Multi generational help

Life changes


I saw this couple when ‘retired’ from clinic and happily only teaching post graduate acupuncturists  – just being a mum at home – I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time – 1986.

I was doing a locum of a few weeks for a friend – an they came in – and within 2 weeks were pregnant – after 7 years of actively trying (from when they were 17 years old).

They conceived two daughters 2 years apart – and now have at least 2 grandchildren!

What did I do?

I cleared out what was not supposed to be there
Added in what was .
Got their flows going
Had them take a lot of supplements and Western herbal tinctures –

(I had trained as Western herbalist).

Did a massive amount of lymph and prostatic drainage (in the online courses).
I cupped the cold out (navel), replacing the Yang Qi missing – with moxa (a lot) for Sue. In 1986 – this was ahead of the new epidemic we all face now – not so many (useful) sperm for men.

He was the one who was holding their babies back (of course the medicos said ‘unexplained infertility’).
Now they just say donor eggs – as though the sperm is good enough even for them – were they good – and who is to say??)
A retail industry that gets ever stronger as so few look at this as a farmer would .

(Warning – too much information) He was just sending out pus and bits of dead sperm – so what was she supposed to use to make a baby with? This is a usual theme – as though we live in King Henry VIII th’s time ..
All about problems we can find in her – and she may have some – but she cannot make a baby by herself . .

Now it would be seen as all her ‘fault’ (as this is always what is said to couples)  – though back then Sue was just 24 years old. .)

I cleared away all the debris.

Before they were really ready, they became accidentally pregnant with number 2.

He then had his tubes tied – enough children!!

This is after 7 years (from 17 years of age) of NOT getting her pregnant . ..


Multi generational fertility work

Their second daughter seeing me before her own son was born.
Here she is – Sue holding one of her grandchildren


Second daughter – saw me throughout her pregnancy  – doting grandma!