Over the decades I have amassed a lot of useful tools.

Here I have many of them in packs to assist you to do the hard work in finding what actually does the work intended – and well.

Also – what I refer to often in my written work, and what I use all the time in clinic.
There are gradually more kits as I roll out the courses and the natural healing coaching programmes, the affiliate healers programme, and post graduate courses (especially for acupuncturists who wish to take on deeper more heartfelt working with all).

Please be patient if you feel a need to (as an example) jump ahead with the men’s healing package – or the navel cupping.

We have had such internet bother that all is held back a bit.

I have to say if it is not here – it is ‘coming soon’

The payment page for the Women’s Healing kits will be up by the end of the week.

The boxes for assembling the Welcome Baby kit will be here mid next week.

Keep an eye out for these: