Pregnancy Nausea and Vomiting?


It is easy to help you help yourself – and your growing treasure . .

You must take charge of your life – and thus your body will work well again.
Once you find out why digestion is ‘on the blink’ you will have an easy life again.

Baby can be made properly.

Yes – I do mean to get your attention – this is not a small matter.
Regardless of the drugs offered – none are actually undoing why your body is screaming at you.

YOU have to work out what is happening and why

Then it is simple to return you to health.

You may ask – What is that? (True health?)

Answer – A state of all systems working well together so you do not even know about your basic body functions. Automatically all work – as you may remember – or possibly never have had. No pain, (body warning) no disruption – as an example – how were your periods? A dream – came and went – no hassle? That was your baby making apparatus. If you had ANY problems – here they now are showing up as they did warn you.
Look at the ways the ‘Spleen’ energy shows itself.

Because it makes Blood energy and this if not flowing smoothly then gives ‘period’ problems – that may be called all sorts of labels – endo, P.C.O.S. and of course – period pain and premenstrual tension/bloating/gut aches – even constipation, pimples and mood swings cyclically. That was not normal or healthy and here we are – you want your baby making machinery to flow – and yet your menstrual blood  did not -and your cycles did not – how is this logic – or even sensible?

Medical ‘wisdom’ told you to take pills/use retail apparatus/have constant surgery – and here we are – trying to use what was essentially broken. It is unlikely that you were a well unit to be on this page – as when you looking to it – who speaks of the upsets and their effects on your life?

Yes – it may have been a long time ago that.. . . . . (Your inner dialogue – “She can’t mean that?”)  Yes likely I do . .
Your body remembers all that has ever happened to it.
And now it is saying – ‘I can’t’.

Please pay attention.

T’is is not only about feeling sick – so sick and not finding answers .

You actually will need to change – not stay the one you were – and as an expectant mum – you do need to put the energy in – life is no longer about you. You could just find a pill – and sometimes it is many different ones. By numbing the messenger and shutting out sensations (especially if you are also on anti depressants and have been told that they are safe in pregnancy – NOTHING pharmaceutical  is actually.

But – doing this – pretending taking a pill will shut up a warning system – still you have the driver of the digestive rebellion online and all that you are doing is buying – time to go to work and pretend that there is not a war going in inside you. You are to make the best baby possible. How?

You have a growing person in the middle of all of this. I write this not to make you feel guilty – but to WAKE YOU UP.
This is not only about you.

I have had to help women who may have had many terminations even though they desperately want their growing baby to make it out of them and into their arms – as they are TOO SICK to hold it in.
Let this not be you.

A history of anxiety/ depression and maybe physical pain migraines, ‘ovulation’ pains, and all ‘hormonal’ disorders – now become more troublesome as there is so much more call on your body now working.

And you – took a pill then? Shut down the warning red lights? Told that it was ‘normal’ to do so? Who won?
This time is over – to get to this page you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Put on your Big Girl Pants in fact.

For baby’s sake. He/she gets to live in the house you are constructing. Just as in any building or even a cake – the ingredients and the sequence/order and attention to detail make the result.Like eating and poohing and sleeping – it all just works. Here in early or late pregnancy – it may not be. Balance disrupted.

Whilst these charts may seem a bit odd- they show what is supposed to happen – and what does as we break down.

There will be more than nausea happening – although that  may be all you can focus on.

Your entire body is not happy to be showing you this problem.
WARNING – expect to learn lots.

Leads us into


The coins stand in for your inner wealth – what you are gifting your bub


Here is the entire poster I designed in 2002. It explains the gut function and what you can do to enhance – and mess it up.

To explore what goes wrong and why,  we need to know what normal is and how that happens.

To do this I am sharing what I have been immersed in for the past decades – all my working life – as an a natural health problem solver. Consulted when all else mainstream/orthodox has failed. As now.

The terms I am using cannot really be transferred into what you would expect, as they are specific and cover SO MUCH more than what you are used to if you use/know these words.

‘Spleen’ here refers to the system that is governed by the Spleen energy and covers the body functions of what you would expect to be digestion – and circulation. The physical organ and function of the pancreas is involved – energy of digestion/metabolism/thyroid to an extent and of transportation in your body – circulation, waste disposal – lymph.

The physical organ spleen but also consciousness/thinking and all your structural integrity. Think veins., prolapses and tissues and blood staying where they were supposed to be. That is also haemorrhoids.

When one problem is there registering attention, it is easy when it is not attended to, that it leaks into other areas of your life. Plus of course – when gut is not able to make great use of nutrients, mal(bad) nutrition and its consequences start – especially for the baby being made. Initially you may be told all is well – but NO medication of any kind is tested for or is actually SAFE in pregnancy – thus you are very right to be answering the call of your gut instincts to find out what you can do to assist your body to heal itself, so normal happens.

It is NOT normal to feel any nausea when pregnant – none.

Regardless of what those who do not understand health tell you.

This is no longer all about you . .

This may be a little confronting for you.

You may need to unlearn some habits. And concepts.

A medical person is for emergencies. This is not that. This is life – beteh best you can be. Returning to perfect normal.

 A healthily growing baby



The scope of practice of a medical person is to avoid death.

You may think medical is the authority. Of what? Life processes? They keep saying ‘we don’t know’. Not what you need to hear. here I am showing you the electronics  and you are used to being in the machine  – now you need more. To be yourself your ‘life; back – and your baby his/her own life to enjoy.


What is  ‘alternative’/complementary health?  You may wonder alternative and complementary to what? Wellness? Designed to be a label that turns you into what has been shown to work in crises – mostly Western ways of controlling nature. Also in vast accidents, incidents where cessation of life/death is possible – needed. This is not now. Your baby needs you to be the best mum you can be.

Alternative to this
The retail illness/industrial ‘medicine’ is selling options that are not natural. Drugs and surgical options mainly.

Natural health workers is to retrieve perfection. Offering health enhancement/life support. The acupuncture/East Asian medicine model offers this. What you want – understanding and thus how to live well.
You want the best for your growing baby. I do too. We begin . .
If you get his – then what I suggest you do makes perfect sense.
It also works.
I have been helping those that nothing has seemed to – for decades.
Multi modality -more than one way to work – and we need to appreciate that the oral traditions of all cultures covered this n their ways of knowing – what we learned at our mother’s lap (through copying) and knee – through following and habits/rules of living (‘elders’ wisdoms’.

Gut can’t/ is not able to work well . . .

And all sorts of apparently unrelated things ‘go wrong’

Here is why..

You need the right model that allows understanding.

Energy instructions are no longer normal. Your body starts doing weird things.


Seen differently ..

(What you do not want – but what may happen if we do not do a rescue)

  • Find out yourself – and how to fix it yourself..
  • Maybe your body is suggesting that you stop and rest?
  • A woman who held off seeing me as she had tried acupuncture last pregnancy – ‘and it did not work . ‘
  • Of course it didn’t.
    This is NOT a needle issue . .
    She needed direction on how to live – what to eat and particularly what not to do . .

Gut health?
The helico-bacter needs removing .
The cold that is in there (usually worse the second baby as the ice packs are out in force – for the first one – engorged breast/birth injuries . . as a ‘need’ to ice them. The woman I speak of is so much better at 11 weeks – and this is cupping the cold out every session – but you may need to know that this is me after 40+ years of practical clinical research and development.

Avoid all cold

  • You need the inner fire to be working.
  • All those cold drinks/ice sucked (but I want it) need to go.
  • All those raw – it needs ore digestive help than you currently have access to
  • All that sweet – it insults the very energy that is needed to work – the Spleen

Go to salt – coloured salt.
Fat – a bit of hard butter – salt it – you will feel immediately better.
STOP all raw, cod and sweet anythings. Instantly take in salt ad fat . .and warm. Even if it is only sucking ONE nut and spitting it out – not raw nuts – cooked – tamari roasted almonds are delicious.

Step One 

Pull out the cold and stop all cold added back in – any vector

Step Two

Support life and flows – paint iodine on your belly and where ever else you feel to – especially breasts will calm down all breast tenderness instantly.  Probably best to invest in the Reset Your Metabolism course as you can do all of this at home and it always was a home based women’s way of knowing – all the old wives’ tales in here are life friendly and they work . .

Step Three

Encourage good gut bacteria. Check out the link HG and Helicobacter – and yes you can assist your body to overcome ths naturally whilst pregnant  no need for a nasty anti (life)-biotic).

Step Four

Encourage the growth of strong stomach acid (pH of 1- 2 to ensure only correct organisms are part of your gut and that you can digest protein – to live. Enjoy salt – add the pink and grey versions (never white) to everything that goes in your mouth. The more salt the better you will feel. With butter – take a small stick out of the fridge, and salt it well with Himalayan salt and eat it straight – you will be surprised – the fat/protein and salt combo – even a small mouthful – will revive you! Even just lick it .

Step Five

Eat a little salty protein and fat every hour or so – 1 or half a salted almond – preferably roasted  . . as it is easier to digest.

Step Six

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