What practitioners have said about the courses

Acupuncturists transforming how they work

“I have attended 3 of Heather’s courses in the last year.
How far in my own personal and clinical practice I have come.
I have filled in the gaps that were not taught in my training,were glossed over as not being relevant or useful.Who knew the eight extras are so effective,alongside the deeper aspects of the five elements and more.My clinical practice has taken on a new life and meaning on all levels for clients and myself.
I am more confident that I’m no longer doing patch up jobs!
The self care course, unblocking my blockages (read) getting out of my own way and recently, Healing the wounded healer,have opened me up to my own transformation.
The cost to me had I not attended was the burnout, closing in on myself, dissatisfaction of my own work performance and worsening health. Acupuncturists, it doesn’t have to be that way. What more can I say!!!!’  Teri, Kaitaia, NZ


Life changing decision

“About six months ago I made a life changing decision to begin a mentoring programme with Heather Bruce.  So far that has included only two weekend workshops plus some follow up question/answers on email and phone.  How she works is completely different from anyone else I have encountered in the past 12 years of study and working in TCM.  It took me 8 years of following her work and theories on the internet before I finally took the plunge and rang her.

‘I threw myself into it wholeheartedly and immediately began practicing what she taught me instead of what I learned at College.  I AM SO GLAD I DID.  My results in clinic have gone from good to GREAT overnight.

‘Heather brings together teaching and healing from all levels, not just the intellectual mumbo jumbo – here are the points and this is their function, that I have heard from every teacher since I began TCM.  She is real and relevant to now.

‘If I’m really being honest with myself what I see in clinic doesn’t bare much resemblance to what I was originally taught in class.  Sure we can effect changes and a few clients (the fit and healthy ones) do get good results.  But today mostly I see clients who are very stagnant with damp/heat, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet, no exercise and toxin build up from food, environment and vaccines.  Add to this daily stress and any unresolved past traumas that are locking them into patterns of disease and depression and that is a powerful network of “STUCK.”   

‘Putting a few needles in (even an 8 extra treatment) and taking a few pills is not going to shift that.

‘Talking to patients about making lifestyle changes, dietetics and adding in exercise and meditation is a waste of our time.  We know lots but it doesn’t help them when they leave our clinic and go back to their everyday stressful lives where making those changes becomes too difficult for them.  There has to be a better way.

‘Working with Heather has taught me how to powerfully move these blockages, clearing away toxins and life debris so that when I actually put a few needles in I get MAXIMUM IMPACT.  I am finally seeing miracles in my clinic – and that’s how it should be. That’s why I studied TCM.

‘Mentoring with a Modern Master is bringing me into my “A Game”, thank you Heather Bruce”.- Elke SA


For an Arvigo and massage therapist – who wondered why so many had cool to touch bellies.  .

‘Working with Heather and taking her courses has greatly changed the way I work in my clinical practice.  I’m much more aware of cold invasion in the body and how it weakens the whole system and that what the elders taught had great truth and relevance in it for modern times. I’m much more proactive at keeping the cold out of my own body and educating my clients on safeguarding their bodes from the cold as well. 

‘I also now use real moxa, and only real moxa, in my clinic, as a direct result of working with Heather and I prescribe steaming for men with health challenges as much as I prescribe it for women, which I did not do before I met Heather.

‘Because Heather is an acupuncture consultant and I’ve been more exposed to what acupuncture can do and I’m much more likely to work with acupuncture to assist my work. I can clearly see the benefits of using both modalities acupuncture, an energy based modality, and a hands on manual manipulations (Arvigo Therapy™ and remedial massage) to assist clients to optimal health. Most clinicians stay in their little bubble of knowing not referring out and trying to fix everything within a limited scope of understanding when there is a whole wide world of healing out there that can be tapped into.

‘Most importantly, I’ve gained greater trust, confidence and self worth in my own skill sets as a clinician, and am allowing myself to find my own rhythm and unique style, as Heather has role modeled this thoroughly for all that come to her.  I’m deeply grateful for Heather’s courage to be who she is and to have created such a unique and safe space for learning, growth, and healing. My participation in Heather’s courses has shown up in my own practice as my work is lasting longer more consistently with my clients and working with iodine has changed everything in my life in many positive ways.

‘Heather creates a safe,open and heart centered workshop space. Her workshops are a good environment for the wise woman (those present and rising), the mystic, the healer or the seeker to convene and for those wanting to deepen and strengthen their connection to the world and healing arts.

‘As a direct result of working with Heather and taking her courses, I now have confidence in steaming men, using moxa sacral fan and cupping the belly button. I’m also more confident working with pregnant women. Elizabeth, NZ

A time to recalibrate and heal oneself

“I wish to thank you for the opportunity to reclaim my body. I came to your retreat with a knowing I would come away different  from how I arrived. My posture is more balance than it has been in years, my internal organs have been put back into the right position, since anyone holding a fetus well knows the body changes. I’ve taken away practical skills to enhance what I already have as a practitioner and healer. I gave myself the time to rest while absorbing information. The group of women shared and held a beautiful supportive space and the isolated area in country New Zealand was beautiful. the women who prepared our delicious meals to nourish and restore our vehicles I thank you for giving me a break from not only thinking about food, but even the preparation. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking more knowledge than they think they have, those that want to retreat from their environment and need time to reflect on where they are in their lives and where they want to be. Heather is a gifted healer/practitioner with an ability to share knowledge and empower all. With a long history of teaching and researching she has the authority to back up this knowledge. she filled in the gaps that I have been seeking.” Mychelle, Melbourne

Atarau – being in the country on retreat

The setting


“The retreat setting; Heather’s place at Atarau is so beautiful, so peaceful, the vibrant colours and energy of the flowers and plants. Magic happens here.

The people . .
‘The experience of being together with such strong beautiful women. The feeling of connectedness and sharing our stories and life journeys together made me WHOLE.


What Heather does in clinic

“The healing sessions with Heather; I have never experienced anything like this. To have every aspect of my being treated was amazing. (Who does treatments like this any more?) I have come away from the retreat feeling so much lighter, stronger and different in every way.

The journey in and out again


‘The getting there and out again was very symbolic for me on reflection. From the hot dry busyness of the sparse East Coast – to the grounding Castle Rock – to the nurturing meal at Bealey Hotel and then the journey deeper, crossing giant rivers, winding roads with huge chasms and scars – it was a journey into myself. Then arriving at the beautiful misty magical West Coast – a quenching balm for a dry soul. A healing place to revive and gather strength, become balanced. Return back to the East Coast replenished, energized, renewed”.


The workshop

‘The experimental component – MAGIC happened. Heather’s ability to pull together people from different walks of life , to tune into each individuals way of learning is an art in itself. There is no sitting through a boring lecture here. Oh to have been taught by Heather when I started college.


What we start off with – pre course

‘The resources pre-course – are a valuable gift – doing this before the retreat – brushing up on the things I had half forgotten, learning new (old) ways of healing – meant I got so much more on the retreat. Heather is so giving of her vast knowledge and experience.” Cheryl

Pre-course materials / requisites.
I watched over 10 hours of videos, seminars and other links which were sent by her, my first course.
I also received material to work on myself, a valuable tool as I was very serious about myself changing.

The 8 extras package become a whole new system,I was not taught. My results with clients are better and faster. No longer the sticking-plaster efforts. I used to think I was doing a good job!Teri

Why would you?

To anyone who like me happened upon Heather Bruce’s “Healing the Wounded Healer” Course, DO IT . YOU ARE MEANT TO. If you haven’t the money – beg or borrow – because you won’t regret it. This experience is worth every cent. If you haven’t the time – make time – you may not get the opportunity again”. Cheryl Murney, South Canterbury, NZ


Reflections on Heather Bruce courses.

There is so much more to these courses that attendees become aware of, once they commit and step on the path.Each course comes with notes and suggested reading.

Heather’s courses aren’t about being spoon fed information, but feeling, experiences and questioning.

Treatments on participants are given in which Heather uses the tools that are taught. A great way to personally know what changes have occurred in one’s own body. Which gives confidence that it can apply in our own clinic.

I educate my clients with the simple but easy to understand 3 simple framework and basic healthy building blocks to healthier living.When the penny drops , they become more enthusiastic about own self care.They feel empowered!!!

My clinic is so much more prepared now. Cleared of energy that’s left from previous client, like wise myself. A healthier environment energetically ! The tools that are offered on the course invaluable.

Each course that I have been on has changed me, mentally (I am able to think more clearly and faster)

Emotionally ( I have gotten out of my story ) Happier and ready for later stages of my life.

My physical appearance has changed ( Slimmer figure and looking younger)

Spiritually, ready to complete the purpose of why I am here, more enlightened.

Heather Bruce, courses continue well after the return to clinic, with follow up useful links and research to complement the course content.
Having become one of the tribe,of women choosing to make a difference there is no longer a sense of Isolation but of encouragement and support in gentle ways.

I feel that I am growing more into the role of an enlightened acupuncturist under the guidance & mentorship of Heather.
My clinical work is more satisfying and enjoyable.

A year ago I was, looking and feeling old. At the end of my tether with bodily aches and pains, and with life.
I am the embodiment of the change,for my clients to see.Since doing my first course.I have come a long way.!