Women’s Home Massage course

How to make any woman comfy . .

Regardless of the location of the pain and tension – all touch is therapeutic and when you know what to do to help move the lymph congestion – it is surprising what can be shifted!!

How may you help get her flows flowing again?
Pain gone and all systems ‘go’?

Here is a brief taster

My subjects’ back looks attacked – it was.
This is after I have alleviated her headache and a lot of her frozen shoulder . .
You can too!!

Lightness of being results!

The women’s massage course shows you in easy to understand steps how to go through all of the body – or just selected bits. FIBROMYALGIA . . .what most women find themselves with after a certain age – it is actually ‘just’ low body function and the Self Care package below has your answers . .. all of them – seriously.

As an older woman who has been a natural health care professional and teacher of healers for over 35 years now – I have worked it out – we need to live in these times .. .

Answering the question – ‘What do I eat?”
Also explaining why in this modern world –  when it appears that you do ‘everything right’ – you seem not much better.

Three components: (Please click each to learn more)

  • Love Your Body Better
  • (Learn why and how you can instantly start self repair
  • The Healing Power of Touch
  • (Your own hands to liberate your own life force/Qi)
  • Foundational Moves
  • Working with another – magically shift the blockages to healing
    This holds all the touch therapies that I have successfully been teaching for the past 35 years to students and patients alike.

Get the full course here: the Foundational Moves (above) have me working on a man’s body – as we all have them in our lives. .  Once you have signed up for this, the women’s massage course will come as well

As part of the Self Care course