitamin D at you and come back for round 2 we’ve got all of that going on and now we look at what goes in your mouth. In the meantime, how can life happen it’s not going too well and you’ve got all that cold, well you’re going to have to go home and take out all of the cold in your diet, all of the cold coming in as you have bare feet on the floor.

Maybe heat symptoms happening – because you’re so Yin deficient it’s ridiculous it hurts and you’re Yin deficient because of goodness knows why and we will look at that in a minute you’ve got pain. Yes, you’ve got pain because everything is running out and there’s accelerated aging on the inside. So who’s asking the questions do you get hot feet at night? Almost no one and if you ask the question a good third of your patients are going to possibly like one of my patients who had a hot water bottle of water in the freezer. If he hoped that worked he’d walk around outside if it was the middle of winter for about half an hour until his feet he couldn’t feel and then he’d go to bed. Then if he could still feel them then he’d have to get up and get one of the hot water bottles out and stick it, OK.

He had a bit of a problem and we could call it Yin deficiency. He had a great big gut – of course he’s got Yang deficiency too he’s got post traumatic stress, yeah we’ll deal with that shortly. Of course he’s got post-traumatic stress he was a mine rescue person back in the day when we had this drama and mine disaster. He found bits of his friends or he had one of his friends entirely whole but he was just dead, there was about 20 of them and he was one of the one’s who went in. So he was told by the doctors here have some pills you’ll never sleep again.

Where’s the ethics in that?

We could say it was the state of medicine back then but that poor man his wife left him because he couldn’t ejaculate because if he ejaculated it burned all through his body because of all the toxins he was holding. He had “five hearts hot”, yes he did and he had these really hot feet and this is called ‘Yin deficiency’ (Inner Heat through excess toxins) and that’s because we’ve got all of the toxins of various descriptions so he can’t access the magnesium and the selenium to pull it out and make his own glutathione.

Here we are we don’t have enough iodine so he’s going to be depressed on many accounts not just situational. One he’s got no thyroid function, two he’s got no magnesium in his body, three he’s got all these toxins, four he can’t even sleep. He can’t even have sex and his wife’s gone so who’s going to cook him dinner?

Just saying that we are not playing the game, we might be playing the men are going to be all safe in their boxes and they’ve got all their – but other people have, do they have the quality of life? No they don’t, so we might need to why is this going on? Well we’ve got a few crucial things in an area you think we were taught when we were taught health sciences you would think they would have it together but the doctors don’t look at this because they’re blind. This has got nothing to do with them because in times past when modern medicine which is very adolescent was coming along it was basically…

I strongly suggest to get up to speed with all I have done on eLotus.

Part 5

We need ingredients and bio availability – otherwise – ethics?
Not looking at the basics?
What are we thinking following the ones who ignore the obvious?
Emulating this mediocrity?
No farmer would survive doing this . .

Our elders hold the keys to our future