What usually drives people to seek help


PAINOn any level. Often it is the whole life that hurts . . . when this is the case possibly having a life overhaul is what is needed – and usually this starts with CHANGE

PAIN is due to lack of circulation – possibly you are lacking in vitality to push all the blood/energy/spirit along . . .

It may well be just that the area needs massage?

Deep vein thrombosis, compartment syndrome, degeneration due to anything – including diabetes, peripheral neuropathy from all sources – even Reynard’s syndrome – all can be worked with at home and with someone who shares your passion for getting your body back on track. Different choices in life mean very different life expressions  . .

Maybe it is a deep soul centred distress about something that really bothers you – and that you can’t let go . . .

Possibly an old accident/incident is still creating echoes for you?
Not the same since that C section/any abdominal operation?

Whilst the body may be pulled out of alignment – and you may choose to spend time and money at the physio/chiropractor/osteopath/massage therapist – often it is the inner angst that sets this up. It goes out AGAIN .

Sometimes it is also a deep inner weariness – and lack of oomph – as though more stuffing needs to be applied – losing yourself in too much work/trying too hard to get all things done . . . Have you found that regardless of the great sessions – your body all seizes up again sooner than you would like?  Possibly you need a more general approach – and a far more profound one is often to be found through using a less mechanical approach. Possibly it is time to get a fresh look at what you think is ‘sorted’ . . .

Of major concern:

Especially if you have recently had a baby – or have used ice to stop pain

  • ‘Treating’ (further damaging forever) problem areas with ice
  • Temporary relief but creates chronic problems

For decades Heather has been researching what is happening to everyone’s essential energy – and to remove the cold that is stored within seems to be making the biggest chance for everyone – regardless of what they walk in wanting to change about themselves.  This is especially true for all who have used ice therapeutically – thinking it was the way to go – cold stops circulation – and this creates pain and long term problems.

To find out more

FIRST STEP – Desire for more

SECOND STEP – contact Heather to see how you can work together – not necessarily in person .  .

Get rid of the cold blocking normal

Is it that you have followed directions and used ICE to stop yourself feeling pain?
This is short term fix – but stops the circulation of blood and lymph and causes LONG term and very difficult to shift with long term loss of function and more pain . . . a very common error that leads to more misery – the application of cold in any form – especially inside you with iced drinks and foods – it all only makes your body work harder to try to get rid of the loss of its own energy from having to work AGAINST the cold. This cold invasion stays there forever – to waste what you naturally have.

This means that often it may be that you wander out feeling FANTASTIC and there has just been a cup on your belly, followed by the use of moxa – and so much LESS pain or distress than when you arrived . .

MOXA smells and when you walk into the clinic you may think I have been smoking funny cigarettes – it is just part of a good acupuncture session – to have the herbal penetration of the heating magic also working for you.

All acupuncture sessions have a massage component and diet and supplements will always be covered as what we take in to fuel ourselves often is the cause of why we feel we are not coping so well. Back and neck/shoulder pain/(headaches even) are often as easy as helping flow flow – start moving more. Touch. the healing power of . . .sourcng the massage and moxa eBooks and having a friend/lover exchange sessions – to allow what you have been holding onto to free itself – it is usually very simple – just different – and the idea of helping yourself may be novel – yet is free and works – and needs change to happen – and to heal is to allow change . . .


Pain happens as something is STUCK – circulation is blocked and it is often a trick to work out on which layer has this happened.  Besides the storage of cold and the resultant energy and circulation blockage, chronic body pain is usually reflecting the state of inner distress and thus often getting out of our own way is not so simple. There are on Heather’s past main site various tools to allow you to investigate this yourself – starting with the meditation CD/now in MP3 format that can be downloaded – and on into the more practical ways to deal with everyday living.

Menstrual pain/dysfunction, whilst now masked as most conditions are through medication – doesn’t really get to fixing what is happening – leading on to later problems as seen through the current fertility epidemic.

Depression / Anxiety

A very common diagnosis – when we are all so busy/upset and have to just keep it all together.

Sometimes it is as simple as completely fueling yourself differently – no sugar and chocolate or caffeine and alcohol – and then some say – “I couldn’t live without it” – and the answer is – you are NOT living well with it   . . .

Good nutritional support (including with your great choice of fresh vegges and lots of protein and fat) is to be found by supplementing with a B complex, some Zinc – liquid or powder form is more likely to be absorbed – and Magnesium – on the skin or in liquid/powder form again so you can use them) is always the first stage of help.

Understanding how a well body works is the next step.  Working with your body.
Start actually undoing what has happened to make you who you are – not so scary as staying stuck in panic attacks and wondering when the next one will hit you.

Good nutrition is the key to all – are you able to access what you are eating?? Spending time with yourself UNWINDING – perhaps in meditation or some form of reflection – so you feel as though your cup is filled BEFORE you go assisting others.


How can you nourish yourself when stressed?  The first thing that happens for many is that the gut knots up and from there – the nutrients that may be being eaten are not used – normal digestion can’t happen with the medications on board to halt pain – and all of this adds to the body distress . ..  . . see above. . start a programme of self love and caring . .