What we make hormones with

Welcome . .

I am so glad I had a patient record me walking her through all of this.
Was saying this script so often . .
And now it is all gone –
And I am clinic-less (Covid) and in NZ undoing all I did over 40+ years in clinic to hand over to the ones coming after.


Food – and bio availability – is NOT what is being taught?
Do even the ‘health workers’ tasked with the job en know how to put it all togtehr?
You may need to watch this a few times – take notes.

I am going over A LOT . .

Understanding thus ingredients

Sorry about the sound . .
We did this up as where else are you to hear about this?
More here..




T3 – T4 and heavy metal contamination

Are zinc and selenium (micro nutrients) available – and bio available at that?
Cancer – from low temperature – low thyroid – too much HALIDES in the water and our biosphere

MUST change what you are doing . .
Water . . . a whole site in its healing properties  here

What to do?

Change your habits
Change who you regard as an expert . . .

At least someone whose scope of practice is LIFE enhancement/support- not death avoidance.
(And who so frequently say ‘we don’t know’).

Listening to yourself would be good – what feels right?
(That is how all other living creatures live their lives).

Ways of knowing . .

1 – Just do – innate or it is obvious to you – somehow ..
2 – Learned behaviour – embodied – you are it

3 – Some (‘authority’) said
4 – Lots of people said ‘It is written

It is YOUR life. . .


Your food factory – Three Heater.


See my version of this here ..
Your responsibility

You intention to ????
Your commitment to  .. ?
Your empowerment follows. .


Expectation – you become empowered. .

Your choice . .

Where next?
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Are we a good fit?