Cupping out the Cold

In the recent past someone thought adding in ice when something was damaged would help. Idea took off. Now all are in a mess as cold damages your health. Stops healing. Even with his retractions – it is still now the ‘go-to ‘ for all First Aid and is causing far more need for servicing of every past damage it has worsened, and is creating a whole industry in servicing wounded people.

ice MargaretNow you are left with less than what you had.

How to fix it? Stop breaking yourself for starters.
usual cupping off reaction

Course containing all you need to pull your own cold, and to start enjoying your body and all aspects of your life.
Home remedies instantly downloadable – the why’s and what to do – follow what all used to know. So many cultures still do – we as medical tragics just got too scared to help ourselves – you do not need permission – to be on this site you will have worked out that you need to take charge of yourself back.
May be that the end of the line has been reached – and ‘enough’ you say . .

Fix yourself yourself!

The course is now available online – you can have at your own fingertips the answers to so many apparently ‘too hard’ problems – which I have found in my clinical practice to all boil down to rescue your  Yang Qi – metabolism. Start with taking the cod out – ol Chinese home remedy – and always listen to the ‘old wives’ tales – and stay warm – do not add more cold in . .