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This is the test page as I finalise the content for the course on cupping out the cold (stopping healing on all levels)

Helping Yourself to Health

Here are some of the resources that are part of the course found here

Heather’s Home Helpers . .

What work on all in my clinic – do it yourself!

This WAS home medicine – in China prior to the changes wrought by the Cultural Revolution

Two major processes – one (navel cupping) often only a few times and

one maybe a now nightly ritual (steaming) as it is so relaxing . .

Cup the cold out

Part of this course

(that which you have inadvertently added in over your life

Why it makes such a difference (your metabolism is not able to do its job well)
Here you see easy steps to change this

Use topical iodine to improve your metabolism – and life!

Perineal steaming

After cupping – or totally separate to cupping the cold out – here we have a home remedy that many countries’ women have done for as long as anyone can remember. Relaxing and impressively healing

Moxa – why use it at home – and what it does . .

Half the word ‘acupuncture’ in Chinese – an easy way to assist remove all pain and weakness – at home – and any time – health maintenance and illness prevention. Recovery tool

Do start the process of looking after your Yang Qi.
Your body can heal itself and help you back on track!
Also available now – Women’s Healing Kits
(Perhaps email me to see what exactly you may need help with).

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