Self Massage


Ever wondered . . .

Can I get better?
Do I HAVE to live like this ?
Is it really because – I am . . a woman, getting older, had children, NOT had children, etc.
What say – we take an other look?

Maybe .  .
We clear out what is stopping health.

Declutter – CLARITY
What I have been working with over the decades – and are now teaching others. . .

Ever wondered . . . What is health?

In 1981 when I was writing an acupuncture course – I wondered. I settled on ‘the ability to adapt to change’. 

AND – we all may ask

  • Where is the Owner’s Manual?
  • Is a recipe needed?
  • Can I find balance in my life?

Energy can easily become blocked. As a body focused acupuncturist, I was very aware that people do not like painful needle stimulation. Instead I used my fingers after the needling session to move what has been alerted to changes in the treatment. Better results have been maintained for longer. Using my knowledge of where the energy flows, I always undid blockages – resulting in apparently magic transformations for all  here you can too – at home without the needles!!

We begin somewhere other than the physical. We follow the energy pathways that give instructions to the physical body. First – the lateral (side) path as it seems to cover the places most people associate with stress related pain (blockage). Migraines, neck and shoulder tension, sciatica and hip issues.

8-gall-bladderThe Gall Bladder meridian covers the entire body top to bottom. The lines shown on the body map are representative of what is on both sides and what is always flowing – whether we have the actual organ still, or not.

The shaded lines show areas under the control of the energy we are looking at. The gall bladder and the Liver energy are very closely linked. This means that anything that upsets you will mess with the flows in these two channels/ lines/pathways/meridians more than in any others.

Along the upper legs, many women find that they store fluid and see ‘cellulite’ – this is easily moved – look to all the information I have on iodine – as the thyroid can only work when this is plentiful and the Qi can only move when this is bio available and shows as the Yang Qi and state of your metabolism – hence all weight and fluid are directly tied back to how well you can access the raw ingredients – micro nutrients though selenium (to allow the iodine to be transferred from the thyroid hormone T4 to T3) or the base iodine – to get all fluid moving in the cells – is within you.

The pathway of Liver meridian above shows you how all the women’s bits get upset . .
Kidney meridian pathway is below this mapping

7-liver                    5-kidney

The Kidney meridian, as all of these: is not just on the surface but runs many pathways within/throughout the physical body.

How can you help your circulation to circulate?

How to help the accumulation of fluid (see note on iodine (CLICK) above – paint it topically on your trunk – breasts and belly and areas of concern). Touch therapy – start at your chest – as so many do not think to when they have a ‘neck’ problem – the front of the neck is also not happy .. . also think – for breathing and all breast – including lactation woes.

Do we need to stand up straighter so we have more air in there?
Can we support the pelvis so our upper body – neck and shoulders – can hold us well? Can we feel as though the ‘innards’ are all in their right places (especially after we have had a baby – for the rest of our lives)  and not collapsing? Simple – do what most traditional societies do – gird their loins . . Once you have done this – you will be a devotee – it sorts out almost all back issues on the spot!!

Pull ups. .
Yes – I really do mean let’s become more toned within!
From here you can evaluate just how impressive even the smallest massage moves can be for you.

What IS going on in there?
Do any of us have a clue about our inner bits?

Here I show you how our uterus (or prostate if male) are situated and how when they are dislodged from perfect positioning all the body is in turmoil – often forever. Let us undo this. gentling from the Peristeaming and the Soothing parts of the Selfing course – all waiting for you.

The Fallopian tubes and ovaries are embedded in the broad ligament and from there  all nourishment through appropriate flows happens – or not . . how can you help yourself? Follow the peristeaming course as the softening and the soothing to release what is stuck in your tissues – and in your ligaments. What a joy – combined with the gentle work you can do on your own belly to undo your stuck tensions and traumas.

Getting to know yourself
The bits that create your inner food factory and the lymph that allows the fluids to be redirected, and all beings being happy within you – no longer a mystery, All that odd business in your gut – eased right here right now! Found in the soothing component.

Want to know how to help yourself?

You can have all the information that underpins what I do in clinic –  get those flows flowing again

The Selfing package

You will have instant access to:
1 – Secrets to a better life: What Causes Health? An exposee into what all elder’s knew. A life recipe – expanded upon. So many tricks from my holistic muli modality days in teaching, in clinic and in mentoring students, patients and those who desperation drives them onwards. Two guided meditation tracks, many eBooks that explain the working of your gut, your Qi and your progress through a life – all easily downloaded and for you to ponder.

  • Life Support (How the energy of digestion works – and simple ways you can heal /help it)
  • Helping Yourself to Health and Vitality (An extensive look at how the energy processes rule your life)
  • Detoxing Solutions (Undoing inner clutter)
  • Cold Damages Your Health (What cold does to us – and how to fix it)
  • Woman Tides (extensive eBook – explaining basic acupuncture practical theory – and how it applies in your life)

2 – Self Soothing Gentle lymph and belly moves to settle anyone with less than perfect circulation.

3 – Peri steaming – comes along for little extra investment – this is THE way to begin your own healing – regardless of what you ‘have’ (you need your gut to happily work) and regardless of what prior health training you have – this is the entry point to all my work. We did not get a foundation as we were not initiated into world wisdoms – here some are to get you on your own healing path

You have your own hands – irrespective of what other therapies you are using
If you still lie in bed at night . .
and worry – so let yourself soothe away the hurts . .

We can do it for ourselves . .

The 3 online courses above are a part of the fee – you start with these at your own time – AND we do the experiential hands on with each other – diving deeply into self – gift yourself. .