What to eat?

But – what do I EAT?
I ask – what can your body DO with what you eat?


So often I am asked to write up a food plan/bunch of recipes.

Is that the right question though?
Should we not know how a well body works and supports life?
Then it would just be known . .
Not what someone last said – but what makes a body tick?
Having a gut that works is the first thing.


See the caldron in the middle of the poster below?

Put that out (add in cold and chilled and raw even fluids and foods) and you are in trouble.

Suggestion – follow what works.  .


Nothing cold . . .
It messes with your ability to digest.

You do not bake a cake with the oven door slightly open.

It is as though you expect a miracle.

Your Food Factory – please honour this.


My usual suggestion is . . .
Add a rainbow to your plate.

Avoid all that converts to sugar – including stevia, honey, fruit and anything sweet (ban corn as it is not even TASTING like corn now – let alone being way too sweet).

9 cups of coloured vegetables.

Plenty of fat – protein comes in this

People ask me what kind of fat?
I say food fat – not oil.
Salt – coloured and Celtic/grey – with or without herbs and pink – Himalayan

Water – at least 3 litres daily and at least 1.5 litres prior to eating or drinking anything else.


This means also – get a belly massage and maybe a dry skin brush going first thing and a yoga 10 Salutes to the Sun – and a brisk walk – you will need the water. .

Get up earlier and attend to business – your self.

You might need to look after your self – so your food factory can look after you!

If you take offense at the answers within . ..  I was a vegan macrobiotic decades ago – I do know the angst.
AND you are made with ingredients. And you DID ask – what do I eat?

Do you know WHY you eat?
What is needed to be able to live well?
Ingredients – and fuel also. I put that up for breastfeeding – but also for anyone.

(Our breasts are well if we are).

Eating – why do we?

Why do we eat what we do?



Whilst I tend to shy away from directing you what to do

Here are a few ideas

Maybe eat often – and a little?
See more here . . .


Red capsicum – with pesto/chutney/dip spread and then filled with avocado.
Maybe with smoked salmon or similar on top

Avocado with wild caught (in mineral water – not oil ) sardines.
Dips of any kind with carrots, celery, capsicum, other vegetables used to dip into

Boiled egg with knob of butter, salt and pepper and mashed then eaten inside a lettuce leaf.
Cashew or almond (not peanut) butter/paste spread inside celery and salted.

Not contaminated/chemicalised (all food a few centuries ago was only ‘organic’).

This is all you need to now – please download . . .

food folder


Also see my Life Recipe. .
As nourishment  is also of the soul and the heart.