2021 – Next steps LLT – 2 of 4


We begin
Changes – be the one you wish the world to be

How is it that you are here?

Some of us always stood out.
We may have tried to hide
We may now feel so stifled that we MUST come forth

Welcome . .

Here we are – starting with habits.

Likely what was comfy is no more.

Black sheep?
or pink rose in amongst . . ?

We all have some shedding to do.
The next three weeks – till the 12th Feb – will be a flurry of getting things done from my end.

Remember I said we are on a 4 week run off – starting last week?. . .
We are to do the commitment to self – to see how we expect others and what we need to move in
This is part of your hour – maybe on the steamer?
Yes – I have to set up a steaming area also – where the cooker does not trip the power . .
Resistances (Objections)
Distractions (excuses)
And Intentions – why are we . .
Relative to the top circle being clearer/able to move into gear
PLUS – top circle mission (of it becomes clearer – of not are – recycle back to resistances . .

If not now – when?

If not you – who?

In addition to the ‘stuff’ you so, the shifts in the world, the holidays, if you have children to be with, or whatever else –
WHEN is the ideal time? We make it.

Please print this pout and fill it in – many – fo rall in family – an pop it up for discussion.
HOW can the fullness of yours become lessened to fit in what you need to do for the first hour and last hour of all days to be yours?

We all have a little girl/boy inside. S/he needs to have some airing and know it will be her/his turn.
Also – you are modeling to all the ones around you – your worth and your selfing needs – an empty cup is no good for the/your world

Which minute -1

Decades ago I made this up for the women who were feeling really ‘put upon’. I had been that one.  Me as a ‘housewife’ – “what did you do all day” – loomed. When HE stayed home (as in whilst I was in hospital after a baby born) – little happened and he exstrapolated out . .The cleaning, cooking fairies -were on call when I was home. They disappeared if it was his shift . .

We set it all out.
And if you are in your own bubble by yourself – what is your time allocation?
Visually presented – it creates the possibility of change.

Ahead of today’s Zoom

Starting anywhere is handy.

We all have these AND


For me – Thankfully it is raining and looks like being all week – so watering new roses and plants is not needed.

Selfing sheets finally done (draft as always – do come up with better ideas please).

GW selfing starter

Gentling Way selfing sheets

We need balance . .
And in my case to become vastly more creative again.


2013 water copy – 2 ½ – 3 litres – average sized body

2014 dehydration – drink – especially a lot before eating

 Catch up – what next