Why we need to make better babies naturally

Is anyone paying attention?

Because no one seems to be thinking of starting from the beginning . .
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Heather as The Natural Fertility Detective – here are the beginnings of the entire membership course- till it all goes behind the payment areas as it is a membership (3 month)course.

And watch out as I will say things that you do not expect and may even upset you -as now it is all so simple – why did no one else say so?

Beginnings . . .

Start at the beginning ..


What was and what is probably still not being looked for . .
Sex is for making babies – so why is it not?
Shall we start at the beginning?

Uterine position may need correcting


This is also answer . .
I do both and all I have designed over the decades . .

If you are spending up big in IVF and ART – it would be worth your while to jump on a plane as a couple and come over to NZ when I am next there – Greymouth is a pretty entry to the natural world we live in . .

Mid to end of April.

I will then be in Brisbane on and off when not teaching internationally (as I am presently am in LA and will be in Rothenberg Germany end of May)

In the meantime – what can I offer with the uterine malposition – and adhesions and past scars holding everything all bound up?


Why do they not do this now??

Having a baby is a life long responsibility – they grow up to be constant distractions – past being cute . .

Why we might want to unpack what happened to us before . as that has an influence on us now and in the future . .

How do you ensure you do not ‘need’ to scan or worry about baby quality?

Perhaps since I mentioned vaccination and you are swamped with ‘be good’/responsible messages to the contrary – it IS safe and it IS necessary – you might want to stop off, wonder what causes health and see why some as myself are saying – might want to research that for yourself.  .. and read/watch some of this . I sincerely wish someone had said so to me . .



What do they do/why do we need to test them?

Maybe we will need to allow the ingredients to be seen by the cells so we can use them?
No good it being in the blood and testing as being there – we are NOT in a clean state .. .

Asking awkward questions . .

Have you investigated the sperm health page?

Sperm health . .

Your choice.. .