After Foundational Moves – what you can do

The Gentling Way . .

Is a combination of respectful understanding of how a body holds itself together – after a life of incidents and no way to let go. Using touch therapy based on energy flows, being aware of the presence of Reichian armour bands

Circulation to the structure – thus how the body functions, whether viscera are irrigated well within is often impeded due to the accumulation of falls and distressing incidents, operations and life events

The twisted pelvis we all seem to ‘call home’ is easily undone – permanently – using the Gentling Way of allowing what is held hostage in the body to unravel . . Hence we start with Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai

Here is an example of this work.

We start at the level of the diaphragm to let the breathing free.

Stuck Liver Qi gets caught in the body and can be easily released


Moving onto the front to even this up



Our bottom is where we store all our grief/angst

Undoing the suspensory ligament

More awaits – after you have completed the Self Discovery online course

(is part of the experientials Gentling Way Self Care)

We move into the Living Ligaments I – realigning the centre – our womb space.

See the draft teaching schedule . .

Heather’s 2019 Teaching Schedule

Online component is ready when you are . .

Please contact me on how to start as I am offering slightly different in 2019 – once I get the venues sorted.

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