What did Nature have in store for us?

Includes Painless Pregnancy and easy birthing/maternity

Also Pelvic Opening and Move Your Qi components

Can we return to the template?
How do we unbreak ourselves and others in clinic?


We discover how we can assist the body to return to easy pregnancy, to easy birthing, and to easy maternity and easy babies. Through using the Jing unfolding model, we will explore the mammalian model (trusting nature) as being our birthright, against the orthodox medicalised fear based model. ‘Safety’ being couched in bonding terms.

We follow the course of a natural pregnancy, via the mammalian blueprint, using the workings of Bao Mai and the inner call to be connected at a more heartful and a more soulful level. Consciously guiding baby developing naturally into independent perfection, we follow Dr John Shen’s notion of pregnancy being one of the pivotal times when a woman could either remake or wreck her life.

For baby, who can only be made the once, we explore how the mother’s life affects his/her template forever after. We follow life, allowing Jing to unfold optimally at all stages, ensuring that there is no need for unnatural interventions.

Using the health model of Chinese medicine, we can listen to body whisperings – warnings – allowing us to interpret responsively (not reactively) the deviations from a perfect pregnancy. (These showing up in the orthodox system currently as being ‘acceptable’ though leading into the ‘high risk’ ‘problems’ of pregnancy.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Have a clear picture of how to view all life (and maternal adventures) through Heather’s three circles’ model
  • Recognise and know how to return all deviations from the Jing blueprint back to easy optimal reproductive outcomes
  • Understand the necessity of bonding on a mammalian model, and how we can enhance this.
  • Be able to navigate a pregnancy into a primal birth – using traditional and sustainable common sense humanity

The Mammalian Maternity/Effective Healing After C Section workshop fee – $550.

Ideally part of the entire Gentling Way package ($3,300 upfront and all included to Living Ligaments I)

Workshop Dates & Venues

Yeppoon  JULY 16th 6-9 pm (catchup)  – 17th-18th (actual) 9am – 5pm

This was recorded – and when transcripts are ready I will send to anyone who emails me . .

Gold Coast AUGUST 13th 6-9 pm (catchup)  14/15th August 9am – 5pm


Entire package . . 

You can choose a second option – which allows you to access to Heather’s foundation online self paced course packages – includes

  • Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai (Usually $550 alone)

‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ practitioner course

(And thus you attend the Mammalian Maternity essentially for a hugely discounted price


Entire package . . 

You have thus started on the pre-requisites to mentoring and to the residential Living Ligaments to be held in Maleny in June ..

There IS more:

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Start really seeing results – not just in fertility/women’s health but ALL bodies and stages of life – as you realign all of their being.