Adelaide Ethics #3

Part 3 of 5 Wounded Healer Adelaide Ethics 3

Continued from part 2 . . .

The most affecting a person to want to change? It’s going to be pain. You know they’re getting relatively comfortable in things getting stuck and more and more constrained and more and more problems until one day if you ask people when did that period pain start? It wasn’t this morning. When did that sore neck first happen? Well it’s a reigniting of something that might have happened 71 years ago but here they are now because today it crossed a line and so now that concerns the pain

The pain that they’ve got is that they can’t – it doesn’t feel comfortable enough for them to be able to carry on with what they’ve got and so the patients that I used to have coming in had given up on every damn thing and as a last resort they were going to the local acupuncturist. I looked about 15 or 16 when I was in my early 20’s when I was doing this so of course they were the same age as my great grandmother probably some of them because I had people in their 80s and 90s as a matter of course because shingles, trigeminal neuralgia was colossal. If you take away the neurological problems – which they had, they were the ones left standing.

Now they had really good constitutions because if you go back in time that is what we had – the survival of the fittest. This is why I’ve done this – because if you look at there’s me working in 1979 starting my own business. If we say 80 if we go back to here, they were born in the mid-fifties they were there. So they were born not so long ago but it looks like a long time now but they were born back here and what was happening back here? Well we had the Great Depression, imagine what your Jing was going to be like. We had the Great War, we had another war there and I’m sure there was all sorts of connections going on.

Stuff was going on – now this is just the wide world granted but that’s where we’re all probably right mostly watching this and then there were Boer wars and Crimean wars and goodness knows what, there’s all sorts of things going on. If you want to get a bit silly about it when did chloroform happen, when did antibiotics happen, when did gas-lights start, when did electricity start? You could go and do the little things that we take for granted here and here you are taking for granted what you’ve got. I’m going well it’s not my reality, in my reality I started acupuncture when it was just legalised in the state of California. Prior to that it had been completely illegal and you’d be trotted off to jail if you were daring to put practicing medicine without a license.

You might ask yourself what is medicine because the grandmothers have been doing it forever, your chicken soup, parsley tea, whatever. I mean medicine is in the garden, it grows in the forest, it gets monetised and now all of a sudden only some people are allowed to dispense it. That again is that side of the page, I’m taking about who tends the human and as mammals is it the dads looking after them? No, it’s the mum that’s keeping everybody safe. If you look at a heard of elephants it’s the matriarchy again. Why? Because the men are out there with their testosterone, knocking each other off

We’re looking at what created the pain, now the pain that people were coming in was mainly physical because they specifically had such incredible knees and they had such hot throbbing joints. So it was good, I was a naturopath and a western herbalist and acupuncturist because I could tell them what to do, whether they did it or not because I would suggest that they might stop eating what they were eating and eat something else. Oh you’re a naturopath? No this is causing an inflammatory response in your body. If you then go and have a think back what people used to do when TV wasn’t on all night, there was no such thing as a mobile phone or an answering machine. When I started work there was no answering machine – it just come out you had to rent them

I’m just saying that back there in that practice I thought it was a late night when I didn’t get home until 6 o’clock because everybody went home to have dinner. When I was working here I was seeing the last one at 8:30 at night and now I occasionally see people at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday because that’s the only time they can see me and I’m running close to the margins so I would see people when they come in, at the moment. So when we’re looking at what sort of people are coming in here they have pain, they have menstrual pain like you wouldn’t believe because they were told they were a woman and to ‘suck it up’. They were told that’s just what happens when you’re a woman, if there wasn’t that Ponstan there wasn’t anything. Now I don’t know if anybody here has heard of Ponstan?

Right now Ponstan was the drug and who discovered it? A woman with period pain. And how did she do that? She got pissed off enough as a doctor by being told by all of her doctor friends that she just had to ‘suck it up sister’ because that’s what happened when you had periods. She thought surely not – and so she trawled without Google all through the medical literature and I don’t know what year Ponstan was discovered but it was the year that she found something to fix herself. So she decided that because the uterus was a smooth muscle and the heart was the same she was going to find herself something that worked on the heart for pain and maybe it would work on the uterus.

She trialed everything out until she came by the drug that’s now called Ponstan which, was the only thing that helped. If you had this little period pain that she had weren’t you lucky because she had something for it. They didn’t know about magnesium, we’re going to get into that in a minute, they didn’t know about all sorts of other things I would do instead like the uterus tipped in the wrong position can fall over itself and then go all about the joint and get tied up in knots and where’s the iodine will cover that. So I’m just saying it’s a bit like Lorenzo’s oil, Lorenzo had parents – who weren’t going to have this carried on for anybody else’s child because they felt the trauma of what was going on with their own. The men with the patented drugs weren’t the slightest bit interested so they without Google somehow got through all the medical literature and discovered what was going on with him and how to fix it for the other parents.

When I’m going back to the pain that I was having with patients coming in they were mainly ‘little old ladies’. So (from 1979) I remember Glossop and Mrs. Glossop I would make two of, she was so small . . she was probably 60 – which sounded old at the time (given I was 24) and now that I’m 62 – not so much. She had been through the Depression, probably on the streets as a prostitute, she had lost four fifths of her stomach because that was the only treatment for bleeding stomach ulcers they kept on cutting bits out, so she would have had more and more scars around here. She was in a bit of a mess she couldn’t roll over on my couch so I could only work on her front. She would only come after 10 o’clock in the morning because that’s when the bus was half price, the bus at the time was 20 cents down to 10 cents and I was charging $4 a treatment and I suggested I’d charge her nothing and she decided that she was going to give me $2 a week

My total clinic expenses were $25 a week and that included my tax – and I had $4 x 6 patients, and all expenses paid!!! (No GST either). It wasn’t that hard to work 2 days a week as a single mother and live totally elsewhere which is what I did and fund my life and go off and see other presentations very well, welcome to the 1970s we’re somewhere else now. So there I am with all these patients with pain, so they were coming in and I had to get them better because there wasn’t anything else they had me – or nothing.

I get to thinking all the time – why is it not working? You might right that question down, this is a very ethical question I think, why is what I was taught not working? I did the same with birth, I don’t think birth should hurt, why does it hurt? Look at all of my work on the and A snippet (CLICK) .

Now of course pain, what is pain? Pain is the Qi not moving, Qi is something not flowing and you only have pain because there is blockage. Oh we’re a bit pissed off at what’s going on shall we look at the ‘causes of disease’ is it ethical to talk about vaccination? (Oh Heather naughty topic). What does vaccination do? It doesn’t help you get well, it doesn’t help your body to have a great immune system it corrupts it and I’ve done the research. So you want to go and have a look at causes of disease well I’m just going to go somewhere else with that, causes of disease. I have got a Vimeo presentation and all sorts of things, that’s one of them and from former patients maybe.

You might need to reintroduce acupuncture 101 to yourself, causes of disease; emotional, climatic, miscellaneous otherwise known as other. Only one of those 15 is about bugs – let’s just all get carried away about that shall we.

What’s normal? Well normal is your body goes there’s a bug, bam. There’s a cancer cell, bang. Why are we not doing that now? Because we’ve got civilised and we’re bright about these things, so I’m here to tell you this is really not biologically sustainable. That’s my definition of ethics for today is it biologically sustainable, because I don’t think that most of what we are up to is.

If we’re going to look at causes of disease that’s your TCM model and I’m not going to go through it, you should know it. The one you might not have come upon is when it’s in a book called – it’s written in 1984 by the late Terry Clifford‘Psychiatry and Tibetan Medicine’ (CLICK). She talked of the four classifications of disease and the four classifications of disease I’m going to put on my line. We’ve got the ‘Life threatening’, we’ve got the ‘Immediate’ as in you’re going to get over that cold, chicken pox or whatever and then we’ve got ‘evil spirit possession’. Oh Heather whoops the Chinese don’t talk about that, yeah but they used to, what do you think all that let’s stamp out and kill 60 million people? Sorry if you’re Chinese but you have a history and it’s been written out like that for the women’s history and the Maori in New Zealand and the victor’s always win.

The other one is ‘Karmic’ so if you’ve got a karmic problem going off to someone who’s going to give you some pills and potions quite might not be the idea, you might need to find the person whose job it is to sort that out who may or may not be the same person that is going to sort that out. Let’s go back to beliefs – why don’t we do something about clearing the energy, why don’t we get our sovereignty back? Why don’t we stand true and tell them all to ‘piss off’ we’re in this body it would be a good idea really. Oh no, we’re going over here oh that’s what you’ve got to do or you’ll die. Yeah we’re all going too so that’s silly.

Are we going to live well? There’s another question, is it biologically sustainable? What do we call the quality of life? Quality of life for whom, the person who’s going to make lots of money by telling you that you have to do all of this or else ‘something terrible’ is going to happen. No it’s not, it just isn’t. Look at cancer – how ethical is that business? 3.4 percent likely to be better after 5 years of oncology, they think they were left alone. You know I think it’s just a lot silly we’re doing, we’re going off it will kill us, it will kill us, the feel will kill you the causes of disease

The Qi is not going to flow and if the Qi doesn’t flow you’re in trouble. Then the climatic factors well if you’re stupid enough to stand outside because somebody in a book wrote it’s really good to stand on the earth, mother earth is going to sustain you, you’re female you’ve got all these things going on give me one hello right up into here and now what? But it says in the book, yes it was probably written by a man he’s got more yang. I mean I was following Survival Into the 21st Century in the time that I was making that first baby and this was not a good idea

I was bright yellow as you would expect I would with half a 44 bag of carrots juiced a week along with I don’t know maybe 20 oranges eaten a week and how many mangos, same again. Yeah I was doing acupuncture at the time, I stopped that pretty quickly. Well actually I wasn’t that was before I started doing acupuncture. As a vegan macrobiotic I can tell you eating all of that cold and sweet raw doesn’t work and I have the body to prove it, I have been through the maternal university and I have done rather a lot of things. Other people come in and I just do not touch them, I try and look very grandmotherly and look over my glasses at them and go do you know that to be true? Is it working? I ask them awkward questions and I ask awkward questions to students now that I mentor because me telling you anything is not going to work; I’ve got kids who are almost 40. You’re not going to listen; you’re going to have to live it but you might pay attention one day. You’re going to run into the same problem with your patients because they’re not listening either, they’ve got to live it as well

Terry Clifford wrote this first of all which I saw which is the Tibetan classifications of disease. Now if it’s life threatening do something about it, if it’s going to come and go you should have been actually looking after yourself better. Hello there’s the Mother’s Torah again – home remedies. If you’re so stupid as to transgress what is going on well then you might go, there. We’re not here to die before we’ve gone through the seasons of our life and have done our seven and eight year cycles and reproduced which is sex equals babies. Go back to dear old fertility acupuncture, (just what the hell do you think you’re doing?) – ignoring nature.

Then we’ve got evil spirit possession, we’re not going to talk about it, exactly. So what do you think the way Qi does? Just what do you think the way Qi does? Come, well there’s me in my top circle just like that it’s in there, it’s going to happen so what does it mean? Results of past thoughts or actions. We’ve got a bit of an awkward thing here because we’ve got these things called ‘thought forms’ which some of you might not know about, I know rather a lot because I’ve done the Antakarana meditation. So here we go put this person back in their cage, something might go wrong, something bad will happen and yeah it will, it’s called a negative thought form. What do you think you’re doing? Kinesiology works, homeopathic works, all on the other side of the page

We could do that demonstration which I’m not going to do but you can do yourself at home. Get someone and put that arm up like that, just do a muscle test on them and get them to think of something that they really like doing and just hard as a rock get them to think of something that really pisses them off and they have to feel it, you have to feel it yourself. Of course if you switch you might want to be massaging kidney 27 and whatever else you think, have a drink of water or whatever but think of something you really love again and be strong again. OK – so that person might have 70,000 thoughts a day and at least 90 percent of them are going to be ‘you’re no good’ ones to themselves so how do you think that’s going to work with their Qi? Not very good, Stuck Liver Qi again.

Where did all that come from? Probably mum. Why? Because she’s a woman. Ah women’s business, dodgy, we need to go and see what the men say otherwise it’s not validated. Let’s go and get a degree, well here we go again what’s the ethics of all of that negative self-talk? What is the ethics of I’m only going to be good equate with happy when something that somebody else said I need to do is done? What about all of the breaths you’re going to take between here and there? You could at least have been standing up straight, oh no I’ve got these great big breasts and another man might look at me and so I’ll hunch over like that so I’m 6 foot but I’m wandering around looking like that. That’s not actually functional we actually need to be allowing our chi to be moving and that means our diaphragm is going to have to which means we’re going to have to talk to our patients about educating the body to do what it was supposed to do.

I would have thought being an acupuncturist was about being educated and standing in for mum, standing in for grandma. Look if you’re getting really fed up with me talking about women how do you think the women feel about men’s business being the only thing written down? How do you think they feel about the sperm was great at 4 percent? If she had 4 percent of her eggs in a decent state and that was called fertile there might be a little bit of yelling and screaming from the men but there’s nothing from the women, the sperm’s fine the doctor said it was.

No it isn’t it’s not making her pregnant, it’s not making a baby that’s sustainable.

I’m here to tell you that if I go back to my timeline just on the subject of sperm because it irritates me a lot in 2010 the men and the World Health Organisation decreed that only 4 percent of them needed to look normal which is a normal looking head and a normal looking tail. I don’t remember all of the dates because I can’t be bothered, you can look it up World Health Organisation this is the first manual that they did it had to be 80.5 percent. Somewhere in here it all took a dive down into ridiculous and I’m sorry I don’t remember it but it went from 50 percent to 30 percent to 15 percent and now here we have some bright spark six years ago saying look it’s OK it just has to be 4 percent that will work. No, back when it had to be 15 percent they wouldn’t do ICSI if it was not more than 4 percent and now the men are aspiring to 4 percent.

OK so let’s have a trawl through Heather’s fertility practice shall we? In the time when sex made babies and people used to ring me up because they wanted me to give them an abortion with acupuncture, they weren’t talking about fertility they were talking about I’ve got a problem and it’s causing me pain. I don’t want this baby and I don’t want to have an abortion can you put some needles in please and I would say no. Some of them would have been cops ringing up to see if they could shut me down but the ‘no’ was a no. I’m a mother but beyond that it is natural for your body to go through pregnancy, if I do anything to stuff up the energy whether it’s herbal or whether it’s with acupuncture we’re going to have a problem. You need to go to and get the procedure done and then come back and I will rebalance everything.

If I had them on the couch and they’d gotten that far I’d suggest to them that they might want to go and talk to the soul of the child and have a conversation and work it out between them and it would probably mean that she’d stay pregnant. Just saying, I mean there are consequences for actions, I’m a mother again and we might need to put some heart back into our medicine because what the heck do you think you’re doing? Shall we go back to placebo? We’re talking about the needles, the pill, the procedure or we’re talking about the surrogate markup, we’re holding the space and we’re witnessing them.

Ted himself after he’d written that book did have a bit of a problem because everybody wanted the next download which was going to be really good and concrete like that and all the men – this is back in Brisbane in the beginning of 1986 and all crossed their arms and legs they looked daggers at him because he wasn’t teaching what they wanted to hear. He had an epiphany, people have got hearts and he’d gone out of his TCM content and he’d gone into practice where people are going to kill themselves because they’re in so much pain, we’re in pain again. Then he did because he was an attractable pain clinic and he discovered that people started to get better and looked better they had hope.

You might look up an article written by Bob Flaws back in the early 90s called ‘The Importance of Shen and Prognosis’. Oh Heather you’re giving this person false hope, ok so here’s a false hope story deviating slightly as you learn from stories. Back in that beginning clinic isn’t it good that the doorway was wide enough and the lift was wide enough to fit his wheelchair. There came in a guy who was 21 and when he was 15, (tell me this isn’t karmic) he was sitting in a tree watching a yacht race and he fell out of the tree and hit a big log, it was the only log in the river and he broke his back in three places.

Anyway I was treating his sister for period pain, of course I was because there was no such thing as progesterone, there was no such thing as endometriosis diagnosis and there was no such thing as laser, let alone keyhole surgery and women just had to cope and so forth. I was treating her for her period pain and her brother was this kid in question and she wondered if I could help him with his depression and his really bad bladder infections because of the catheter. This kid comes in really muscle bound because he has such bad muscle spasms that he gets thrown out of his wheelchair, he gets thrown out of his bed.

He’s got plenty of muscles there and of course I haven’t done TCM acupuncture I’ve done classical acupuncture, oh just wind in the Governor Vessel – no problem I’ll just clear out the wind in the Governor Vessel and you’ll be fine. I didn’t say that to him, in Anton Jiasuria in Sri Lanka can get people carried in and they walk out from their paralysis I must be able to work it out myself. So I did until everybody said it couldn’t happen so he stopped coming. Anyway in the meantime there’s me using the gold and silver needles and sorting out the wind in the Governor Vessel and not tell him what I’m doing, he’s getting himself about – of course he can get himself on the bed he’s got all these muscles, he’s got to sleep on the floor on a mattress and then get himself up into the chair to carry on with his day.

The lives you don’t know about, he was in considerable pain because he was never going to have an orgasm, he was never going to have anything that you people expect to have with your sons. Anyway one day he came and he told I’m getting pins and needles in my toes. OK I’m doing what I’m doing and I don’t see him again because one day he’s sitting there watching TV and he decides to do that.

(For those who can’t see it he’s sitting down and he lifts his leg up because he told it too). He wheels himself into his parents because he’s living with his parents and they send him down to the PA hospital quick smart to have the reality check that he has a severed spinal cord and he can’t get better in three places, not just one but three places. So I stopped seeing him.

What are you doing with your limitations over there with that bunch and their black hats? Just what are you doing? So a third of your course was western medicine, jolly good that’s called ‘let’s shut everybody down’ it’s Qi medicine people Qi is about the Shen too. It’s not about the physical, the physical is why we’re here but we are here by virtue of having a driver that might like me be thinking bullshit, surely we can do something better and so we do something different. Oh no we don’t because so and so said this, who cares? It’s written in the classics, well goodo but what isn’t in the classics? It’s a bit like the Bible what was allowed in and what’s been thrown out by the guys who knew best as in the Maos? They burnt how many universities, they’re still doing it in Tibet otherwise known as other parts of China that don’t know themselves as being Chinese yet.

We have the victor’s stories running and we have that which we used to know and the whole tradition of medicine going down through the Avurvedic tradition and through the Nepalese and the Vietnamese and the Tibetans. You might ask yourself how come they know all this stuff? When I went to Korea I tell you what there’s an eye opener, Korean medicine is it not Chinese at all. That little trilogy there even had wars together the Chinese and the Japanese and the Koreans and who knew? Well we didn’t, we’re white and they just keep it to themselves and they are still having major altercations with who’s belief system is right and who owns the classics.

I’ve got a copy of the Dong Gui BoGam which you probably haven’t even heard of, this is a lot easier to read than the classics because some bright spark over 400 years ago sat down in Korea and put it all together so you’ve got everything turning into eyes there, and herbs there, and what not, that’s helpful.

Anyway we have a bit of an issue if we’re going to start saying what the doctor said is “fertile” is “fertile” and let him continue to drink only Coca-Cola, smoke untold funny cigarettes, go to bed whenever he feels like watching porn and what not and not being able to get it up but never mind we can make a baby in the laboratory, I don’t think so.

Would you want to be made with his sperm? No. Are we biologically sustainable? No. Is fertility acupuncture biologically ethical? No. But everybody deserves to have a baby – yeah well they need do fix themselves up so that they’ve got decent Jing so they can actually plant in that garden, I’m a gardener and you have to sort out the soil first. Then you might look at what season is it, what’s the best season? If it’s in shade does it need the sunshine? Then once we’ve got all that together do we have enough water? Is the water from the bore going to kill the plants? Is it going to kill us because it’s full of whatever? There’s a bit of preparation before you just go and plant a seedling or a seed in and where did that come from and was it sprouted or planted in a barren state of the moon? These things are actually rather important – oh no Heather we’ve got the ‘she’ll be right’.

Let me take you back to oxymoron, a placebo. Are we going through the motions? Are we actually making sure it’s going to work? Are we setting it up to end? No, mostly the answer is no but we’re going to get paid money for doing it. Yes, that’s because they’re being nice and white and middle class and they’ve been socialised into the doctor knows best. You’ve got a relation, he’s such a nice man yeah but what’s he doing dry needling? I don’t care if he’s a good chiropractor just what’s he doing putting needles in you? “But he’s such a nice man”.

I guess you see by now I’ve had enough of everything, it’s just not working and we need to use common sense. What would your grandparents say about it? Well my father used to call the doctor ‘the quack’ because he was Scottish. Don’t throw money away, what did ‘the quack say’? That was what everybody talked about, not now they’re next to god but they used to and they used to say what rubbish like the Belizean taxi driver. Why would you go off and spend money on those chemicals when it’s growing out there in the forest and grandma knows what to do, Mum probably doesn’t but grandma does.

I’m talking to the mums and the dads can you please get wised up and find your old relations, sit them down and have big conversations because you’re going to get to their age once at some point and you’re going to want someone to actually pay attention to you too and you might learn something. That you might learn something is not what’s going to be gleaning from a book that says so and so said wherever and it’s there. I’m here to tell you that there’s so much plagiarism going on it’s just not funny and just because your scope of practice has gotten you here doesn’t mean to say somebody else wasn’t saying that to that person or   their teacher and they’re not acknowledged. So who owns it? We all do and we’re not using it because we’re shutting it down and we’re going that’s mine, you can’t have it.

Going back to pain there’s a lot of pain in that little exercise there because the children aren’t being born as they should, we’re not doing survival of the fittest. Then we have these euthanasia conversations, excuse me what use is that person to themselves? Forget about them paying taxes are they happy? Would we put a dog in that position? No, so why are we, just why are we? We’re going to say it doesn’t work because there’s a study that says that that doesn’t happen, well I watched it happen with my own life. I’m here to tell you the MRR (Measles Mumps Rubella injection) is not a safe thing ever, that that might be safe according to those who’ve got a vested interest in it appearing to be so but for the rest of us who end up with all that toxic residue that’s an anti-life process and that’s an anti-life process too so it’s not ethical.

I’m going to extend what I was talking about is it biologically sustainable if it’s pro-life because that’s not pro-life, it’s pro-money and pro-business. So how do we define ethics to various people because there is ethics because it’s right and moral and all the rest of it to be doing what everybody else is doing so you don’t get sued, look at that. So we’re not going to have rich allowed to be born because my colleagues don’t and I’ll be sued if I do. OK why don’t you just learn your job that’s what you’ve supposedly gone to uni for to be able to be useful in birth. How come you don’t know about what’s in the Pink Kit? How come you don’t know about just the basic stuff like undoing the baby exit? The gate’s got to be open, if the gate’s shut and you’re trying to have a baby it’s not going to work.

Again back to pain people who used to come were in physical pain, they had really bad joints because they elderly or they had really bad joints because they’d damaged themselves. Of course they didn’t know about icing back then they were accidentally getting cold, they wouldn’t have done it deliberately back then that’s just down right stupid. COLD (CLICK)

Is it ethical for an acupuncturist to even suggest that ice might be useful or to be vaccinating? There’s another question. So we’re going back there to who I was seeing, the really elderly people who knew how to look after themselves, they knew how to look after themselves and they had no money. They’d gone through wars, they’d gone through Depressions, their parents had and they grew their own food. They didn’t have Coca-cola, they didn’t have sugar, sugar was a treat, if you had ice cream it was a tiny bit on a plate once a week and it was expensive.

I’m nearly 62 I know these things and so if you didn’t eat what was on your plate you got it served up for breakfast probably cold as well. If you didn’t like it well go to school, tough – it’s called boundaries. You can laugh about it but when you don’t have food where it is survival it’s that or nothing, it’s the grass out there, it’s the dirt. Ask the Chinese they went through it because somebody had bright ideas and those bright ideas were not what the elders would have sustained, they were what somebody thought. What somebody thinks invariably is not actually helpful, we’ve got to go back and go have we done this in the past? Is this what my great grandparents would have done? If the answer is no – stop it because it’s not biologically sustainable because they got you to hear and what you’re doing now is brave new world of being robotic and plastic. This medicine thing what is it? Medicine is following biology surely.

I’m just going to leave us with that little conversation and go back to pain. So who did I have coming in pain? Well I’ve covered the physical pain, we’ve got the joints and you know that is a syndrome so go back to causes of disease and here we have all sorts of things. Now I’m going to cover all kinds of things shortly as ingredients, we also had uterus was in pain, we had so much Shen disturbance it was beyond belief. Why? Because shall we go back to the wars? Dad came home, it wasn’t the same dad that left, never was that person again. They were all given cigarettes as part of their army rations, probably to warm them up, probably to save hunger and also to stifle any feeling.

They went out and had lots to drink and they did things and they had things happen to them and they had to do things to other people and they had to go through stuff that we’re not having a brave new adventure overseas which is what the bright young 17 and 18 year olds signed up for and the 14 year olds if they were big enough. I have had three sons at those ages and they would have grown up had they gone to war, they may not have come back but they would have grown up. The ones who are now in their 50s and 60s who have never been to war they have not grown up yet and they may never.

They aren’t, and they are fathering and they are leaving, fathering being the physical act of impregnating a woman, biological. The social fathering now where’s that gone? Oh goodness me he’s going to believe Peter Pan and get a new one. She’s got a pert set of breasts. We’re not using traditional medicine and its Chinese medicine too and it’s Korean it’s called Yang Sheng What’s Heather talking about?

We can sort out many things and had I known that back then it would have been a very different practice and life would have been a lot easier. So we’re looking at the Shen disturbances so the parents of our parents were very severely damaged, all of their male relations had either gone to war or were dead. If not they were considered to be ‘lily livered’ and all the rest of that because they hadn’t gone to war there was all of that stigma, it didn’t matter if you were accidentally pregnant if you didn’t go to war – big problem.

All of that stuff was on board for my patients back then and they had railway tracks all over their bodies, a stitch mark would look that big. We could get onto scars I know rather a lot about them and so we’ve got a belly. That she’s been slit down here for the first baby and she’s had another 7 more but never mind it wasn’t dangerous back then to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean. Then she’s been cut across here because they’ve taken out her uterus for whatever reason and she’s had her gall bladder taken out. Then we’ve had the appendix taken out and we’ve got the stitch holes like railway tracks running all the way down there about twice the size or three times the size of everybody’s laparoscopy holes.

Then she had a breast reduction because they were just enormous and so now we’ve got a slit across here and her nipples are taken off, put over there and then sewn back on again. Laterally they’ve gone and had their horrendous heart surgery and that’s come all the way down here like that. Now they’ve got their gastric banding and now they’ve got their gastric sleeve in and blah, blah, blah. Of course they’ve been hacked down below as well with the pair of needles. So I’m just saying it’s about Qi folks, we forgot it’s called flow, it’s not.

Getting back to the pain the Shen disturbances are being raised by parents who were at war with each other because she had to get married to him and then he went to war and he didn’t like her and blah, blah, blah. We’ve got mums not being able to work back here, I was getting 60 percent of a male income when I started working because I didn’t have the requisite male bits back in 1975. That’s ridiculous, how come? Just how come? So what we’ve got to do is we realise that it hasn’t been that long ago that women were totally disenfranchised and in fact they still are and we still are and we’re still listening to the men.

This is all just foolish because what’s not going on is us going back inside ourselves going look we should be having a cycle not shoving it down because we’re nine and we’re bleeding. We should work out why we’re having that cycle and not have that cycle. I didn’t see anybody having that back then because it wasn’t happening. So we might go what’s ethical about putting all these chemicals into our air, our water, our food, our bodies? There is nothing ethical, it’s not biologically sustainable then why are we doing it?

New definition – biologically sustainable

When we go back to the pain people were in pain because they had HRT not happening yet and they were drenching their bed with sweat. So just about all these women with really bad arthritis were really menopausal. They hadn’t been made well, so this is going into they weren’t made well because there weren’t the ingredients because of this here. If we’re not going to put it in context what do we think we’re doing? I’ve got other things you can watch online on women’s lives and context and I’ve done this because I’ve seen the neurological corruption – which is part of what I gave in 1994.

1994 model .

I was accidentally pregnant with number 4 not knowing I was pregnant and simultaneously being so grateful that I was never going to do that again  I was actually doing this thing called ‘What should be happening?’ and I had a template that was very clear in my head, this is health and it’s not happening. I was taught pathology, OK but we need to be talking about what’s real. So when I wrote the first course which became an endeavor, the first course I wrote it wasn’t the course that I’d learned from, the course I’d learned from had it all over the shop. I sat back and thought that’s not smart because I’d done naturopathy and that wasn’t smart easier but I’d been a mother and I think this is what did it. There was a kid who needed a lot of help because he had some problems and so I went I think we have to define health. Could you all write it down, this is part of the exercise and I think you’re going to be surprised. What do you call health? Have a drink of water while you’re at it.

When I was writing this course I decided I can’t tell people how to fix things until we know what they should look like. That’s too sensible. Health, Heather’s definition and I’m sure I don’t own that but that was the one that I came up with in 1981 in order to be able to write a course for acupuncturists. We’re going to start with the ability to adapt to change, anything that gets in the way of that we have to undo.

The same with treating pregnancy because pregnancy was my thing because I had been pregnant and there was nothing written on pregnancy in English particularly and nobody wanted to have anything, fertility didn’t exist and everybody got pregnant they just had to have sex. Whoops that was a non-issue.

Birthing? That’s what women did, the big money was in all this pain management. Before HRT it was in menopause and then once menopause, which is a construction, was taken care of with the HRT then those who were doing that had to find something else and they found fertility. Everybody found fertility, everybody is sitting there in fertility. Excuse me? Where are the people who’ve got the money? People my age who want to not be like their mothers and fathers and in the old people’s homes. The baby boomers are where you’re going to make the money but you need to sort out pain first so you need to nag on a little diversion – which is called ingredients and flows because we don’t do ingredients and flows because medicine doesn’t do ingredients and flows.

We apparently are bright, huh not any longer. But it says in this book here and this research says – come on what did your mother do? She might not have done what you’re going to do because she had more common sense. Then what you have signed up for you have signed up for anyway and so you can try and avoid it if you like, good luck it will come. So if you have got something that you are stuck on could you please unstick it because you’re not going to get past it, you’re just not. You can leave that job, you can leave that man, you can get rid of that kid, you can do what you like but the part that’s got stuck is you and until you move on from where you need to learn that learn that lesson it will continue in different forms until it doesn’t. So what it means to me I wrote up on every form, what does it mean to me when? OK who is ‘I’?

I think that we might want to actually clear our cage and allow that ‘I’ to be the one in charge of the ship. Sovereignty again and I’m not talking about kings and queens although I did say I’m a queen, I’m saying that because I’m not a goddess, I’m not a maiden and I’m not a mother. Yes, my children are out of my nest, I no longer have rabbits in my nest and I can get stuff done, after 35 years of active mothering I am now at this moment childless.

This is a good thing because I can’t guarantee it will always be like that so presently I have more sovereignty over my time and resources that I had in the past. (Hence this handing over process).


Our elders hold the keys to our future