Making the best baby possible

Start with the optimal intention

Making the best baby possible is your responsibility

Please do not start by ‘trying to get pregnant’!!!.

It used to be that all were trying to NOT get pregnant – so what happened?
(HINT – modern life)


This is NOT medical advice or even in the orthodox medical field’s awareness.
This may also upset you if you have had a ‘false start’ to know that it was so easy to not ‘go there’

BUT – would you have been ready to do as I (and Nature) suggest??)
Be please be gentle on yourself.

Here we go through what you do not want in a pregnancy . .

And how easy it would be if we started with FERTILE  sperm.

I started helping couples become families in the late 70’s – before IVF even existed in Australia.

There is a missing piece of information.

It may help everyone who finds that babies are not following sex (in their bedrooms) as they always have before

W.H.O. parameters of fertile sperm

(All they had to be)

Year being visually normal
– one head, one tail – no mention of actual chromosomal integrity).
1980 80.5%
1987 50%
1992 30%
1999 15%
2010 4%
2017 ?%Where can this go next?

Can you get a driver’s license with such a ‘pass mark’?

How many women in the same time period have become MORE fertile to cover his precipitous plummet?

Why is no one telling you the terrible truth?
The toxic state we find the environment is mirrored within you

Great sperm!!! – is an extension of your health

Please pay attention to Nature warning you – at last 50% looking normal sperm – and at least 100 million/ml – preferably 300 million/ml – and all alive and swimming well . . Below you find why it matters. A lot!

Please look to The Great Sperm Race – Nature is designed to reproduce us easily.

Avoid the heartbreak . .
Early pregnancy loss

If you have already had a miscarriage or some other awful thing happen – perhaps start as though you mean business . ..

Chromosomal?/genes wrong – or life style issues that you can alter . .
Including ‘instantly pregnant after seeing me –
Not necessarily the best option
Get the sperm in a well and as good as state first. .

Check HIS rectal BBT

(Yes – I know that is not what anyone else is saying . .).

BUT – this is the way that has been working for me for decades helping couples as yourself).
See what else I have here on the subject

The time for making the best baby is being made –
CAN you improve the quality of the baby you make?
Of course you can . . .

You need to see

What happens ‘if’?

Stop TRYING to get pregnant – and make sure you have perfect every time!
Up to you . .

Why sperm quality matters . .

More on what you do no want . .
And YOU can shift the likelihood – none of this is ‘LUCK’
The medical take ‘we don’t know’ is not what all animal keepers know that the best with the best ingredients will make the best . .

Baby coming out too soon . .

Covered – what triggered the premature labour?
Why is nature booting out baby early?
Gestational diabetes – lack of what is needed – and too much of what you don’t . .

Why not stop this?
‘Medicine’ does not know  . .


This is NOT medical advice or
Even in the orthodox medical field’s awareness.

See more here. .

Avoiding Premmie labour

What to do instead of worrying . .

Download ‘What Dad Can Do’.

Insure that baby has the optimal opportunities.

What happened to have baby leave the safety of mum’s body?

Insufficient ingredients – and flows not adequate
See more here . . . .
Problems with amniotic fluids?

Vaccination in pregnancy
Please research yourself.  . .

This is responsibility – who ELSE wears the consequences?
Baby does not have an immune system to boost.
(Not even until several months old and then not needed if being fully breastfed).
No vaccination says on its package insert that it is tested on children – let alone fetuses . .

(Not tested as being safe) and is definitely not when you look to the role of adjuvants.

Please do not take the gestational diabetes test.
Your mum did not.

Do eat as I suggest elsewhere – so much fat veggies and protein and avoid all starchy foods and any sweet in tase will correct almost all ‘high risk’ issues. . as will drinking only pure water.
There are alternatives – including – insure that the diet and lifestyle as are as they were in your grandparents ‘ day – where is the Vit D 3 – and a lot of it? IN my practice I do not have these problems as I make sure all women have access to enough to ensure pregnancy is as easy as it is designed to be. See what else you can learn on this here. The magnesium ? The ingredients to make better breast milk are the same for growing babies, breasts, and of course breast milk – and making sure mum is in the most perfect state – pre and post carrying baby . .
See more here

First few years of a baby’s life?
Breastfed by a happy mum . .
Immunity is then assured as her body makes ON THE SPOT what is needed as it is .
See more here.
This is not what is currently being pedaled – go back to nature.
We are meant to be birthed and breastfed and left alone with mum (A healthy one).

Coming soon – The Natural Fertility Detective.
Please sign up .  .

If you want to fast track the best baby you can make . .
Please contact Heather  for the premier versions of her decades of holistic natural health care.

What I have gleaned having done this work.

Also see anyone who is doing the Mercier work – see more here.
They can help her – but YOU need the best sperm possible
Please contact Heather  for the premier versions of her decades of holistic natural health care.
The home help kit is also available so you can instantly start when with the home rescue work that has allowed so many others – often with almost NO VIABLE sperm to make their own babies at home. .  It takes two.

Spending all resources on her body ignoring how much the sperm do does not always lead you to your precious (and very healthy) goal –

Yes it takes effort – and little money – just a reversal of what you have been doing – to go back to Nature ..
Let it show you the way . .

(His parent spent years on IVF to lose s much and eventually come to me – and after a year after her being told she needed donor eggs – they naturally made him at home . .).
Sperm is always the key!!!


Easy babies are as simple as healthy beginnings