Hyperemesis Solutions

Pregnancy Nausea and Vomiting?

Easy to stop . .

Real answers that work are to be found here.

Work out what is happening and why

Do not listen to those who do not know . .

Find out yourself – and how to fix it yourself..

Maybe your body is suggesting that you stop and rest?

A woman who held off seeing me as she had tried acupuncture last pregnancy – ‘and it did not work . ‘

Of course it didn’t.
It is NOT a needle issue . .
She needed direction on how to live – what to eat and particularly what not to do . .

Gut health?
The helico-bacter needs removing .
The cold that is in there (usually worse the second baby as the ice packs are out in force – for the first one – engorged breast/birth injuries . . as a ‘need’ to ice them.

The women I speak of is so much better at 11 weeks – and this is cupping the cold out every session – but you may need to know that this is me after 35 years of in clinic research.

Please get the course and work through it – and then sign up for the mentoring programme as this will allow you to easily work as I do – with turning ‘high risk’  pregnancies back to easy natural home births . .Mammalian maternity for all.

Step One 

Pull out the cold and stop all cold added back in – any vector

Step Two

Support life and flows – paint iodine on your belly and where ever else you feel to – especially breasts will calm down all breast tenderness instantly.  Probably best to invest in the Reset Your Metabolism course as you can do all of this at home and it always was a home based women’s way of knowing – all the old wives’ tales in here are life friendly and they work . .

Step Three

Encourage good gut bacteria. Check out the link HG and Helicobacter – and yes you can assist your body to overcome ths naturally whilst pregnant  no need for a nasty anti (life)-biotic).

Step Four

Encourage the growth of strong stomach acid (pH of 1- 2 to ensure only correct organisms are part of your gut and that you can digest protein – to live. Enjoy salt – add the pink and grey versions (never white) to everything that goes in your mouth. The more salt the better you will feel. With butter – take a small stick out of the fridge, and salt it well with Himalayan salt and eat it straight – you will be surprised – the fat/protein and salt combo – even a small mouthful – will revive you! Even just lick it . .

Step Five

Eat a little salty protein and fat every hour or so – 1 or half a salted almond – preferably roasted  . . as it is easier to digest.

Step Six

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