Transformative Healing beginnings


This is the online component of my Transformative Healing training.
Taking you from needles to hands back to tools –

OR hands through tools to needles.

Having been an acupuncture course designer, writer and teacher, I know self care – the foundations – are assumed. Here we are covering all bases first.
It may be you want to ‘just know the points’.
We firstly need to know how to look after our own body/ our own life, so we can model and teach in our own practice – the way to make living in  a body easier.

Follow elder’s ways.


Online/Experiential – practical/support after

What you can expect . .
Stepped through – practicals

Multi modality – so you are so more useful.

Picture of digitech

Low temperature leads not only to low fertility and cancer and low metabolism.



Self Discovery

We are more than bits . .
And what really hurts -is their life.
Not neck, knee, finger – or even gut – but if we do not undo what create the ‘pain’ we will have it made again as the directions/instructions are still there.


Foundational Moves

Anyone can start this work – with only this section covered.
I take you through my beginnings – how to pull out the cold and get the Qi and lymph flowing. The cupping navel is followed by using moxa to boost the Yang Qi – thus allowing the oomph needed to get the body working again.

Working through this on patients this takes time.

Please allow at least 2 hours for any transformative healing session.


Eight Extras – meridian hierarchy starts there


Starting with the 8 Extras – my ‘take of what Dr van Buren taught – from beginnings there and advancing via my experiences – pre TCM teaching. Perverse Qi? – what is stored – the trauma/toxins/anything that is blocking flows. A very different way of working – not the actions of the points – but knowing the grids so you can assess where the blockages are – assuring essentially the fuses are as they should be – BEFORE ‘diagnosing’.






Reconnecting heart and womb space

Reconnecting the Three Heaters./Triple Burner

Bringing traditional healing wisdoms – to YOU
Multi modality wonders.
Next – Grafton 3-15 March – ahead of the Living Ligaments – realigning the pelvis so the womb CAN become the centre again – allowing all flows to flow as designed.
This is underlying all ‘fertility’ (male and female) and all pelvic/Dai Mai troubles – pull out the shock, the trauma and the scars and adhesions blocking physical healing may melt away.

Lymph – scars and adhesions – the blockages not the physical – may need shifting prior to the actual Qi moves you may expect using needles. Living a real life – we need to.

There is no ‘quick fix’.

This is work frees you to become also a Gentling Way intensive worker.
Intensives – not  a shallow fix a bit – but undo what happened that they ‘need’ help.

Next experiential – schedule here

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