What we make hormones with

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This is a page that has not the best sound bites.
Awaiting for perfect we would never move forwards . .

I have put up as I say it so many times a day/week that I from now on will get people to watch and then ask questions. – and if you have come in from YouTube – and not heard of my decades of work going where no MAN seems to want to – (feared of the likely back lash truth creates).


So many people blame their ‘hormones’.
A likely excuse – BUT they are messengers.
What are they saying?
Too tired/stressed/not enough nutrients to run your body well?

Maybe you need to get your life in order?

Life Recipe

And yourself also?

What I call the hormonal mud map appears here


And here is how it happens that it is ‘out of order’ . .

We get all sorts of SICK and never ‘OK’ til we


Much like an electrical gadget – not designed to have all that ‘open’/working past capacity.
Shut it down – Reset – and then hopefully Restore factory settings – if we have them – and possibly not – hence all the ‘infertlity’ and cancer and why not – come down the rabbit hole with me and see what set this in motion . . .

Enjoy . .
Finally someone knows how it all fits in – and makes sense for you.

There is so much I have on my various sites to keep you informed.

Thyroid . .adrenals – not happy – see more here in fibromyalgia – is the same – regardless of the upset being called – be it endometriosis or infertility or accelerated aging – is all (including cancer) a disorder ingredients NOT getting to where they are supposed to – and WHY???  T4 and T3 explained . . .

Take charge –  it is YOU that is living in that life (Who owns YOUR thinking)?


What to do?

See below – the drops and the Glutathione (accelerator) have worked miracles on so many people – I do not start anyone on herbs and supplements ( used to) as we MUST get rid of what is blocking the ingredients and assimilation of what build life – FOOD.

Taking the drops 5 drops x 6 daily and a lot more water are how I went from taking an A.C.E. inhibitor (for my heart) to none after 18 years – and from equivalent of 200mcg T3/T4 to 50 mcg of T4 (after 30 years) . . Story here


Expectation see more here


Why am I a bit fired up?

I spend all day trying to put out fires that should not be there.
Have for decades. Dental work? Not only yours – your grandmother – all is passed down – fetal mining – a legacy that you do NOT want.

You will have to shut the clutter.  Stop the insidious nonsense that is planted there by the ‘we-don’t-know’ brigade – that are granted so much kudos – they are also paid so much. All seem to think all the medical ‘care’ needed is ‘have you been jabbed’?’

The more injectibles go in. The worse your life will be.

“But I don’t have any (now) in my mouth” you may say  – ‘great’ – but you are storing it in your brain as your body can’t get rid of easily. . . So it stays put  and passes down through the ages – as baby making – and as breast milk.  Body Burden.

Aluminium is neurotoxic and NEVER tested for safety in those ‘health ‘ measures.
The aluminium replaces what is arguably worse – the mercury.

See more on that here . .

Why I am on this at all . .

My body did not do so well with the additives – and this is ME – not even been drunk.

Hormones – messed with

Found on my daughter’s mother’s story site

This is the story of how this mother coped with change. How she worked out how to believe and what to do…when.

It all started when I realised that I needed to know what to do when my first baby was ill. He had a father who was a chronic asthmatic and who had been ill all his own life. I wondered what was I to do if his son followed suit. My decision was not to allow the random medical fads to take their toll.

Or to hope that he grew the most well he could be – into his potential and beyond. But to ensure this.

For the sake of your children – please do what I did not – research more.

  • I put this page together for my patients and anyone who is interested ..
    Bio-available ingredients?? What might I mean??
  • I mention drops . .
    They made SUCH a difference – and expense?
  • How much a better life? She was almost instantly better. . (never fixed – but any tiny win is a bonus)
  • Also the Glutathione accelerator . . (6 capsules in the morning)
  • At least investigate what nature would have you do first . . .
  • Is health found in the corruption of a baby’s brand new body?
  • Can we do better naturally? What about leaving well alone?
  • Why is autism – unknown by most when Kathryn was diagnosed by me – her mum (when she was under one year’s old) now so common?  So obvious were her cues
  • What has happened?
    Maybe ask that of your doctor prior to vaccinating as I did not and Kathryn was so much more damaged after her (unnecessary) MMR injection – I lost all the gains I had helped her with – forever.
  • Heather (me) 2017 version walking the viewers through the horror of being an ex vaccinating mother.


What do you do?

Regardless of what the ‘problem’ seems to be – likely there is an underlying blockage to nutrients getting you and the whole ‘hormonal’ card is pulled – when actually there is more to that story.

Maybe contact me as I have a few more ‘runs on the board’ than most.

I have been at the interface – of ‘nothing seems to be working’ – for over 40 years – when life WAS a lot simpler.

Together we are likely to undo your health /life puzzle.

You can either see me for intensives (My preferred way of working as we dive deep and clear as much as possible – no skimming of the surface – that has to date not helped you) or arrange for an online consult to see how my decades of health care problem solving may benefit you.