This is so simple!


(Why would Nature spend all of that energy to make babies if mum could not feed them?).

We need to know something . . .
It would likely help make sense of all that we go through . .

 Who knows what  do . .?


I am asking simple questions of my friends. .
We did not have people telling us to ‘top up’ with formula . .
We did not even have bottles – we had breasts.

We were not living no w though.
I am after how we negotiated the real dramas you may also have .
BUT we did not have some of the dilemmas facing new mums.
This is one mum’s answers.

Life is NOT medical. . .
If you are having some trouble with feeding your baby – reach out to someone who has been there before.
AS with most thing – life experience is all that matters.
What is written.being taught goes in and out of favour.
Life goes on regardless . .


All mammals can . . .

Heather’s maternal adventure . .
Baby 1 – Imagine living in a cottage with electricity and phone – but no sanitation  . .
Local river was my ‘bath’ – so  . .breastfeeding was a given – no water on tap where I was then living.
Baby 2 – I was teaching 4 classes of 3 hours weekly (and writing the course for acupuncturists from the time he was 3 weeks old – and all through this – not a bottle or mastitis  .
3rd –  breastfeeding through nearly losing my miik – nearly losing the baby (massive brain injury – keeping her alive)
4th – C section almost 40 years ago as a single mum.

Blood = Milk

Look also to this amazing resource . .

(Perhaps also go to this area on another of my sites?)

NO COLD – not a mother’s friend . .- cold infiltration /invasion will mess with your vulnerable pink bits.

Water  . .at least 4 litres daily – no milk? Can be fixed – just guzzle – like cows must .

Support  . . . where is your tribe?

Looking after new mums

All cultures had to mind the new mums – as the future is assured when we do.

Blood and Blood energy – is what is also needed – see more here.

Heather’s learnings started HERE – life

I was a vegan  .
Lost over a litre of blood at birth – not a great start
HAD to breastfeed this wee lad.

What next?

Vaginal seeding – just in case ‘insurance’.

How to make sure nipples are happy . . the old way . .
How we DID not have troubles – we HAD to do what we were told to.

How to win with nipples

This ‘nipple recipe’ won – until I did not use it with my last baby
Thrush in cracked nipples – not funny!

More on nipple care here

More than food/drink

Recipe – after blood transfusions and a small handful of raw almonds with each snack – plus so much water drunk.

This is not a smart idea – look at the 40 days staying inside a house – I was running my 7 year old around to soccer etc plus off teaching from baby’s age – week 3. Women have always managed what HAS to happen . .

Interesting times. . . how to keep feeding a dying bub in NICU

What I did . .
20 B complex tablets daily
Had acupuncture to calm me down

LOTS of water and food .. Also use these tricks . .

After C section

Can we feed a baby and recover from massive abdominal surgery?

With grace – and lots of intention – some may say luck – but I did not deviate from what I intended.

My daughter’s mother’s story – here
Breastfeeding in trying circumstances here

Still more here

What about the ‘helpers’ NOT helping?

Surround yourself with women who have . .
We may be older – ask – it was what we our our hearts and souls into .

Why would we feed our babies?

Baby needs to be nourished by your body STILL.

NOT A BANK . . More you use – more you make.

When you want less/no breast milk

Including engorgement

Stop any Blood boosting herbs as this will make better and more abundant milk.


Avoid all cold exposure.  .
Take the cold out – navel cupping – see more here.
NO elder’s wisdom would have suggested this.

Fixing Mastitis

Maybe also read through this?

iodine – topical on body – palm sized piece a day  can go on breast as well – maybe alternate breasts – will clear up the lumps and the low thyroid function.

Also see what I have in the manual – available online instantly . .

Best value – the resources – download instantly and get started on new life – so easy . .

Easy Pregnancy resources

Always there is an answer – please read Hints from a trio of triplet mums

I can be reached on (07) 3899 2274
Or by email.
We can organise a Skype/messenger chat if necessary with bank transfer of CC over the phone ..

I am not a L.C. or midwife – I am one who is likely able to help.
A continuity of care provider.

I know that decades later we still hold these stories as though it were yesterday.

Mothering needs to be instinctive

There is nothing medical in being a mammal.
All of us can breastfeed – or we would be not here.

Problem has arisen with all of us handing over sovereignty.
Your job as a mum is to fiercely make sure natural happens.
Anything/anyone getting in your way – your job to assert yourself.
You need to be empowered all through the pregnancy.
YOU are the only one who is the mum – and as parents YOU both bear consequences.

Ideally you become more aware – I wrote my manual – so you do know what to do ..

and before the state you may find yourself in.
I wish this new version of maternity – me 42 years ago – knew what I have collated for you.

Myself as a Newly born mum                                                                                                                                                      

Here is my book – and DVDs come to – as in 2005
I can likely undo the trauma as I will post soon – of several mum’s experience – without me even touching them!

I am conducting a wee survey and am writing up other mums’ stories – as we all have something to say –

My Wiser Older Women project – it does dredge up a lot though.
I am so sorry for all of you who have not had what is your baby’s birth right – an easy pregnancy and birth and life – as two things missing

And avoid all ice!



You may need to know more – do email me or phone for more help (07) 38992274