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Dry needling: my solution

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What is this Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction?
(98% of sufferers are women – one person I see started from diagnosis at 4 years old – and taking out her gall bladder in desperation made it A LOT worse).

Do we even know where it is/what it does?
This is a big problem and no answers medically . .

Your choice – pain – or – health?

She said . .. ‘I had an sphincter attack the other morning due to stress.

However it was very different, I could feel my tummy tensing etc but no pain. I had the usual post attack symptoms such as diarrhea and fatigue but it was a huge improvement not to have the debilitating pain”.

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Adding into the tool kit . . the Gentlng Way . .

Reconnecting the Bao and Dai Mai – undoing what C sections and all adhesions create?



Start with the online courses and see how you go – everyone – Self Care first . .

Why self tending/self care?

There is so much more . . . (and Self Care begins your journey – the Foundational Moves alone!!
Pulling out the stored cold – navel cupping how and why and
Unusual moxa uses

Lymph congestion and pain relief – across the entire body – with or without needles in place – hands on wins!
Prostate drainage

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

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